Buying shoes are paying attention! 76 old shoes, children’s shoes comparison test results come

In the face of nearly a few years

Various brands of old shoes, children’s shoes

Do you know how to choose?

Is the product safe and reliable?


The anti-skid performance of the goods, the service life, etc.

Is it compliant with a publicity?

January 28

Guangzhou, Foshan City, Macau Consumer Council

Joint release

The results of the comparative test of old shoes and children’s shoes

This comparative test sample involves 40 domestic 40 old shoes products and 33 brands of 36 children’s shoes products, and the elderly shoes sample purchase unit price range from 79 yuan to 399 yuan, children’s shoes sample purchase unit price 55 yuan to 814.2 yuan.

Members Musbe Methé Mi, Bulls, Cartier Crocodile, PLA, Shu Yue, Skull, Okang, Pupil Jian and other brands.

In terms of chemical safety performance

Most samples

Can meet the requirements of relevant industry standards

But outside the relevant standards

Chemical safety project


A considerable part of the sample still has certain health risks

The test results show that 40 elderly shoes samples have passed the formaldehyde content, the hexavalent chromium in leather and fur, heavy metal, which can extract heavy metals, chlorine-containing and nitrosyl amines, polycyclic aromatics in rubber-containing, rubber components. test.

1 分 解 解 解 解 解 解 解 量 值 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量 量;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

8 samples such as “Hong Xingxiang” and other 8 samples fail to test phthalate projects.

Note: At present, the domestic adult shoe standards have unlimited requirements of phthalate. This comparative test refers to the EU REACH Regulation and GB 30585-2014 “Children’s Safety Technical Specifications” setting reference limits.

32 samples in 36 children’s shoes were tested by chemical safety.

The 4 samples such as “Dolinger” “Dalinsen” “Dalinsen” “Bumblebee” were not tested by phthalate.

The crimeral standard is limited to ≤ 0.1%.

In the test of volatile organic matter, the volatile organics showing 40 elderly shoes samples and 36 children’s shoes samples have varying degrees.


Currently in footwear-related standards, there is no requirement for volatile organic projects.

Under normal circumstances, the volatile substance of the footwear is quickly distributed in the open space, and the human health is not affected. Over time, the volatility will gradually decrease, so it is recommended that consumers buy footwear products and try to be open. The environment is placed, reducing the impact of volatile substances that may exist.


Some elderly shoes, children’s shoes

Do not meet relevant standard requirements

Shorten the life of the product

Consumers should be based on the brand, word of mouth and

The actual state of the product cautiously purchase products

Test results show:


8 elderly shoes, 3 children’s shoes are not able to test through differential / flexibility projects;

2 old shoes, 1 children’s shoes are not able to test by peeling strength projects;

4 old shoes, 3 children’s shoes sample wear resistance is lower than the current product standard minimum requirements, this performance is poor.


These projects do not meet relevant standard requirements

In addition, in the anti-skid performance test, 40 elderly shoes and 36 children’s shoes were tested;

Sample information for non-slip performance rankings 10


In a sensory evaluation, 40 elderly shoes and 36 children’s shoes were found to have significant impact on sensory defects.

Shu Yue middle-aged women’s shoes, NIKE teenage shoes


Waiting for elderly shoes, children’s shoes performance is better

Comprehensive safety performance, various indicators of using performance, 22 elderly shoes samples and 24 children’s shoes are better in this test.

Top 10 in the old shoes:

Shu Yue middle-aged women’s shoes, pugu casual shoes, crocodile-shirt female casual shoes, bull family men’s shoes, double star celebrity eight special laptop women’s shoes, luxury card map sports casual shoes, Skechers (Skeic) men’s casual shoes, strong people cadres shoes, Xuan Tu Shi Leisure Shoes, I am-woman casual shoes.


Top 10 children’s shoes are:

Nike teenager shoes, pull back WZ (JS) -0012 children’s shoes, Dr.KONG (Jiang Dr.) children’s shoes, human children’s travel shoes, Habie bear children’s shoes, Barbie children’s travel shoes, ABC KIDS children’s casual shoes, double star celebrities – Travel shoes – 212, Dr.kong Sneakers, Seven Boji Male / Female Chalifting Iron Shoes.


Side sample score

(Single item does not participate in the rankings without the test items or defective samples)

Leisure / Travel Shoes Sample Rating

Sports shoes sample score

Consumption tips

Consumers are purchasing elderly shoes and children’s shoes, try to purchase a good reputable brand in a regular mall or supermarket.

When choosing a product, first look at the packaging bag and shoes to help the sole material, try to choose a fully fully equipped product.

Secondly, the shoes and footwear marked on the shoes and the box are submitted to identify whether it is consistent with your own requirements, marking the blur unclear or not as much as possible.

It is recommended to purchase as follows:

one look

Observe the surface morphology of the product, no flue, split surface, and the finishing layer falls off. Shoes suture and homes bonded without discontinuation, adhesive can’t sew and gelatin.



Check if the front palm parts of the shoes are too thin, and if the part is soft enough, and the rebound is timely.

Three fold

Fold the sole. The bending at the time of being bent and time should be in the wear. Check the stiffness of the bend, too soft or excessive is not conducive to wearing comfort. At the same time, it should pay attention to the abnormal phenomenon of the bending site in the bottom of the shelter.

After the folding test, the sample bending site appeared.


Headoot with a pinch of the shoes and front head. The post-followed and front bag should not be soft, and there should be a certain hardness.


Five screws

Excessive shoes cannot provide effective support to the foot, which is easy to cause the foot sprain; too hard affects dress comfort, walking is easy to fatigue.

Six heard


The pungent smell is likely to be related to harmful chemicals remaining in the shoe.

Seven test

When trying, we will wear at the same time as much as possible, take a few steps, feel the comfort, with at least one centimeter before the toes.


When consumers buy children’s shoes

Still pay attention to the following points




The shoes and shoes that have high height do not recommend consumers to buy.

After too high, it is easy to affect the balance of children, increase the burden of the spine, and the heel height is about 6-15 mm.


Excessive children’s shoes do not recommend consumers to buy.

Accessories may contain small attachments, there may be or take off behind the sharp edge tip, scratch the human body. Some metal accessories are easy to corrode. Therefore, the accessories of children’s shoes must be firm and detachable accessories should not be too small to prevent infants from being removed after being removed.


Soft children’s shoes do not recommend consumers to buy.


After the shoes, there is enough hardness to protect the ankle in the walking process, prevent the ankle to be tilted, and cause accidental feet, sprain. The front head of the shoes also needs enough hardness to prevent brush, kick, and hurt the toes.


Shoes in the bottom of the foam should purchase a regular manufacturer product.

Because the bubble noodle dimethylene is excellent in risk. If the shoes have obvious pungent smell, it is very likely to be related to harmful chemicals remaining in the shoe.

Chinese consumers report a new media editorial department

Source: China Consumer News

Shorten the life of the product


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