Super celebrity Hilton appeared! Wearing a princess skirt and a good girl, I was sent to the reconstruction school for a lot of use.

Hilton, as the great -granddaughter of Hilton’s founder Conrad Hilton, has a lot of money because of special reasons. Grandpa’s legacy has been donated and did not leave it to the offspring. You said that he was angry.

Today, the super ladies, Hilton, appeared, wearing a white princess skirt like a good girl, and was sent to the school to leave a shadow because of the bold style.


At present, Hilton, 39, is very low -key. On August 29th, wearing a white princess dress seemed to be a good girl. There was no former edges and light.

Pure white symbolizes elegant and low -key. A square -collar French dress with a lace design uses a multi -layered design of the cake skirt in the lower body.

The sleeves are hollowed out of lace bubbles, and the overall is very dignified.


Such dresses are more suitable for young girls with low -key style, so wearing it will be more age -reducing.


With a pink bag and pure white high heels, it can complement each other, making people look elegant and decent.

Hilton wore a white dress as purely like her. She was a furious figure 20 years ago and enjoys a well -known worldwide.


The gray velvet lace is very open -body. The front end adopts a mouse pattern design, with a red border heart -shaped sunglasses, giving a sense of vision of a rebellious girl who is alive.


With dazzling silver pendants and bags, it can immediately attract attention and become the focus of the audience.

The exposed navel tops formed by pink, purple, and white petals are very bold. With pink element split skirts and small pink handbags, the overall youthful vitality is full of youthful vitality, and it will feel very exotic.


Similarly, there are dark pink off -the -shoulder sequin jackets, combined with the sequin mesh, and the glittering lights are very attractive with the eye -catching collarbone chain.


Both types of dresses require sufficient body control, and often can show the figure curve and have charming charm.

Silver off -shoulder sequins can strengthen the flashing point brought by the silver tone, and it is often more picky in the crowd. With the same collar chain and the same color accessories, there is a charming charm of a modern girl.

A single light blue clothing will be a bit low -key, but mixing with the element style will be very age reduced to reflect the youthful sense of youth. Even off -the -shoulder dress will not be too public.

The exposed navel bubble sleeve top is also very popular at the moment, combining with the sequins, like a finishing touch, with the same slim skirt with the same slim body skirt. Not only can it look high, but the body advantage is also manifested.

The red and white horizontal lace -ups, the open -shoulder top, and the open denim skirt, are bold as hot girls, and have a strong sense of fashion.

Black slim -fitting navel suspender top is used at the neckline, with a black split skirt, a silver sequin belt modifier, and the fishing net stockings stunning the audience, like a little witch with dark wind.


Light green and white stitching off -the -shoulder slim skirts, the overall design is like a cheongsam modification figure. The skirt is modified with ribbons and has the beauty of fairy.

Even the contemporary net red beans are still wearing her old clothes, which shows that Hilton tastes extraordinary.


The silver sequins are boldly exposed, and the light -colored high -heeled shoes can better reflect the queen’s temperament.

Although the clothing is dazzling, it is not daily, and it needs to be controlled by the figure.

But because it is beautiful, tasteful, and rich, even Hilton’s life is too extravagant. At the age of 17, he was sent to the reconstruction college by his family at the age of 17.

The experience of sadness caused Hilton’s distrust of people, and her boyfriend changed one after another, but none of them got married.

Although it is only a short -term leaving the public’s vision, it is difficult for Hilton to surpass the past.

The elegant Hilton looks like a naive little girl, and it is unexpected to have such experiences.

Not long ago, Hilton also exposed his past experience. He admitted that he looked glory. In fact, he was often frightened and often cried.


The original extravagant style that Hilton had been separated from the beginning seemed to be exchanged at a non -human price, but it was less amazing.

Now Hilton has been said to be soil, after all, fashion needs to continue to surpass himself.

Wearing a white printed slim T -shirt, paired with slim jeans and white mid -tube leather shoes, although it is thin and high, it feels very simple, there is no highlight, and it is judged as two people in the past.

In the past, the small follower of Bankashan set off a high -end coconut style, and the era of Hilton had passed.

The gray sleeveless navel top with light blue leather pants perfectly shows the body curve, which seems to be low -key and amazing.

The blue -gray slim top is paired with black leather pants and flat sandals. The dark color is high -level, which is more suitable for people with dark skin.


Light -colored navel bubble sleeve tight top, paired with white high -waisted body pants, high -snake leather shoes, fashionable and high, can also reflect a sense of high -level, instantly having a supermodel gas field.

Although it belongs to Hilton’s era, it is far away, fashion is always newcomer, cure hurts is the primary



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