Who said that men are not fashionable? That may be the right, the cool light and shadow planet’s shoulder bag experience

The birth of the moon has added a lot of new things to the earth. The starry sky on the moon on our heads dies the world in front of the eyes, so that the unreasonable astronomy wonders enter the public’s field of vision, and become a one of people’s contact, exploration and learning natural sciences of natural sciences. A more trendy and interesting way.


Perhaps many people think that only women in the world like bags, and most men will not care too much about their bags, but it is not. With the continuous changes in fashion, more and more men have begun to realize that the bags are different. In addition to being able to install, many times can also add a stylish atmosphere to men.


Who said that men are not fashionable? That may be that you didn’t choose, right. I do n’t know when, the unknown “backpack” has gradually entered the public’s attention, and quickly occupied the backpack market with a thunderbolt, which has become one of the fashion items in one fell swoop. Essence For backpacks, in fact, not only the student party likes it, but the office workers are also unpredictable. Today, I will share with you a very cool light and shadow planets that start with Double Eleven.


Light and shadow planets provide polar ice crown black models and khaki bright colors. This time, the author chose the black polar ice crown black model with all black. Personally, the pure black design will be more classic. What is the first element of a backpack? Needless to say, that is to be able to install it. After all, it is a good product that everyone is pursuing.

So how can this backpack be installed? The space of 400mm*290mm*1100mm is still very good. You can guess one or two through the different partition design of the backpack. The main bags, auxiliary bags, side bags, etc. are all available. In addition to the daily necessary keys, wallets, bus cards, headphones, umbrellas, water cups and other tools, they can also place laptops, books and other products through the main bags and auxiliary bags. Both the student party and office workers can store it through this backpack.

In addition to being able to be installed, the light and shadow planet’s backpack is made of Oxford texture in material selection. This material is not only difficult to fade, but also performs better in waterproof and breathability. Even light rain can be easily dealt with, you can wipe it gently. In addition, in order to ensure the comfort of use, the backpack part of this backpack also increases the shockproof air cushion and mesh ventilation holes. This design is still very applicable to the road shopping or business trip. Tired, and good heat dissipation.


Unlike the traditional backpack zipper opening method, the main bag of this backpack of light and shadow planet uses a magic sticker. The way to open is still very easy. It is convenient to take things in daily. The side bag uses the zipper design, which is more convenient when installing things. Where is the most prominent part of the schoolbag? It is the high -lin buckle of this metal. After such a buckle is closed, it is still very good in load.


One point worth mentioning is that this backpack side bag and handle also use high bright reflective materials. It is also a beautiful landscape on the back of the night to carry it shopping at night.

Not only that, the light and shadow planets also designed the charging interface intimately, in the inner bag in the main bag. After leaving the backpack, you can directly insert the charging treasure through this interface, and charging at any time on the way forward.

How about it? Is this outdoor -filled backpack, is it more manly with a man with a man with a man? As the so -called is not only the leather bag can interpret fashion and elegance, the cloth bag also implies the young mentality of the carrier, and the rough fabric also injects eclectic taste for the whole. Fashion can guarantee fashion.


If you want to find a sense of existence in the vast sea of ​​people, you must make people overwhelming. Young users should try these fashion items. Of course, some men like to try to hang on their chests and make shapes inadvertently. Nowadays, bags have become the first choice for fashion to go out on the street, and easily create visual focus. Therefore, when you face a fashionable backpack product, don’t reject it!


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