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As an authentic Cantonese, you have to be at this time every year

“Tide” burst back to Nantian

Demand. The same collapse, and encounter

“Super long standby” plum rainy season

People in the free shipping area.


Tuyuan Network Back to Nantian’s “Water Curtain Cave”

Wet quilt, underwear, moldy walls forever

It is the pain that the northerners can never experience …

The most excessive thing is that the northern partner around you actually even


Never heard of it! Not to say anything

Dry clothes net red artifact

It’s right.


Not only the south, the basement in the north, there are any corners that are vulnerable to moisture and mold at home


Anti -dehumidification


This matter must be paid attention to.

This article will be from

The whole house, clothing, walls, and floors

Expand it in a targeted manner, Xiao Benben remembered it!

Whole house dehumidification

Make moisture -proof things half -effective

Facing the air that can squeeze out water, it should

Go to the whole house to dehumidify

Otherwise, the clothes that have just been dried, put it in the surrounding water for a while.

Close doors and windows

Wide moisture -proof index: ★★★★

Cost index: ★

Be sure to close the doors and windows!

This is the most direct and effective operation.

Don’t think about opening the windows to blow away the humidity, the result of opening the door and opening the window is


Wetness all run at home


Turn off the window or the air leakage?

That’s the poor sealing

Essence Especially compared to the north, the windows in the south are less focused on closedness and insulation.

If it is because of poor quality of foam glue, it will shrink in cold,

Find a master to make up for foam gum, glass glue, or add a sealing strip to first aid


Densely sealing doors and windows

If the quality of the window is not good, you can only change the window, you can see this purchase suggestion.

After returning to Nantian, it can be cope with the window for a few days; and

The rainy season is long, and it is difficult to get wetting even if the windows are closed

, Long -term closed doors and windows will feel boring.


When the air humidity is slightly lower in the afternoon and evening, the windows are opened for one or two hours when the air humidity is slightly lower

At the same time, let the air -conditioning dehumidification or wetting machine be maintained.

The most critical point is:

Without the door and closing the window, the next way will be invalid.

At this time, you can remove the moisture running in with the help.

Air conditioning

Wide moisture -proof index: ★★★

Cost index: ★★★

The air conditioners on the market have a damp function,


But the lower the set temperature, the better the dehumidification effect

, At the same time, the greater the power consumption.


Back to Nantian in February and March may need to be wrapped in a quilt to turn on the air conditioner. But it is okay to deal with one or two days.

In summer, the rainy season is hot and humid, and the cooling and dehumidification of air conditioners can ensure the comfort of the human body.

But if the duration lasts, it is still impossible to prevent molds from molding

Need an additional moisture -proof or moisture -proof box.

Short -term

The effectiveness of the air conditioner and the dampness machine is not much different. but if

Long -term comparison

It will be found that the effect of dehumidifiers is significantly effective, and the efficiency is relatively high.


Wide moisture -proof index: ★★★★★

Cost index: ★★★★

The wetting machine uses various means,

Absorb the water in the air, and then release the dry air


The temperature of the wind is slightly higher than the room.

The power consumption is lower than the air -conditioning dehumidification mode, and the efficiency is higher

Essence In a 20㎡ bedroom, a 1.45L/h wet machine can be reduced to a comfortable degree of humidity in 2-3 hours.

At the same time, according to the human body’s feeling of humidity, the number of people in the space, the size of the space, etc.

Flexible setting humidity, higher comfort

A Shanghai customer who lives in Fan’er is easy to humid on the first floor of the home, plus the rainy season,

You must always prepare a wet machine at home

Photo from Fan Er from the picture source

The wetter needs to be moved to different rooms to achieve the best results, so it needs

According to the area of ​​the largest room at home, choose the amount of dehumidification

For example, the living room of 30M² is the largest space at home, and you can choose a rated dehumidification of 20L/D.

The rated daily dehumidification requirements required by national standards

Different types of wetting machines have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you can buy according to needs.

If the pursuit of cost performance, compression is the first choice for home use.

Comparison of mainstream wet machine

Full -the -rmal exchange fresh air system

Moisture -proof index: once for all

Cost index: ★★★★★★

The one and hard work is the best way to do it


Strengthen the air tightness of the window, and then install the full -heat exchange fresh air system.

Rely on a fresh air to ventilate the air,

The full heat exchange can handle the outdoor air with too high humidity into a dry fresh air and send it into the house

Source network

This guide explains the new air installation methods before decoration, after decoration, and no construction.


Any dehumidification measure

The effective premise is to close the doors and windows

Space and budget are sufficiently preferred wetting machine

; Air conditioning dehumidification is effective, but it is more suitable for summer and high power consumption; a more worry -free way is to install fresh air.


Preferred dryer


Clothing dehumidification tool

At high or low efficiency


The arrangement is as follows:

Drying machine> Wetwear dryer mode> Hot drying mode of wind warm baths> Folding dry clothing machine

In the rainy season of returning to Nantianmei, the clothes are not dry for a week, and long mold smells are commonplace. More than a dozen sets of underwear and underwear are also always prepared at home, just … outrageous!

Picture source Weibo

Wide moisture to return to Nantian and Meimei Dayu,

The first thing is to recover all clothes in the room

This is the prerequisite for drying clothes.

If the home is sufficient and the budget is enough,

The most recommended is the dryer

The clothes will be softer and fluffy, and can also collect fluff and sterilization and mites. The energy consumption of heat pump is not high, which is expensive.

This Shanghai family usually dry her clothes on the housework balcony, and uses a dryer when it encounters a rainy day.

If the budget and space are limited, you can

Retreat and select the second -in -one machine

The dry clothes mode of the wet machine can also meet the emergency needs

Generally, it is basically blowing dry for three hours, which is less efficient than the dryer, but it is also very practical.

It is best to use dry clothes to use a wet dehumidifier in a smaller closed space


For example, in the balcony or bathroom when you close the doors and windows, the dry clothes will be better.

Picture Yuan Xiahongshu@图 图

The hot and dry mode of the wind warm bath

, While keeping the bathroom warm and dry, transform into a dry room.

The disadvantage is that the energy consumption is very large, and the speed of dry clothes is relatively slow. Because it needs to be closed, it is not convenient to go to the toilet.


It is more suitable for bathrooms that are separated from wet and wet separation

Don’t try the light warm bath

, It may be on fire in minutes.

Picture source Taobao

Such a simple drying machine covering a non -woven cloth, or a folding dryer that is convenient for storage, the price is not high,

It is more suitable for rainy weather emergency use, drying a small amount of clothes or children’s clothes

Dry with a hair dryer

It can also be urgent, but it is troublesome, not staring at it and dangerous,

Not recommended for use

Daily moisture -proof can be placed in wetties or dried tea in the wardrobe or shoe cabinet

, But the consumption speed is fast, and it needs to be replaced regularly. Some of them are added, which can integrate dehumidification, mildew, deodorization.

When the wet wetting machine or the air conditioner dehumidifies, the wardrobe door can also be opened

, Clean the tide inside.

Washing machine drying

It is the most direct and efficient way to dehumidify clothing. If there is no condition,

Use the supplementary function of the wetting machine or the wind warm bath

It is also more effective.

If you just want to use emergency use on South Tian or Meimei, the “dry clothes artifact” that is convenient for storage can also prevent the footsteps of mildew.

From the source


Prevent the wall mold

The wall is also the hardest hit area for humid weather.

When decorating and painting, do the wall anti -mildew treatment


For example, brush a layer of bottom paint, the glue in front of the wallpaper needs to be dry, and the paint time to avoid returning to Nantian or Meiyu weather as much as possible!

When encountering humid weather, in addition to opening less windows, using air conditioners and moisturizing machines to reduce indoor air humidity,

Brushing diatom mud can also effectively prevent the wall from moldy

It is better to add water as an inorganic material

, Swipe the wall of the diatom mud, the water seepage will be volatile after being absorbed, and the mold does not have a suitable growth environment.

A few years ago, the merchant blown the diatom mud and formaldehyde. In fact,

The biggest benefit of diatom mud should be to regulate air humidity

Essence The porous structure of the diatom mud can absorb moisture during humidity and release water when drying.

“Diatom Mud Decoration Wall Material” JC/T 2177-2013


In the wet areas in the south, diatom mud can effectively reduce air humidity;

In the dry area in the north, spray water directly on the wall, and the water sequence will gradually volatilize in the air

It is equivalent to having a “surround” humidifier.

The effectiveness is obvious, and the price is relatively high. It should be reminded that diatom mud is a good thing. Selling diatom mud is not necessarily a good person. First of all, you must recognize the industry standards.

If you are still unfortunately recruited,

Mild mold appears on the wall

, Use a dry toothbrush to brush the mold spots, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol;

Or add the bleach (powder) to the water and pour into the spray bottle at a ratio of 1:99. Spray it on a moldy wall, and the mold will disappear for a while.

The color of the wallpaper is easily damaged by bleaching water,

Need to buy wallpaper dedicated mold removal agent

If a large area is moldy, or the mold repeatedly appears

, I have to find a professional to repair it.

Humid climate

not recommend

Putting pure solid wood floor

When buying laid wooden floors in humid areas, you can focus on focusing on

Moisture -proof performance, water content, construction technology, season

Waiting will affect the factors of the later period,

Among them, pure solid wood flooring is the most prone to absorb water.

Encounter humid weather, close the doors and windows, turn on the wet, air conditioner or heating dehumidification

Not only will the floor not be tide, but people will be very comfortable to live inside.

Picture source @star sharing

If the wooden floor is moldy

, Diluted with a mild bleaching water+water at a ratio of 1: 3, and then wipe it clean with a soft cloth;

If the situation is serious

You also need to find a professional to disassemble the floor for processing.

As to some

Precision equipment, precious items that are vulnerable to moisture damage

You can buy a dedicated moisture -proof box to store, which is very insurance.

Finally, summarize the full text points:

Close the doors and windows

It is an effective prerequisite for humidity and dehumidification

Wetting mode of air conditioning

Suitable for short or summer dehumidification

High efficiency

, Recommended purchases in humid areas

The most long -lasting and effective is

Strengthen the air tightness of the windows and install a full -thermal exchange new air system

Clothes dehumidification tools arranged according to efficiency:

Green mud on the wall

Can adjust the humidity of the room and effectively prevent mold from mold

When decorating and painting, you need

Do a good job of mildew treatment of the wall


Wet climate is not recommended to lay pure solid wood flooring

, Pay attention to the moisture -proof performance and laying process of wooden flooring


If you have any good things or tricks for wet and dehumidifying, you may wish to leave a message to share with everyone.

If the article has helped you, don’t forget it


Or share this dry goods to friends in need!



















Photo from Fan Er from the picture source


Source network


Drying machine> Wetwear dryer mode> Hot drying mode of wind warm baths> Folding dry clothing machine

Picture source Weibo

Picture source Taobao



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