Night reading “Talking” is a compulsory course for adults

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People and people are mutual.

Talking is not an easy task.

Some people don’t talk much, but as soon as they speak, they can make people feel happy; some people will be bored, but a mouth is bored.

Speaking is a real art and a compulsory course for adults.


People who can talk about it have long understood that the best relationship between people is: listening is cultivation, caution is education, and silence is cultivation.


I have heard a word: “Silence when listening to listening is more impressive than thousands of words.”

Listening is a silent expression, even more to compare the heart, represents acceptance and understanding.

It can closer the distance between people, and it is more powerful than torrential. It is respect, cultivation, and the charm of a person who is never out of date.

A person can speak and win the audience; but only by listening can you win friends.

A philosopher said, “Ears are the way to the soul.”

Knowing how to listen, you reach the highest state of communication: communication between heart and heart.

And those who interrupt others at will only make people feel disgusted and farther away.


A person who is good at listening has patience, understanding, and easier to gain the favor of others.

Because people and people are mutual.


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As the saying goes: “When you go to your mouth, leave half of the sentence, and make three points in the end;


The most taboo in adults’ getting along is unobstructed.


Even if you have a deeper friendship, you need to talk about the occasion, know and retreat, and don’t let people come down to Taiwan.

Be careful, and leave three points to your mouth. Even if you are a word, you can make the other party like a spring breeze, which is a manifestation of a person’s education.

Some netizens said that they started hair loss at the age of 20. For this reason, he asked for medical treatment, collecting various prescription treatment, and usually did not wear a hat.

Once I painted raw water in the dormitory, the classmates came to watch. He felt embarrassed and accidentally overturned the bottle.

At this time, one of the students immediately laughed at: “Will the table grow hair?”

Another classmate said, “You can see his head.” Everyone laughed when everyone heard it.

When the situation moved, those students estimated that they had forgotten the “jokes” that had been blurted out, but he had inferiority for many years.

Be careful to raise its virtue.

Only when you are cautious, do n’t talk about people and wrongs, do n’t expose others, and do n’t speak people, can you support morality.

Therefore, before opening your mouth, you must think twice. If you think about it, you will not be frivolous.

Chang thinking about himself, Mo is not talking about people, speaking with rules, and virtue, is the most comfortable relationship between adults.


“It’s better to say everything.”

Silence is the greatest cultivation of a person.


Because sometimes it is not more transparent than silence.


Silence in time is the cultivation of life and a rare wisdom of life.

As the saying goes: “The water is deep, and people are stable.”

Really mature and cultivated people have always been silent.

They never said from the clouds, but they kept others at the heart, understood the degree and weight of words, and made their lives and virtue.

A writer said: “Is there a level of a person? It is mainly manifested in speaking.” When getting along with others, he might as well listen to it.

Be good at listening, don’t talk about head -of -heading; think carefully, do not show right and wrong; timely silence, not exaggerating.

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In the future, you can listen to a little more, educate with one point, and a little more.

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