It’s hard to buy a good heart, good at Beijing’s first transplanted 2.5 -headed head of Angkaila modified

“Hello everyone, I am from” Jack “. My car is the 2016 Angkisla 1.5L proud of two boxes of pearl white, and now it is also the first Angkaila of Beijing. Personal hobbies, although transplanted with 2.5 heads, I personally do not drag rags or bomb the street on the road, sometimes running the track. “

“This Angke Saira is my first car. I have been paying attention to Angkesaila and the new Civic half a year ago. At that time, I also compared various data online. And the sharp appearance wins, of course, more importantly, the price discount of Angkesla was 12,000 at that time, and the Civic need to increase the price by 8,000. “

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“As early as when the car was not available, as a modified Xiaobai, I had already raised a lot of modifications on the Internet. At that time, because I couldn’t get the number, I finally got the license. He Tianzheng’s domestic wheels went to the car. At that time, I felt good. Of course, now I look back at Matt. “

“For more than the fourth month of buying a car, my aesthetic recovered a little. I have abandoned all the appearance of the Matt killing. I started to take the competitive style. I changed the TE37 and AP5200 genuine brakes. 2.5 Preparation of the head of the machine. “

“At this time, the 2.5 -headed head has been transplanted, and it is also the first Angke Saira, which is the first 2.5 -headed head in Beijing. At that time, there was no technical reference at that time, and it was exposed to the repair shop. At this time, the appearance was added. The front shovel, the side skirt, and Thomas intake. The self -sucking is the eye -catching trailer. When the red light is red, there is often a turbine car to run with me, but I insist on the principle of not racing on the road haha. “

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“4. Then I started to focus on the upgrade. At this time, I changed the carbon fiber opening cover, the customized version of the front lip, AP side skirt, carbon fiber double -layer rear wing, KS rear bumper, IFG12 wheels, thunderbird exhaust mid -tail section, There is also an air intake to restore the original factory. This is a small appearance change. “

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“Later, I ushered in a very important moment in life. The baby was going to be born. In order to pursue comfort and abandon the 18 -inch wheels, we replaced the 17 -inch forging wheels and AD08R semi -hot tires. The front bumper, put on a higher AP air kit front bar. The car is a lot fresh. “

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“Abandoned the Thunderbird directly and replaced the RES 2.5 customized version of the valve exhaust, and the sound was low, especially the cold starting water spraying is domineering.”

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“Then I put on the carbon fiber MPS cover and customize the honeycomb network.”

“At present, BC twisted tooth shock avoidance, which is adjusted to half a finger before and after, and I will never raise my ass.”

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“Carbon fiber double -layer tail KS rear bumper, the back is still fighting.”

“The cabin before the KN carbon fiber box was changed, and it looked a little messy. Some were changed by themselves. After all, it was not professional technology.”

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“This is a photo of the KN carbon fiber box later. In addition to the 2.5 header mentioned above, my Angkaila also changed the NGK Liaolin spark plug, domestic AE intake fat intestines, D1 breathable pots, large tail gear reinforcement , The transmission plug -in oil and cold, body reinforcement kit, bold, travel map top, travel map plum string, etc. “.”

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“The gearbox plug -in oil is cold.”

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“At present, the flagship version of the meter plus the original factory’s head, the carbon fiber D -type steering wheel+shifting paddite, AE genuine file, and some functional configuration upgrades.”

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

“This is the recently made calipers spray paint. After painting, use a brush to dip the black temperature -resistant high -temperature -resistant front paint to write the AP caliper logo. Beijing’s car decoration store is only this one. Hahaha, the effect is super good. Classmate. “

In this issue, Angk Saira thanked the owner: Beijing jack

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

Accessories list exhaust 2.5 Original head section exhaust engine NGK 钌 Golden Sparks Daily Score 2.5 Machine assembly D1 Motor Oil breathable pot Person Portum Cold ECU Special (Working RRC White God himself tuned ECU) Inlet Fat intestinal aero kit carbon fiber opening MPS lid carbon fiber side skirt AP air power kit front bumper KS rear bumper carbon fiber double -layer tail wing medium -sized honeycomb center net crystal car logo automatic folding heating to blue light rearview mirror plus plus Carbon fiber posterior vision shell AE authentic fuel tank covers green rain gear light flowing light, high with day line lights, airlight carbon fiber eyebrow transmission transmission gear gear gear reinforced balancing ballast barbs The shock suspension travel map Lizi skewers electronic keyless entering the fixed speed limit cruise flagship version of the instrument plus the original carbon fiber D -type steering wheel shift paddling AE genuine file

千金难买心头好 北京首台移植2.5机头昂克赛拉改装

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