Looking forward in spring, lace shirt series wear

Hello everyone, the editor is here again, next time I will make a series for everyone about 2022.

After the spring, the temperature has not been fully recovered, and there will still be some cold feeling. Today, Xiaobian concentrated on “Jimei” to bring the Kai -Spring lace shirt series.


The lace shirt has a gorgeous and noble sense different from other cloth shirts. After careful matching, lace shirts can make women more beautiful and noble in summer. Xiaobian today concentrated on showing a series of wearing display for the “Jimei”.


Twitan pattern 7 points bubble sleeve sweater

The feminine knitted T -shirt is added with twisted patterns, which is suitable for doting. Grab the lines slimming, look slim when wearing. Like a model with loose pants, a capable dress ~


Ruffy edge Y lace line shirt


The gentle and smooth lady style, full of lace chiffon shirts! The one -shaped style of the blocking line, the sleeve is loose tightly to prevent slipping. The bust of the lotus leaf details appear more plump and have fun.

Lovely lace lotus leaf V -neck shirt

Varbine design on the ruffled side of the ruffled edge to interprets femininity. There are loose bands on the bubble sleeve line. Don’t worry about falling. The details of the pearls and ruffles on the neckline make the chest more three -dimensional. As a dating, daily installation, no matter where you match the office dress, it is suitable for it!


Fine beam waist lace lace top

The overall lace, the noble woman’s atmosphere ~ tightening the waist with a more three -dimensional sense, a chiffon shirt full of slim lines ~ Deep V -neck lines are slender ~ shoulder bubble design wrap the arm meat, highlighting cuteness.

Lead the Kang Kanglean chiffon shirt

Cute and atmospheric Kangkangle chiffon shirt! The patterns displayed in the flowers are mixed together with a variety of patterns, without a sense of monotonous! There is no need to worry about physical problems at all!

Pearl button lace color chiffon shirt


Only a chiffon shirt with a lace color that can also create a feminine style. On the whole, the loose version and loose sleeve are covered to cover the fat. You can wear it casually and comfortably!


Louis Angel’s special lace shirt


The transparent dot fabric adds subtle femininity. The folds of the sleeve and neckline can be layered in the inside sweater or cardigan, which is more beautiful to wear.

Flower pattern Perspective semi -high -necked lace shirt

The feminine lace shirt with the smooth and smooth lines, the embroidery details are more feminine atmosphere, good elastic fabrics, are not restricted by body shape, and anyone can dress comfortably. Suitable for dressing with various tops.


[Louis Angel] Plus Lace color matching half -neck T -shirt

The cute pill lace, the waistline split is thin version, which is both warm and stylish style. It is suitable for jeans, skirts, etc., and wear all kinds of lower clothes. As a daily dress, the office clothes can be easily matched!


Velvet pulverine lining lace top


The surface of the velvet is soft, and the shoulder lines are used as a jacket that is suitable for capable wearing. The shape can cover the body shape without burden. Bubble sleeves, with a three -dimensional outline, suitable for wearing a variety of styles.

Vertical stripes semi -high -necked lace pill shirt


The soft and soft feel of the outer velvet, cover the lines with a shape, has wrinkles on the shoulders, completes the gorgeous outline, adds a national style pattern, is not monotonous, suitable for items for embellishment!

The above 11 lace shirts hope to have a good reference to “Jimei”, and refer to the dress of Miss Miss Miss Miss.


This issue is here. The editor is basically a single set from the interpretation of the fabric to the craft to the wear. Your idea may be my next theme. The questions in terms of matching can also leave a message in the comment area, and the editors will answer them one by one. Follow Xiwen not lost.


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