Home appliance war epidemic 2020: Suning’s first test online home appliance opening position

[Home Grid HEA February 13 Original]

Recently, there are many places in the country, and hundreds of industries have been booming, and the leadership of home appliances has sounded the re -work number. The reporter was informed that Suning’s first channel Suning launched the “opening plan” for the first time, and the big -name household appliances such as United Midea and Haier launched a war epidemic model to inject a dose of strong needles into the home appliance market.

According to the home power network, Suning Home Appliances’s “opening plan” comprehensively covers multiple dimensions of products, prices, and services, including explosive price coordinates, new subsidies for old replacement, 30 days of price guarantee, 12 -stage interest -free, etc., and promise to provide the consumer market with The price dividend of high -quality home appliances and special periods will inevitably stimulate the demand growth in the home appliance market.

The “crisis” and “machine” under the epidemic, the home appliance industry ushered in a big test

The sudden epidemic not only changed this Spring Festival, but also affected every aspect of all aspects. It is also impossible to be affected by the epidemic in the traditional home appliance industry. However, we also have to see that the so -called “crisis” is critical and organic. While dealing with the difficulties we have encountered at present Opportunity.

For home appliance companies, logistics and factories are blocked, and many companies will face short -term production capacity problems. How can they achieve stable production capacity without excessive backlogs and affect the capital chain. More accurate interpretation, to a certain extent stimulate the improvement of enterprise management and operating level; at the same time, travel is hindered, and enterprises also require enterprises to optimize online and offline channels and operating models to bring consumers better services to better services Experience.

The home appliance network learned that Suning made an outstanding example on providing better services for consumers: in the “opening plan”, Suning Home Appliances promised to “prices and subsidies on the basis of launching the price policy and subsidies of benefiting the people. “30 days”, consumers will not spend more money. Combined with the current situation, Suning Home Appliances also launched a 12 -phase interest -free policy. Taking Suning Lottery as an example, the Suning platform has launched the social smart screen area. The 75 -inch ultra -clear laser large screen Suning will pay the 12 -stage interest -free installment. It can be fully upgraded to the living room life as long as 38 yuan per day, which is fully satisfied. The use of family scenes during the anti -epidemic period.


Affected by the Chinese epidemic, healthy appliances have recently ushered in a wave of inverse growth. Data provided by Suning platform show that during the epidemic, the sales of multiple healthy antibacted home appliances on the Suning platform increased by more than 200%. Among them, the sales volume of disinfection cabinets increased by 205%year -on -year, the search volume of dishwashers increased by 283%year -on -year, and the sales of wall -mounted fresh air and fresh air system increased by 304%year -on -year.

In order to fully meet the health needs of consumers, in this “opening plan”, the major brands of Suning Home Appliances and Industry have selected many models of products in various home appliances categories to press the price to the end. For example, Haier’s commander -in -chief washing machine is as low as 1899 yuan, and the 1.5P -level energy -effect transition air conditioner is as low as 1999 yuan, Whrodipuki is only 799 yuan, and Philips UV disinfection lights are only 359 yuan. The previously praised “replacement of new” policy will also continue in this “opening plan”, with a maximum subsidy of 1,500 yuan. During the epidemic, consumers can make pre -sale in advance through online appointments, and enjoy the new subsidy benefits of Suning Home Appliances with one click.

Do not forget to prevent epidemic prevention in the “nine protection” in addition to “opening warehouses”

Recently, the relevant person in charge of the China Consumer Association pointed out that before the service of home appliances, the personnel should jointly agree with consumers to take good personal health and safety protection measures; if consumers have health problems, they must inform the on -site service staff. During the service period, the two parties should take protection measures in advance; try to shorten the on -site service time and simplify the maintenance process. After the service, the two parties should also do a good job in disinfection in time.

Although the home appliances are “open -position” inspiring, they cannot forget epidemic prevention in special periods. In response to the most concerned problem of the majority of users, Suning Home Appliances launched a “nine protection” without contact service measures to ensure the security user experience under the opening plan.

It is reported that the “nine protection” measures of Suning Home Appliances cover the entire, middle and late period of service. Before the service, Suning service engineers need to conduct body temperature testing, disinfection of clothing tools and vehicles, and wear masks at the same time; during the service process, wearing a full set of protective tools such as masks, gloves, shoe covers In contact; after the service is completed, the machine is cleaned, and at the same time guide users to pay attention to repairs and faults for help, and take away operating garbage.

Industry people told home grids that the demand for “sofa shopping” was high due to hindering travel. In the first quarter of 2020, the proportion of home appliance retail lines accounted for 70%. In the short term, the epidemic has affected the upper, middle and downstream industrial chains in the home appliance industry. However, in the long run, home appliances are “rigid products”, and consumer demand continues to exist. This epidemic has continuously strengthened consumers’ attention to “health” and “antibacterial”. To some extent, further promote the upgrading of home appliance consumption.

It is understood that this “opening position” is also an innovative attempt for Suning appliance merchants and retail clouds to open online for the first time. How to break through the difficulties and develop stable development during a special period, I believe that Suning’s online “open positions” will bring new revelation to the entire industry.


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