Round face, square face, diamond face, how to choose a hat to show a small face? Here is the most complete hat selection skills

Hello everyone, I am a red fish.

When you brush on Weibo, see Zhou Dongyu’s beautiful picture of wearing a hat:

Breda hat, post -child hat, octagonal hat … different clothes, the corresponding hat is different. I have to say that the appearance of the hat has made her full of fashion.

Winter is a good season for wearing a hat, which can not only resist the wind and keep warm, but also make the overall shape more brilliant. But many friends will say, yourself

Wearing a hat is not good -looking, the face is round


Red fish thinks this is just because of this

Did not choose the right hat

Essence Only by choosing a hat according to your face shape can you turn the hat into a weapon you grow up and avoid weaknesses.

Let me talk to you below


What kind of hat is suitable for different faces

Let’s take a look together!

1. 6 common face shapes

If you want to choose the right hat, you must first know what face shape you are.

According to the shape, the face shape is generally divided into 6 types:

Heart -shaped face, square face, round face, long face, diamond face, oval face.

Among them, the heart -shaped face can also be called “inverted triangle face”, and the oval face is also called “goose egg face”. The diamond face can be called “diamond face”.

Second, face shape judgment method

So how do you judge which face shape you belong to? The method is very simple, divide in 4 steps:

Step 1: Measure the length of the forehead, cheekbones, and chin, and see which one is the widest position on your face.

Step 2: The face is wide and long, and the face length is obviously greater than the face width.

The width of the face is the width of the face. It can determine the widest value by comparing the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw. The vertical length of the face length from the forehead to the chin bottom.

Step 3: The length of comparing the widest part of the forehead and the jaw

See if the forehead is greater than the lower jaw, or the forehead is smaller than the upper jaw, or the length of the two places is similar.


Step 4: Determine the outline of your chin

It belongs to the sharp chin, square chin, and round chin.

Finally, according to the above 4 steps, you can get your face number number, compare the figure below to see which face shape you belong to:


3. What hat is your face suitable for?


Knowing what face shape you belong to, and then according to the deficiencies in the face, choose a hat that can cover up inadequate.

1. Round face


Face shape:


The face is round, the upper and lower jaw bones are relatively short, the cheeks look full and round, the lower mandibular edge is blunt, and the facial features are concentrated.

The length and width of the face are close


, The outline of the facial shape is mainly round line, with insufficient three -dimensional sense.

The focus of modification: lengthen the facial lines

, Solve the three -dimensional sense of the face over round.

Recommended hat shape:

Wide -eaves hat, beret

Turn your face to choose

High top hat, large brim width

The hat of the hat can be stretched well and modified the entire face shape.

But pay attention to the brim of the brim

Moderate height

If you are too high, it is easy to stretch your face shape, but your face is big.

The larger the brim, the better the face of the face.

2. rectangular face

The face shape is long, the width of the cheeks is narrow,

Ear -ends are obvious

The upper jaw and the outer nose are long, and the mandibular angle is square. Those tall and tiger are more common.

The focus of modification:

Need to be modified by accessories,

Short the face lines visually

So as to achieve appropriate length.

Wide -eave hat, fisherman hat, beare hat, peaked hat

For a long face, wearing a Beretan hat must be

In conjunction



Press the hat and wear a little bit

This can cover half of the forehead and make the face look less long.

In addition, long face baby is the best

Choose a hat without any decoration


This can weaken sight and not easily show shortcomings.

3. square face


Almost equal length and width

The forehead is wide, the face is short, and the corners of the jaw are positive.

Softening the rigid lines and angles of the face, as well as


Weaken jaw line

Fisherman’s Hat, Tong Tong Hat, Cat Hat

The square face is very suitable for wearing a fisherman’s hat, but pay attention to the size of the hats,


The wide hat is smaller than the narrow brim

If the brim is not large enough, the bone feeling on the face will be particularly obvious.

▲ The words of newspaper hats,


The square face must be wide, the wider the better

Essence The square face represents the width of the naval hat of Keira Knightley.

▲ Change a particularly wide newsletter hat. The face shape is not square at once, and it looks a bit like a goose egg face.

4. Heart -shaped face

Face -shaped outline is mainly presented

Upper width and narrow

The forehead is the widest, the jaw is narrow and the chin is tip, and the apple muscle is full.


The focus is on the wider position above the face


But basically, the pouring triangular face is not a problem in the dressing of the hat.

Calf baseball cap, newsletter, wide -eaves, wool hats.

“Heart -shaped face” almost all hats are suitable, only need

Avoid hats with excessive brims

Just go.

5. Oval face

The face is oval, the forehead is slightly wider than that of the cheekbones. This face shape is an ideal face of Eastern women, no matter what hat we wear.

: No, thank you!

All hats!

If you are a goose egg face, then rest assured that you can enter the hat. As long as the quality is not too bad, any hat type can be controlled.


But if the cheeks are relatively thin, try to

Avoid the exaggerated shape of the hats

, Breda hat is a good choice.

6. Diamond face

The width of the cheekbone is greater than the width of the forehead and the jaw,

The hairline is high, the forehead is narrow, the cheekbones are high

The temple is sunken, and the facial lines are not smooth


Cover the forehead and weaken the cheekbones

Wide -eave hat, soft woolen hat

The diamond -shaped face is relatively wide, the focus of wearing a hat

Widen the forehead

Suitable for short eaves, soft woolen hats, dome hats, etc.

The diamond -shaped face -shaped cheeks are sunken, and it will look more serious and mean, choose

The hat with a large brim and a relatively flat top

, Cover the depression parts, weaken the sense of meanness.


The above is all the contents of today. After reading it, I hope you can know how to choose a hat that suits you.


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Face shape:

Face shape:

Face shape:


Face shape:


Face shape:

Recommended hat shape:

Recommended hat shape:

Recommended hat shape:


Recommended hat shape:

Recommended hat shape:

The focus of modification:

The focus of modification:

The focus of modification:

The focus of modification:


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