Buy one get one free, and 99 yuan for two pieces! Autumn and winter dry sports jacket, soft and not tight

The autumnal equinox has just passed

Obviously feel the weather turns cool

I feel cold wind blowing when I go out


Want to play cool running exercise

Who is the best?


There are cold winds outside

There is a warm quilt inside

Want to move or not


“I’m so difficult”


Want to persist in running

But I don’t want to cold and a cold

How can I run?

Mainly worn clothes in clothes


The key is not breathable!

After running out a sweat, the cold wind blows

Instead, it is easier to cold and a cold

At this time, a professional sportswear is needed

But a qualified sportswear


Refreshing and breathable

It’s best

Sports travel is indispensable ~


Wheat knows you the most

Running training autumn and winter quick -drying sports jacket

Warm hearts ~

Running is no longer frozen


Recommended reason:


1. Speed ​​-drying functional fabrics, exercise without fear of sticky sweat;


2. S three -dimensional tailoring, sturdy wiring, durable and beautiful;

3. Night -view reflective strip design, running safety guarantee at night;

4. Soft and skin -friendly, comfortable elasticity, can be pulled at will;

It uses

Speed ​​-drying energy fabric



Ultra -high hygroscopic perspiration characteristics

Exercise as you want, without fear of sticky sweat

Excellent breathability


I also rejected the sweltering and uncomfortable on the way to run

The fabric also passed the security test of authoritative institutions

Quality and safety make people put a hundred hearts


How can it be satisfied alone?

Of course, clothes

Soft and skin -friendly

You can run comfortably when you wear it comfortably


This autumn and winter fast dry sports jacket


Micro -bomb fabric, soft and comfortable

Very high elasticity, you can pull at will

During the exercise process, the limbs are larger

There is no need to worry about the embarrassment of the collapse of clothes!

It is not easy to get the ball, it is not easy to fade, and it will not shrink

Not easy to wrinkle!

Traveling and running is more worry -free!

If the clothes are too loose or tight during exercise


It will cause the movement of the athlete

Can’t achieve better fitness effect

So a fittop jacket


Fit the human body


Only to help fit fit people better fitness

But a jacket

Three -dimensional cutting design

More in line with ergonomics and auxiliary shaping

Can completely avoid these problems

The three -dimensional version shows more figure

Who dares to say that running can’t be handsome?

Put on him


The most beautiful baby is you!


Four stitches and six line tailors

The jacket is strong and does not take off the line

Wear resistance, wear resistance, lasting durability

The high -intensity exercise will be taken down together


Night Vision Anti -light strip

Simple and beautiful design


Bring eye -catching microman in the night


Provide security for your night running process



Zipper design

It is not easy to drop items during exercise

There are jackets

Hooded design


It can also be used to block the rain on rainy days


Two styles of hooded and non -hooded

Give you enough choices

How to wear how to wear it ~

Three colors make you choose freely ~

The texture is dark, and the high -level feeling stands out

Classic gray, fashionable and versatile

The smog is so handsome ~

Various sizes meet all needs


Autumn and winter cool running sports jacket

Original price: 188 yuan

National Day

99 yuan


Buy one get one get one, two pieces of hand


Buy right and not expensive

Be able to use

The most affordable price


Products of the same specifications

Why spend those unjust money?

Why not do the money saved?

Friends who love to run


Don’t miss it ~

Hooded design, multi -color optional

Market price: 188 yuan/piece

Mall value -for -money special price: 99



Buy one and get one, two pieces, two pieces

The deadline for the event until October 18

Click the figure below to buy immediately


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