How to wear snow boots is ugly? You have never tried these 4 matching ideas, and ordinary people can become fashionable


#How to match the snow boots, look good#

Open the curtains in the morning, a large piece of snow outside ~


Has your city cooling down? Is it snowing? Although the snow scene is beautiful, it is really cold when I go out to work. Fortunately, I wear it

snow boots


, Mom no longer has to worry about me cold.


Does it feel “

“Ugly and thick legs, in fact, it can still be reduced. Today I will talk about the matching of snow boots. I want to wear some sisters who want to wear snow boots but dare not wear some reference!

Sweater+snow boots


This version of loose

Cartoon sweater

I really love it. No one can see it in it, and it is really a small ability to hide the meat.

At this time I like to take one



, The fabric has a strong sense of falling, and it can optimize various legs. Put the tight pants leg into the snow boots, the windproof effect is also good.

The best point on wearing guard pants is

Tight waist

, Pull up to the upper pull

High waist pants

, Putting one side of the sweater into the waist of the pants, the proportion becomes better, and naturally weaken the thick sense of snow boots.

Apart from

Optimization ratio

You can also pass the upper body


Come to shift your sight, wear it if you are tired

Denim shirt+black turtleneck sweater

The effect is very good.

In addition to diverting sight, you can also set up a bar

, Used to plug sweaters, by the way optimize the proportion to significantly.

Bread suit+snow boots

The best way to wear snow boots to show the thin legs is “


Upper Panasonic

“And you are worried that it will be fat



It is one of the most suitable items.

The bread suit is to be drumming enough to be foreign.

Black leggings

, Suddenly weaken the swelling of bread clothes, naturally on the feet

No legs are thick.

If you don’t want to wear white bread, it is like me, like me, choose to wear

All -black inside

, I do n’t need to say too much visual effects.




It is one of the indispensable accessories in winter. You can try to “bury” your face inside, and there is a way to wear “upper pine or tight”, not afraid of being fat.

Short bread clothes are just appreciated, with one

High -waist trousers


Regardless of whether the small man is high or hiding the real leg shape, the effect is very good, and the cone -shaped version is there, and it is not afraid of wearing snow boots.

Plush jacket+snow boots


How could it not be possible in such cold weather

Plush jacket


Essence It is warm and fashionable to wear, and the loose version can also follow “

“The method of wearing.

Both sleeves and hems are made

Contrasting design


At the same time of rejecting bloated, they are full of details. take



But very age -reducing.


If you are a beginner of snow boots, you still recommend that you wear a pair of short snow boots and combined with leg pants to reduce your shoes.

Teddy bear coat

This medium -length jacket can wear short skirts, wear



Light leg artifact


, With snow boots, the effect is the best ~


Wearing a pair of tight -fitting jeans in the teddy bear coat will not look too bulky, and you can keep up with the fashion trend.

Long down jacket+snow boots

Sisters you buy this winter

Parker down jacket

? It has the characteristics of cold protection and warmth.


As long as you remember to put black tights, you will never be afraid that snow boots will be thick.

Miss Goddess wearing a long down jacket, black

turtleneck sweater


Inside, how do you feel that her legs have become longer!

Roll up the trousers slightly to expose a little skin, and the snow boots can also wear a cool feeling.

When a young girl wears a long down jacket, black leggings must not be less.

In order to get rid of the sense of heavyness.

You can only keep in mind the above four methods. Snow boots can also become a magic weapon for winter. Can it be warm and fashionable, is it not fragrant?

snow boots

snow boots

snow boots

High waist pants

High waist pants

Upper Panasonic


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