Fried wok competition! Iron pot, non-stick pan, stainless steel pot which kind of wok is healthier and more durable?

Speaking of the pot, the species is really a five-flowers, and there are several types of wok, but which kind of pot is more durable, not sticking, convenient for maintenance?

Today, Xiaowei will give you a detailed comparison.

Several common advantages of common fry, friends who want to change the pot quickly collect ~

Comparison of different material wok


At present, the common wok is mainly divided into three categories:

Iron pot (raw iron pot, cooked iron pot), non-stick pan, stainless steel pot (composite).

Iron pan

Iron pan has a branch of iron pot (cast iron pot) and cooked iron pot.

Cooked iron pot:

Relatively lightweight, fast heating, provincial fuel, suitable for explosion;


Raw iron pot:

Hand feels slow, slow, suitable for stewing, boil, fried, fried.



There is still a nitride pot

, By technology to add a layer of rust-resistant protective layer, and the hardness is also improved, so that the iron pan is more resistant to corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to rust.




There are two types of coatings that are common non-stick pan:

Ceramic and Teflon.

stainless steel pot

It is divided into 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel material is more corrosion.

Many stainless steel woks are now

Multi-layer composite structure,

Anti-acid and corrosion resistance of the wok is enhanced by a combination of different metals.

There are some stainless steel pots to upgrade to honeycomb etching

It can increase the non-stick and wear resistance of the pot surface.

1, which kind of pan is durable

Anti-acid and alkali has a good corrosion, and the whole is firm and durable. You can choose 316 stainless steel wok;


If maintenance is good, it is very durable, but daily disarmed is easy to rust;

The coating will gradually fall in the daily use, requiring regular replacement.


2, which pot exercise is simple and easy to use

Crystal oil, not easy to paste, easy to clean, and most non-stick pot is light, suitable for small people and kitchen novices;

Iron pot, stainless steel pot:

The relatively heavy, the mastery of the fire is high during the cooking process, and there is no technical person easily fade, belongs to the joy of the kitchen master.


3, which kind of maintenance requirements are low

As long as you don’t have a lot of bumps, normal cooking, cleaning, dryness will not have problems;

Daily maintenance is more complicated, especially after washing the pot, it needs to be dried in time, otherwise it is easy to rust, afraid of trouble, people who don’t often have a meal;

The coating is easy to take off for a long time



The cake should not use the wood or silicone sole, and the pot is not directly rushed to the cold water. After cooling, it is necessary to clean with a soft dish cloth, so that the coating will not be destroyed.

★ Summary of purchase

Select when purchased

Inner mile of 316 stainless steel, 3 layers of complexing structure

In order to meet the daily use of most of the family.

Because the properties of the paint itself are easy to wear, it is necessary to regularly replace, so don’t suvper the flowers of the whistle,

Daily choice price is a common non-stick pan of about 100-200 yuan;

Want to rust, durable

Choose a high temperature nitride,


The most important iron pot is everyday maintenance, there is no need to buy too expensive pot, the price of the iron pot of about 200 yuan is very good.

I need to pay attention when I buy a wok.

1, size selection

The capacity of the pot mainly looks at the diameter and height,


The height of the pot is generally between 7.5-10cm. From the size of the diameter, 28cm is suitable for 2-3 people, 30cm is suitable for 3-4 people, 32cm is suitable for 3-5 people, 34cm is suitable for 4-6 people.

2. Applicable stove

Different pot bottom shapes are suitable for different stovers,


When you buy a pan, you should clear the induction furnace is suitable for a large pan, the gas furnace is suitable for round bottom.

3, handle detail

The handle should be non-transformed,

It is recommended to choose a wooden handle;


It is important to pay attention to the connection.

It is recommended to select a rivet connection or welding;

Don’t choose the screw connection that is moved, it is easy to rust.

The above is the content of today Xiaowei,

Each pot has its own advantages, according to your usage habits and the kitchen frequency, choose the right to suit yourself.

Everyone has other choice questions, or has a good use of wok, welcome to leave a message ~

Iron pan

Iron pan

Iron pan






stainless steel pot

stainless steel pot


stainless steel pot


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