Full of beauty! The most popular velvet shoes this autumn, noble, elegant and temperament

Show the taste and temperament of women. Fashionable high -heeled shoes have always been the favorite style of girls, but everyone often ignores the unique charm brought by velvet shoes.


Simple and generous velvet shoes can be matched on any occasion without any sense of disobedience. Whether it is paired with pants or skirts, the girl’s body can be perfectly displayed, so that you always have a charming and confident smile. Become the most dazzling light of all beings.

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Flat -heeled velvet shoes


Most girls still like the flat -heeled shoes, because it is more stable to walk, there is no sense of restraint on both feet, and it is acceptable to girls who just wear high heels.

Single shoes female 2018 retro velvet rivet grandma shoes casual flat shoes …

Fine -pointed toe, taking into account elegant and thin -footed performance. Use willow nails to decorate the upper to let the wearer comes with eye -catching highlights. Steady and flattened design, walking for a long time is not tired. Ultra -fine fiber gang noodles, comfortable care for the feet.

High -heeled shoes women’s thick heels in autumn and winter, commute velvet pointed pointed women’s shoes versatile …


Convenient cutting of tailoring to reduce the tedious process of lace. The pointed toe has a clear and elegant silhouette. Practical coarse heel design makes the wearer walk more stable. Inside the delicate PU material, strive to create a comfortable and comfortable foot feeling.

Single shoe women’s velvet pointed pointed bow, grandma’s shoes leisure low heel …


Elegant pointed shape, the arc is just fit the foot lines. The upper is integrated into the bow element, which brings a little sweetness and age. In the ultra -fine fiber, give the feet gentle care. The texture rubber bottom will give you a secure step.


Autumn new gentle wind square head flat grandma shoes fluffy …

Fashionable set design, adding convenience. Simple square toe, reduce the trouble of walking foot pain. The belt buckle the upper to increase the visual three -dimensional sense. Powerful rubber outsole with non -slip wear resistance.

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High -heeled velvet shoes

A pair of simple and not simple shoes can better set off the charm of women. Moving the lines of the legs is more delicate and full, and it also allows your ordinary girl to have the princess’s temperament instantly. It is a must -have item for your out.

Women’s shoes nude sheep 绒 女 女 女 女 女 fine heels fashion professional single shoes … female …

The simple and generous shallow design reveals your fair ankle. Fashionable thin bears, with clear and elegant arcs. With ultra -high heels, it shares the independent and confident style of modern women. The sheepskin gives you a pleasant dress.

Autumn new round head velvet, Mary Zhen’s rough heels with a word buckle …

The shallow mouth arc, just fit the ankle line. Simple and round bears are not tired even if they wear it for a long time. Pearl buckle the upper upper, revealing the sweet and elegant atmosphere of women. With the pork skin of the head layer, care for the feet consideration.


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