The maintenance of the drums and the maintenance of the pyrine! Intersection Intersection

Metal chrome component

Metal chrome components can be seen everywhere on the drums. Drum circles, drums, brackets, etc. generally have been plated. The coating can be damaged by water, so the most important thing is to keep drums dry. You should wipe the drums at least once a week with a fluffy and soft towel. If you move in a cold environment or move the drum from the cold car to the warm room, the surface layer of the drum metal component may form a layer of water vapor. At this time, you should wipe them off immediately to avoid rust. If stains, rust, etc. have appeared on the surface of the coating, you can clean it with No. 00 steel velvet, but it is best to wipe it with a thinner 0000 steel velvet. If the second -hand drum plating you bought has appeared severe rust, you can use solvents such as No. 0 steel velvet with gasoline and other solvents. Metal polishing agents such as Noxon can also be used on various metal components other than pyrums.


Some low -grade drum barrels have a layer of plastic surface for decoration, which are easy to clean this kind of surface. Whether it is snot, saliva, vomit, and blood stains, you can use a towel soaked with warm water to clean the soap. Any cleaner with ammonia ingredients may disappear the luster on the surface, so it is best not to use it. Also be careful not to use any grinding cleaning agent and wiping supplies, such as steel velvet and so on.


The cleaning method is the same as plastic. You can use furniture to maintain the paint surface with a furniture or a photon in the guitar. Also pay attention not to use grinding things on such golden gadgets.

Lock wrench

The wrench that is used to lock on the components such as the racks will become less smooth. In order to allow them to restore their working conditions, they can screw them out and apply some Vaselin or mechanical lubricant on the thread. Be careful not to use contacts such as WD40, because such things will dissolve lubricating oil and immediately dry.

Stepping on the racks and stepping stepping on the soil where you need to exercise frequently, you need to last a period of lubricating oil to keep them exercise well. If there are harsh “squeak” sounds in some spring, then you have to replace them. In fact, you better have some spare parts. But now it will be very expensive to buy parts. So we recommend that you still maintain the parts well, so that you can save a lot of money. If you have a good love for your drums, your drums will have a good state and sound, just like some drums produced in the 1970s are still well maintained.

There is a description of the maintenance of the tadpole maintenance:

When we just bought the copper puppet, we must be very happy!

But it will be a bit reluctant to knock, because it is too beautiful,

And often the traces left on the copper cymbal after the knocking on the baton,

The drummer feels a little bit of pain, and you can only wipe it desperately.

After a period of time, the bronzes are worse and dirty, no matter what

There is no way to do a better way, just like this until ~~~

I used to try to wipe copper and oil before, but after wiping it again, it will only make the copper pupa worse!

Of course, there are already copper oil oil that can be wiped, but it is still not difficult to exclude that old style.

The wiping method, and I still often last in this way ~~~

Because there were several friends in the discussion version of the key to this cleaning, so I put forward it again

Everyone can have a understanding and can achieve the most basic method and maintenance of keeping copper 钹

Its beautiful freshness!


New copper 当 Protection Law: When you just bought a new copper pupa, clean the napkin with softness

Wipe all the fat (light oil!) On the copper pupa.

Later ~ transparent oil with ordinary soft oil (similar to needle car oil), apply it lightly on the copper cymbal

Then wipe it off from the clean soft cloth. After such a program, you can be relieved and normal

Use, but after each knocking, you can wipe it with a dry cloth and avoid your

The finger pattern is stuck to the copper cymbal, so that it will not be oxidized for more fingerprints and oxidation!


The maintenance method and wiping of old copper pupa: Because the fingerprints that have been stuck too much or too long

Dust ~ So it is difficult to remove. First of all, you must remove the dirty upper level first,

So first use the soap scrubbing (to use a toothbrush), and then remove the black with toothpaste

The part of the part, after a few times of the case, then wipe it with a cloth ~~~~~

Finally, the protective surface is completely available in the same way in the same way.

(Do not put the slices in the water when scrubbing)


The taboo of copper 在: In the modern times, friends who learn drums are provided by others at the beginning

Jazz drums, such as, school, community, musical instrument practice room, church, organs, etc.

Therefore, the maintenance of drums and copper pupa is completely unfamiliar, but when you buy a set of equipment in person

At that time? There will be no concept at all! This is something that is helpful for everyone, so you can’t understand!

As far as the copper is concerned: take (unload) and dress ~ when you install or remove the copper pupa!

Press the copper puppet with both hands on both sides ~ lift it up, you can’t pick up the copper noodles directly with your hands, avoid ~

Stick your fingers on the copper puppet so that you will not keep more fingerprints and oxidize!

This is almost the habit of most people, but please remember.


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