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In addition to the amazing imagination, the structure of the book is also quite subtle. Applying Xu Song’s lyrics is that I am convinced of your skills and make the structure so clever! What did this book talk about?

This book uses the big head of the three piglets as the cover. The protagonist is three pigs, which looks flat;

The title of the book is very straightforward, and there is no strangeness;

The story of the three piglets has also been used many times by the picture book industry, which is unpredictable;


With so many flatness, why did it win a prize?

This book involves three stories, namely the nursery rhymes of the three piglets, the mother of the goose, and the knight. Three piglets are the famous British fairy tales. So far, there are two versions. The most original version of the three piglets are brothers. They have a house each. The wooden house, because these two structures are simple, the elder brother and the second brother will soon be covered. The third brother covered the brick house and needed to pull back a brick one after another. The elder brother and the second brother saw that the third child was so laborious and laughed at it, but the third brother still insisted on moving the brick and building a house. One day, the big gray wolf came, and it was easy to blow down the house of the boss and the second child, and to eat them. Only the third child, because the house was sturdy and the big gray wolf was destroyed, and was spared. The third child also used its clever and wisdom to grab the big gray wolf and cook it. Later, the updated version was changed to the plot of the pig eating wolf, and turned into the big gray wolf with wisdom, protecting the elder brother and the second brother. Since then, the three pigs live a happy life.

The second story is the nursery rhymes of the goose. This nursery rhyme was introduced in the picture book “My Dad” before, and this book reproduces the scene of Goose’s mother.


The third story is the knight slaughtering the dragon. A long time ago, in order to get the golden roses in the dragon’s hand, the king ordered the prince to kill the dragon to return the rose.

These three stories often appear in fairy tales. The more classic things, the more difficult to transform.

Because of the classics, there is a fixed impression in everyone’s mind. This requires re -creation to be special enough to attract people.

Essence Just like many clothes on the market are copied, but they cannot surpass the big names. Unless it is a big change, it may be recognized by another style. Similarly, powerful creators can also create amazing stories with simple materials. So what kind of story did David Westina create? How did he connect these three stories in series and win the prize with it?

The lining of this book is brown. Why use this color?

In the book

Three stories, all of which are long, what color is it, that is, the color of kraft paper, it looks retro and nostalgic, which is very suitable for the story itself.

Essence Again, this color is also used in many places in the book, such as piglets, wolves, cats, straws, houses, and so on.

There were three piglets appeared on the title page, and the boss was carrying straws. (The firewood on the back of the boss happened to be three bundles. There were many three in this book.) The second child was carrying wood. brick. The position of these three pigs is also very interesting. The C position is the boss of the back straw. The expression is leisurely. Why?

(This expression design is really great, because his house is about to be built, and the straw is easy, so there will be this expression.

However, there is another point that the boss of the big gray wolf first eaten first, does it mean that the laziness is really miserable. )

In the distance under the boss’s belly, there were two small houses, which also implied that they were going to build a house.

Three piglets led the reader to the next page where the three piglets walked to the right.

The three bundles of straw beside the house echoed the C -bit pig in the title page. At this time, his house was built immediately.

(Here a ladder is also a careful machine, and it is also it when you use the ladder.)


The other two pigs are still going forward. At this time, the big gray wolf in the distance is watching them “wolf watching”. What kind of stories do the big gray wolf and them have?

The big gray wolf looked at the pig’s sight on the mountain, and guided to the next page.

From here, pay attention to finding the three designs in the picture, like three bundles of straw, three birds flying birds, three stones, and three windows. It can be three as three as possible.

The big gray wolf really went down the mountain. It walked into the door of the first pig’s house. The big gray wolf took a breath and blew the boss’s house. It can be seen from the expression of the big gray wolf’s expression, and it collapsed the house without much effort.

Four small pictures to express this process, why are the two big pictures such as each page divided? This is

There is a gap that can make a story for the next page of the screen and the pigs run out of the story!


On the right side, the big gray wolf blows the piglets outside the story. It did not eat the piglets, and it was also confused: the house collapsed, but could not find the piglet. However, the text is equipped with “then, eat the piglets.”

Why is this, isn’t it contradictory?

It is because from here,

The story is divided into two lines, and one line is the original story and continues


The other was that the pig was blown out of the original story and started another story.

Then the big gray wolf went to the second child’s home, to the second child,

The expression of the big gray wolf is not the same as the front. It is very easy to front. It is necessary to blow down the house here.

This also shows that the second child’s house is stronger. We compare the second child and the boss’s house. The second child’s home is much more exquisite than the boss. There are decorations in it, with photo frames, roses, and vases.

The three roses on the table are implying the three piglets, and the other is to pave the way for the golden roses of the dragon.

The big gray wolf on the fourth picture is a doubt again: Hey, where did you go, why can’t you find it? The text is matched with the piglets, and there is a photo frame on the ground.

At this time, the boss got out of the middle of the two pictures and called the second child to come out.

Here you can understand why one page is divided into two pictures, just to better show the pig’s design outside the story.


Essence Since the piglets bumped from the cracks, the paper on the right had already begun to tilt!

The tilt here is also preheating for the next page of the story messy

Design of characters in different stories

Are there any differences in the second body and back of the second child? The design in the story

There is a black outline, which is not meticulous enough. It is a design of a comic style


Essence And the pig to escape,

The hair treatment was very detailed, and the black outlines outside were gone, and it became realistic.

Because the second child has not completely escaped the original story, the buttocks have a black outline, and because the boss has completely escaped, it is a realistic image. When you see here, go through the previous page, you can also find the previous page, the boss’s feet have not come out!

The visual impact on this page is very strong. All three piglets come out. The original story is messy, and it is hit by the piglets everywhere! It can also be seen on the pages of hitting the flying pages that the house of the third pig’s brick is more refined, and the shape of the window and door looks beautiful. The big gray wolf was stuck in the original story, and his expression was in place.

Text design

After wearing the original story, the original text design also changed,

The form of a bubble dialog box! The dialogue of the three piglets here, including when the old man called the second child, used this form. And the original story uses a narrative form of narration, painting outside sound,

Two lines are also separated in the design of text.


The story is scattered, and the three pigs are stepping on everywhere. Looking closely, there are some blank pages. The books we read are all positive and negative. This should be a single -sided design. This is actually to avoid messy screen design. If it is stacked together, it is not easy to design, and the single -sided design that deliberately handles it.

The boss proposed to explore together, which requires a transportation. The third child said, “I’m okay, I’ll stack it …” It aroused the curiosity of readers. I also deliberately chose a picture with a big gray wolf, pressing it in the paper fiercely, what did I stack it?

It turned out that they stacked a paper plane, and three pigs enjoyed the plane. Because the plane was strong when the plane took off, the latter pages followed. Where did they go to adventure?


Here is the state of three pigs starting because there are shadows on the ground.

There are no shadows on the ground on the ground, which indicates that it is in the air.

The big gray wolf’s claws were stuck tightly in this picture, and the three piglets were oppressed in it, looking cool and happy. The three piglets were surprised and long -sow to face. The first page is the head of the three piglets, and the latter page is the ass of the three piglets. The design is clever. And this page

The plane is a state of dive, which means that they are going to land

Essence So where will the three pigs go?

The three pigs on the plane are the same as the cover, the third C position.


The shadow appeared in the previous page, indicating that it is about to land immediately

, A dive posture in front, and this plane is facing the ground, so the plane hit the ground at once, which will cause the plane to be wrinkled, and because they step on it, this paper will be the current paper. Look. After the three piglets landed, the response was different. The second child looked at the plane and was still feeling incredible. The boss and the third child went to find fun.

The picture composition is also a classic triangle composition. There is a piece of green in the upper right corner. What is it? Curious and pave the way for the next page.

These pages use a large amount of blank white, why are there so many white spaces?

1. White dream

The first one I understand is a white dream. In this white dream, there are different stories. The connection between each story does not seem to be much, but it is inextricable. It’s a bit like a dream. The reason why this is also because at the end of the story, the three piglets returned to the story again.

Second, white space and time

The design of the blank is also showing the sense of distance in the space

Essence A large number of white blank white these pages turned a page and flipped a page, giving people a sense of empty feeling, giving people a feeling that they could fly to any place. It seems that they flew to many, many places by plane Essence

In addition to giving people a sense of distance, it also makes people feel the flow of time.


Because the next story is through the “nursery rhymes of the goose”, and a large number of psychological distances for blank are left, so that they have enough time and space to cross the distant nursery rhymes, and they will not feel unsuccessful.

Third, white background

The reason for the skill is on the white background, which can show the original story and the next place to be there to be more clearly displayed. Because the story is already a colorful picture, without white and other colors, the picture is messy. Imagine that if these scattered pictures are placed on a prairie, the visual effect is not strong in white. And white, no matter what kind of story appears, it will not violate.

When the book is designed, the creator actually considers that so many white leaves will think that these pages think these pages are print errors. Sure enough, after this book was listed, some people really called to ask if they made a mistake, which also showed that when the creators were designed, they were actually thoughtful.

The picture in the upper right corner was leaked more. The second child used to help the third child. The posture of the second child was a bit like dragging a balloon. The second child was still calling the boss to come over to help. What they saw and needed help. At this time, the boss was still out of the situation.

The left and right screens are also contrasting with large and small. A large pig head has a strong visual impact, which relieves the boring of the picture.

Style of painting

These two pages are the nursery rhymes of the goose. The style is completely different from the front.

Children’s font


Essence The shape of all characters is very good

Simple lines and color blocks

Essence Even after three piglets go in, they are cute and love, without the texture of hair, big eyes,

Disney is running princess style

Because I entered the story, the text has become a designer.


After the three little pigs came in, they saw this scene stunned. When they saw this scene, they quickly escaped. The second child and the third child were close to the first, and the boss finally came in. At the same time, the boss also came out. The role of the role was reasonable.

Observe the position of the moon and cows, the left and right screens are swapped;

The change of time and position,

There are also three small flowers on the ground.

The kitten of the pellet tried to stretch out the dream, and surprised that he had changed. The slippery pigs turned back to the realistic design, and they had two shadows on them, because of the sunlight, the shadow left in the dream. This design is particularly like the enchantment in the Legend of Xianxia. Enter a story.

The left and right pictures, one in, one out, the direction of the pig’s escape is guided to the next page.

At this time, the three piglets had completely escaped, and the kitten in the upper left corner came out. Half half of the kitten’s body became a realistic design. The kitten was surprised to look at the world on the right. : Who am I, where I am, where I am going.

After the three piglets came out, they found a lot of stories. There are various stories to choose from, including DOG, FISH, CAT, Goat, etc. The most noticeable is the third discovered by the third, because it is given here for the third time, because it is given here because it is given here.

The layout of the dragon’s story is relatively large, and they are also paving the story of them to go to the dragon next!

The composition is a lot of triangles again!

The visual tension of this page is particularly strong. One is because of the design of the lines and the contrast of color reality; the other is because this story is standing and must be climbed in.

Design of misplaced space

When the third page saw this story, the third child stepped on this story, and the story was paved on the ground. And on this page, I wondered, why is it climbing? This design method is a bit like a misplaced space. Put a few pictures found online and feel it. This will be better understanding. It is a design that looks like it is not like.


The first story that the third child discovered was the first to enter this story

The second child and the boss are still working hard to climb into the story, and the two are still careful to try.

One leg of the boss has already entered,

The second child’s back is also trying in.



The three piglets are also familiar with themselves. After entering, they are called brothers and brothers and brothers, and they are also riding on the back of the dragon. On the left, a castle appeared in the distance, which implied that the prince was coming. Sure enough, he came, he came with the sword, and the three piglets and dragons hurried away, but where did you go? We can think that when the pig was eaten before, we ran outside the story and got safety. The three piglets had already entered the story and had to be “feet”. So is they successful with the dragon? At this time, the kitten looked at the development of the story outside, waiting for them.

Process of painting

When you see here, let’s analyze the previous painting styles.

The story of the dragon uses the full line of dragons, so the story is the longest, so I used it.


The design of the line, this is also the first step of painting


Essence The color of the line is also brown design.


Very sense of age, consistent with the story era

Essence Then the nursery rhymes of the goose, only

Simple lines and pure color block illustration design style, like the second step of painting

Essence The third step is the most primitive story of three piglets, rich in characters

There is a shadow on the body




The fourth step is a realistic story

, Rich in detail and real shape.

The steps of these kinds of design are justified, and the story and the picture also correspond


The design is full of thoughts.

They successfully escaped the story of the dragon. After the prince arrived at the top of the mountain, he killed the dragon and killed the dragon. It was the original story setting. At this time, the prince was confused, exactly the same as the expression of the big gray wolf before, and the dragon couldn’t find it.

This page shows the volume of the dragon across pages. Although it is a cross -page, the dragon’s body is still fully displayed, and the dragon tail is still in the story.

Dragon thanked the pig for saving it, expressing gratitude to it. The words of Long said are particularly interesting.

It is because the dragon said is the way the dragon is in the era of the dragon,


Long just crossed and had not learned modern languages. Seeing this scene, the kitten began to say “rare and rare, so strange”. This sentence is also the same in the goose mother, and the story of the kitten is also consistent, so

The way everyone speaks is consistent with their respective role settings.

This page is a strong contrast with the previous page, from lines to realism, and there is a bunch of lines of lines in the back, echoing the front and back, there is a frog on the right. 》 This picture book?

There is a latter -colored story in the gap between the lines of the line, and this arrangement is the next page.

This page shows a lot of stories, and each page is a big brain design.

The story here is also a single -sided design, so the picture on the left can see the story. The right side is displayed on the right, so you don’t see the story


Essence They shuttled between the stories and looked for their favorite stories. The original three pigs’ stories have been scattered and successfully attracted the attention of kittens.

The kitten pointed at the house of this brick barrier and asked what the third child was, it was just the third child’s house.

Everyone came around to see the third child’s house,

All eyes look at this house, and the third eyes are full of pride

Dragon is also very interesting, “This castle is too beautiful.” In the concept of Long, it can describe the word of the good -looking house is the castle, which is in line with its era. Here we used a down -looking shot to perfectly show the third house’s house.

Three piglets have been expected, and the boss proposes to go home, and everyone agrees. Although they are animals, they are the same,

There is no place to make people feel as comforting as home, giving people a sense of security. Just like children need to explore, they still have a warm and loving place to come back at any time. This is the meaning of home.

But how do they go home? The second child began to find a way. Since you can wear it out of the story, it means that you can cross it, as long as the original story is combined again. Here the big gray wolf was circled into a ball, and its expression was also intriguing and thriller.

So, everyone started to work, re -standing the original scattered story, on the right is a combined story. The previous story was blown out. It was the big gray wolf just to the third house. Here are perfectly connected with the previous one to continue the original story.

The big gray wolf couldn’t see the piglets from the door, so he turned to the window to knock. Because the third child’s home was too strong, the big gray wolf was inhaling vigorously, and he planned to blow down the third child’s house. Observing the walls in the room, the two frames on the wall are also very textured, and you can imagine how delicate the third child’s home is.

The big gray wolf blows, but the house is motionless. When it was blowing, the door suddenly opened, the dragon, kitten and three piglets pushed the door and rushed out. The big gray wolf was frightened immediately to retreat three feet and fell to the ground.


They are still trying to build the original story and set it up.

Because the construction is going in and out, the boss and the second child are half and half of the body

Essence Here is a ladder for the boss again,

The ladder appeared on the first page, and this is also an echo

Essence The big gray wolf can only look at them in the distance and no longer dare to approach.

When it was built quickly, the third child’s friendship went to make soup and invited everyone to go in for dinner. exist

In the most primitive fairy tales, the three big gray wolves were cooked and eaten. This is also an echo.

Text Design -This design is really amazing


The text design here is particularly great, because the big gray wolf is really strong,

Several pages of text have been blown up, and they are falling everywhere, and some texts have fallen outside the story.

Why is the text blown?

To show the force of the big gray wolf blowing, the pigs can be blown away, let alone text.

How did you know that the text was blown outside the story?

Because the dragon took a bamboo basket, when these texts were caught, the head of the dragon was a realistic design!

Why blow the text outside the story?

This is to echo the design of the Big Gray Wolf at the beginning of the Big Gray Wolf to blow the piglets outside the story! Echo back and forth! Intersection Intersection

Even if it is drifting outside, why should you catch the text?

It is to stick to the text, completely restore the original story! From escaping the story to the return of the story, they must return to the same text, and they must not be less! At the same time, it is also paved for the fun design of the second child to climb on the dragon.

The background trees were also blown because of great gas.


The kitten pulls the violin, the C position is the third child. It is giving everyone soup. The second child is working hard to catch the text and re -combine them. Only the boss, sit and eat. The golden rose was placed on the table.

Through the window, there was a big gray wolf who did not dare to approach. The third child’s home is really big, how dragons can be installed.

Since then, they have lived a happy life.

back cover

The back cover is a house with thick smoke. This is the third child’s home. The scene of cooking is over and continuing the plot in the story. It seems to give people a feeling of extraordinaryness.


This book breaks the general typesetting method without specific layout rules, but the entire story rhythm is strong. Following the pig’s journey to enter its plot without jumping at all.

This book begins with the story of the traditional three piglets. Although the three piglets fled the story, after experiencing some adventures, they met a new friend and helper, and finally returned to the story of the traditional framework, echoing back and forth, echoing before and after The structure of the entire story is very complete. Taking the action of the piglets as the line, the combination of various stories is logical, forming a brand new “Three Pigs”.这种表现手法在小说和电影中经常用到,穿越和双线叙述的形式比比皆是,像有些恐怖片里面的穿出电视机的设计,穿越到古代的设计,梦中梦的设计,微信The application of H5 is essentially similar. This is not only the case for art, but also similar situations in life. Just like to deal with one thing sometimes, it may seem to be a dead end, but if you jump out and change your mind, maybe the difficulty may be solved. This processing method is connected in various fields.

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