“Master Book of the World”: Brief description of Western architectural history

Recently, there have been posts in a certain building in various groups, which are the newly built Guangzhou Sunac Theater. The design of this theater comes from the British SCA Architect, inspired by the painter Zhang Hongfei’s “Bird Map”. Although it sounds creative in China and the West, the effect is spit out by the public as a “one -bed flower quilt”. A poor painting can be destroyed. An article is not well written, but a time -consuming and labor -intensive building will stay in people’s sight for decades or even longer. time. Poor buildings become laughing stocks, but good buildings can become landmarks in a city or even a country. Architecture is indeed a profound and important art.

Although this “World Architectural Master Book” has less than 200 pages, it has created a long river of Western architecture from ancient Greece and ancient Roman architecture to modern architecture for readers. Dozens of famous architects are like The pearl shining in the long river. Readers can not only understand the life and thoughts of architectural masters in the reading process, but also grasp the development and change of architectural style. It is also equipped with hand -drawn illustrations for architectural masters and representative architectural works, making the content richer and vivid.

The first part of this book starts from the Middle Ages architecture, of course, the buildings of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome, and various Roman and French churches in the later period. The biggest feature of this classic building is the use of various column. The second part came to the Renaissance. The most important feature during this period was the perspective method proposed by Italian architect Berusleuski, as well as the decorativeism developed after the heyday. The love of decoration was carried forward by the 17th -century architect mentioned in the third part, which gave birth to the gorgeous and exquisite buildings of Baroque style and Rococo style, such as Benny’s St. Peter Cathedral, and his apprentice Ellah Designed Meiquan Palace and so on. But as the so -called “things must be reversed”, in the first half of the 18th and first half of the 19th century, the construction field began to criticize the Baroque and Rococo style, and neoclassicism was born. The neoclassical trendy architect represented by French architect Le Dudu in the 18th century advocates re -emphasizing the architectural style of ancient Rome and ancient Greece. He especially prefers simple geometric figures. After that, the first industrial revolution brought new architectural materials such as steel and glass. The architects also began to try to gradually increase the relationship between architecture and myths, and gradually closer the relationship between them and humans. In the second half of the 19th century in the fifth part, the architect Weber proposed the concept of “living and artistic”, and people pay more and more attention to the practicality and functionality of the building. American architect Salvin proposed “Form Eveer Follows Function”, which is the form of follow -up function. Austrian architect Lusz also proposed the saying “Ornament Und Verborchen” (decoration is sin). However, in the twentieth century of the sixth part, as Gripius founded the Bauhaus Art School, architecture became an international topic, and the style of the building was no longer single. Modern architecture pursued a compoundness. Among them, the Chinese -American architect Pei Mingming’s Louvre glass pyramid is particularly impressive. It adheres to the style created by Pei Mingming’s consistent geometric graphics plus details, creating a unique modern architectural aesthetics.


The last part is about the architects who are still active in the building world. They use modern intelligent means to create more buildings that make people’s eyes shine. For example, the Dubai Building, which is directly inserted by the water ghost banana, but there are works like CCTV’s big pants that make people feel confusing.

Finally pointed out an error. On page 104 of the book, the architect Mies took the Bauhaus School from Groopius in 1913. But Bauhaus School was founded in 1919, which is impossible. In fact, this 1913 should be 1930. I am afraid it is a translation error?




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