Ten days of 2021! The four major domestic online games have a collective update. At the end of the year, KPI is impacted?

The new week has begun again. What new games will be waiting for us this week? Let’s take a look together.

(One picture reads new dynamics of weekly games)

【Hot Incidents this week】

Focus on: E treasure incarnate “Kong e Ji” crazy to live EPIC EPIC coins. Do not miss it

Carnival is still going on! This week’s continuous white tadpoles and crazy discount activities of EPIC will continue, and players can continue to buy.


After the activity was opened, Ebao also conducted high -intensity interaction on Weibo and B Station. After a while, he madly talked about his cloud storage server, and later transformed into “Kong E Ji” to interact on Weibo.

Ebao also sucks fans again through this form of whiteness and survival. Now its reputation has completed the transformation that is now supported by players.

At present, the games sent in the first three days are not a large amount of work. “Shamu 3”, “Neon Abyss”, “Remaining: Rebirth of Ashes” can not be regarded as a large volume, but subsequent will obviously will obviously will be obviously. There is a masterpiece, for example, the “Light of Light”, which is about to launch, has a certain probability that it will be given in this event.

Recently, if you want to buy games, old games such as “Eight Saniels”, “Dao Tian Ji” and “King 2” have given quite amazing discount prices, which is very suitable for starting. The new game can consider the “FF7 Remake”, which is transplanted by the PS5 generation version, which contains the Yifei DLC. Now it can be said to be very cost -effective with 10 blade doll coupons.


(The above masterpieces are reduced to 65 yuan, the price is very beautiful)


It is recommended that you return Ebao back. After Bai Jie has passed this wave, it will decide to stay according to Ebao’s performance.

【Hot Tombs Update this week】


Focus: Sky Knife Annual Expansion Package December 22th Limited Limited Expressive Expressive Expressive Expressive Expressive Expressive Expressive Expressive Expressive Expressive Expressive Starts

The annual expansion film “The City of the Cloud” of “The End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End of the End.” In this annual expansion film, the game will launch a new map of the linkage with Zhangjiajie, the battle of the large -scale open arena, A variety of new games such as new words.


In addition, the new plot experience youth tour series, new school uniforms, and Huashang will also be launched in the expansion.


The new map that has been exposed at present not only has a map area of ​​about 64 square kilometers of 8X8, but also can bring players visual enjoyment. The new map will also break the inherent gameplay, allowing players to experience new survival and exploration The large -scale survival gameplay of combat collection.


Focus on: Jiuyin Jiuyin Zhenjing New Year’s New Edition of Jiuyin Sutra of Armor

Over time, the new version of the New Year’s Eve of the Jiuyin Zhenjing is coming. The new version of the New Year has been officially named “Junma Sword” and officially beta on December 24.


At that time, the new homeland Type -Zhuo Island, a new home fishing gameplay, new martial arts, new cross -service gameplay Tianya neighbors, Heng Ge Yuema and other wonderful will meet with the heroes on time. Among them, the new cross -service gameplay is a new experience for the heroes to ride a war horse and rush to compete.


Interested players must not miss it.

Focus on: “Rocky Heroes” celebrates the 10th anniversary celebration

At 19:45 on December 25, “Rocky Hero Biography” will start the 10th anniversary celebration of “Rocky Heroes” at the Shanghai Wanping Theater.

This celebration includes classic music live performances, character voice actors interaction, new information release, and rewarding a lot of lottery.


At the same time, the relevant signing activities are also open in the game. Sign -in on the 22nd can receive a tenth anniversary equipment fashion gift box, and on the 23rd, you can receive a small elf.


Interested players should not miss these two days of activities.


Important point: “Dragon Valley” new version of the CG trailer superfluous first exposed new professional appointment activities officially launched

The advent of the new dragon nest acupoint of “Dragon Valley” is already close, and many old players have become more and more strong about the “frozen dragon nest point”.

On December 23 this week, “Dragon Valley” will open this new version. The new BOSS and new occupations will appear in the new version.

In this frozen war at the end of the year, players will face the biggest challenge. The girl who won the Binglong Qi Yilong Baoyu will also become frozen dragons to fight for her own justice.

At the same time, 100,000 rewards will be opened in the game. Players will go to challenge the “Frozen Dragon Nest Point”. The first team can get a reward of 100,000 yuan.

Important: “Elyon” new professional “archer” opens to make an appointment to be launched on December 21 Hanbok

On December 21, the PC MMORPG “Elyon” developed by Blue Cave Studio will launch a new professional “archer”.


The “archer”, which is planned to be launched on December 21, is a master who penetrates the enemy’s heart and beating monsters at the most appropriate time. It is also an accurate shooting through agile skills and a one -hit killing.

If the player participates in the appointment of the new professional “archer”, he can get the archer’s special weapon and auxiliary weapons for the top 8 of the archer. Players who like it can make an appointment through the official website of Hanbok, but tomorrow is the last day.

The game was launched in South Korea in December last year, and in October this year, it was still launched in North America and Europe.


Focus: “Pokémon: Great assembly” Christmas event preview New Pokémon “Fast Dragon” will be launched on December 20th


On December 20th, the Pokémon game “Pokémon: Grand Jackal” produced by Tencent will launch a new Pokémon character “Fast Dragon”.


As a dragon monster, which is very powerful in animation, comics, and original games, Kuai Dragon is also very powerful in “Pokémon: Great Jacking”. The positioning of fast dragons is a semi -semi -half -output Pokémon. Its damage and tannery are very high, and the skill and damage of the skills are also full.

However, it is not very strong before the fast dragon is formed. The effects of mini dragons and Haklongs in the early stage can only be considered as general. Only when they grow into fast dragons and learn to learn big moves, they will change quality.

Even so, the super high intensity is enough to dominate the audience in the later stage.

【New Tour this week for sale】

Focus: “Zhen · Three Kingdoms Warriors 8 Empire” will be released on December 23, 2021

The unparalleled new work “The Three Kingdoms Warriors 8 Empire” under the Glory Turu Mo will be officially released on December 23.

As the 20th anniversary of “Three Kingdoms Warriors”, this is the latest work that can experience the refreshing action element of one thousand, and the “empire” series of simulated game elements that “seize the world”.


In this game, the strategic battle of one of the characteristics of the “Empire” series has evolved sharply into the “siege”, with the surrounding area of ​​the city as the stage to lead the army to seize the city. In the situation of changing warfare, flexibly use various strategies or their own force to try to attack the city gate. This game will bring players a new fighting fun.

With the choice and the communication with the generals, the “strategic system” of the national rise and fall still retain. Players will experience a colorful career such as monarchs, generals, soldiers, and soldiers in the wild general. This game can also be guided by the communication between the communication between the general generals.

The current STEAM version is priced at 329 yuan. Interested friends may wish to buy experience, but what needs to be known in advance is that “True Three Kingdoms Warriors 8” only has a praise rate of 31%in Steam.

Points: NetEase’s “Absolute Destination” is fixed on December 24, and again with Tencent?

Netease’s first immersive “entertainment circle” development mobile game “Absolute Decision” will be officially available on December 24. Before everyone was chasing stars, and now it has become a star raising.


In addition to actor training, the biggest feature of the game is actually more in a large number of scripts. If these scripts can be set properly and paired with the interpretation bridge, it may attract a group of players who yearn for the entertainment industry.

And in the past, fans were criticized for the acting skills, and they would always use “you to go to you” to force the defense. Now the players really have more ways to try themselves. It is also a feeling of experiencing a wave of small fresh meat.


However, Dr. X’s personal suggestion is to make the script well, otherwise the atmosphere of the game is made into another rice circle, but there is a cool risk at any time.

Of course, Tencent’s same type of game “Bright Starway” was also announced in December before, maybe the two can really tear up.

【New Tour Test this week】


Points: “DNF: Duel” test last day Korean player: I hope to use this picture quality to launch “DNF 2”

From December 18th to December 20th, “DNF: Duel” opened the BETA test on the PS5 and PS4 platforms, and today is just the last day of the test.

Although this “DNF: Duel” is a niche -type fighting gameplay, the exquisite game of the game has attracted a lot of players. For example, Korean players have left messages to developers. To make DNF2.

(Translation: I hope to develop DNF2 with this picture quality)


Of course, the wishes of this buddy are unrealistic. After all, the fighting game is actually produced by outsourcing for the developer of “Sin Equipment”. Neical only provides a role.


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