Tianyi Lake Scenic Area Full Raiders! Meet the family travel needs of the family (the next part)

There are too many fun things in Tianyi Lake, I can’t finish one chapter, just now


Tianyi Lake Scenic Area Full Strategy (Part 1)


Introduce the Dream Town of the Children’s Professional Experience Center. Your child can experience more than 80 different occupations with the “Dream Passport”. How do you play? Let’s continue to share:

You see that this scene is a hot construction site. This tower crane can really rotate. Some teachers bring the children to explain the operations, processes and their own types of equipment. Moms and dads are black on the left. Outside the fence, you can take pictures for children. Parents of their children’s activities inside cannot interfere. Whether he does it well, it is a brand new exercise and experience for the children.

The simulation site tower crane can rotate


Look at these two children, moms and dads watch their growth and laughter outside. They are seriously working inside. It is really cute!


Don’t worry, the bricks they move are yoga bricks, which are made of foam and will not be tired of children.

Parents can recording the baby outside

Gonggong is done


You can get a dream coin!


Another popular experience item is to be a little chef, because the flour, eggs, and so on are all true, so you can really eat well. of.


The little chef is very happy


I interviewed a child here. She said that she has experienced two projects today. Her favorite is the profession of magicians inside, as well as firefighters. Firefighters will drive fire trucks to a specific place to rescue the fire. This experience is a project that every child likes in the whole dream town.

I am very proud to hold my dream passport

Tips:  This experience hall Children can experience six projects a day. Each project is half an hour. In order to ensure the experience of the experience, the dream town tickets are sold within 300 people per day. During this period, you’d better book tickets in advance to ensure that children have realized their professional dreams!

Huahai, Captain’s, and Dream Town, it seems that Tianyi Lake Scenic Area is not finished one day, so where do you live? This is the hotel where we live. There are two options here. One is Orange Crystal Hotel. There are many rooms and new rooms. The curtains are fully automatic. The price of five -star facilities is very cost -effective. The other is the wooden house villa of the wooden house island. There are 14 rooms. It is suitable for bringing the whole family to dispatch together, including pets at home. If you book in advance, you can bring it here.

Wooden house villa

Elegant wooden house villa environment


Large floor -to -ceiling window landscape

The open kitchen is all available, including the kitchen supplies pots and pans are prepared for you. If you like to make a big meal, you can greatly perform your skills, or you can ask the chef Make a family banquet.




If you take the old man, you can go back to the villa to rest. The environment of Linhu Villa is beautiful. It is also a good enjoyment to sit down and drink tea.


Red Maple next to the wooden house

Since the whole family dispatches, not only the elderly, children, and men have their own entertainment projects.


There are Jingya Tianyi Lake and the largest artificial beach

Shipping a water room

There are real people CS and newly opened Segway-Ninebot Cartoon Circuit Circuit

The newly opened kart venue is also your good place for May Day


There are not only karts, but also a master car museum worth 4. billion yuan in Temple! It can meet the love and needs of classic car enthusiasts. This Museum of Museum is the largest Captain Museum in the country. There are more than 300 classic cars around the world, with a total of six floors. It is the first in Asia. When the school students want to hold a spring tour, come here to visit the Museum of Cars is also a very good choice.

的 Understand people who love cars can stay here for a whole day, because each car has the story behind it.

Master Museum


Qilu’s largest master car exhibition center

There is a very interesting little story of Hongqi sedan. Before the birth of Hongqi, his name was originally named Dongfeng Automobile. Dongfeng Automobile’s first model is Dongfeng CA71. A metal dragon is used in front of the car. Later, Chairman Mao said after seeing this dragon decoration: We New China, do not engage in the set of feudal imperialism, do not want the decoration of dragon and phoenix to decorate the decoration of the dragon and phoenix Intersection So it was changed to the current Red Flag Car.

Rare Dongfeng Main

The first cars on the first production line of the Hongqi sedan have moved all the cars on the production line


There are ancient and modern Chinese and modern Chinese and foreign cars. You can see this Chevrolet C3. The smooth appearance lines are not out of date today.

Chevrolet C3 produced in 1968

Here are the red flag cars produced by Chairman Mao’s inspection of China’s No. 1 automobile manufacturer.

FAW Hongqi

Chairman Mao inspects the precious image of the Red Flag Counter


Same car

And this tractor is not ordinary. If you have used the previous old version of the banknotes, the pattern on the one -dollar banknote is a female tractor. She drove the same model tractor in this tractor. Oh.

Tractor on one dollar banknotes

During the war, the vehicles used were also different. Here we also collect cars used on the battlefields used in the Chinese and foreign wars, such as military Jeep, the United States, France, and various military vehicles in Germany. You will also like military fans.

Military jeep

And these cars are not empty, they can all drive! In today’s society is a rare collection, the repair of the master car is a complex and detailed process, including the performance of the engine, the repair of the car interior and the body, and the lack of car parts, which has caused great difficulties In order to restore a master car, it is often unprecedented by ordinary people. There is a story behind each master car. It is not only the historical and humanistic story carried by its previous life, but also the unique charm of this life on the historical stage as a master car!

的 I learned to be designed, so compared to the displacement and performance of the car, what attracts me more is the art and design of the vehicle. Here is a very strange car logo that attracted me. This one is a Rolls -Royce. The little angel of Rolls -Royce’s head was originally standing, but the car was kneeling. What’s going on? It turned out that Rolls -Royce was first -purpose, so the logo of the design that was originally designed was kneeling like this. Later, the civilians used more and more, so they changed to the stand of the standing angel. today.


张 This Buick is Zhang Xue-Liang’s car. His driver later loyally guarded the car for many years.

And these small cars are very bright in color, is it good, cute and cute?


As girls’ favorite is these small cartoon -like cars!

The paint repair of these master cars is also special, so the color is bright and not rusty

And this one, this car logo is a knight carved with amber. The car name is translated by Disoto or Desteo. Many people have never seen it because it started producing by the Chrysler Group in the United States in 1929. It has already been discontinued. brand.


Amber knight



Car enthusiasts must come and see

Leaving the Museum of Car Museum, we came to a thrilling place -the Wind Tong Flying Experience Museum


The Wind Tong Flight Experience Hall is a comprehensive entertainment venue integrating science and technology, education, and interpretation. The wind tunnel flight experience cabin is about 10 meters high. It is a space different from the gravity world that is divided by glass. Let the experiencer feel the feeling of flying like a bird.


Wind tunnel with three floors

Wind tunnel flight is a very safe extreme exercise. You can participate at 4-80 years old. There is no need for skydiving experience.


With professional coaches accompanied by the whole process, safety is safe.


There are protection on the upper and lower wind caves


The principle is equivalent to blowing people up with a large fan, and the wind is equivalent to level 40


Both men, women, and children can experience it, as well as the national championship, the children’s group winning can be included in the score

The picture is authorized by Oriental IC


The coach leads the flight and is safe and safe.

If you are a lady or a couple, you can book in advance, and take a beautiful personal photo here. There is a Moma Dream Wedding City. There are more than 40 types of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign scenes, which are very suitable for you who love beauty. Those who like romantic, there are rotating Trojan horses and beautiful hot air balloons here, which can fully satisfy all your imagination of romance.


Meet your desire to shoot

Korean drama scene

The costume taboos I took for my friends


There are also American blockbusters!

I have a symptom of my secondary illness, come to an undefeated East


You do n’t need to bring you even the wedding dresses. You are prepared here, and the makeup artist is all available. You only need to come with love and smile. Whether it is a costume or a modern wedding dress, or a funny opera style. Here is all.

Beautiful trailer wedding dress

Douyin popular witty drama style

Do you have friends who like food? You might ask what is delicious in Tianyi Lake? Of course it is fish! Here the craftsmanship of the national -level Lu cuisine cooking master, one fish and three eaten: “fish head pot soup” pays attention to the hot oil and ginger slices of 80 degrees, rinse it with boiling water after frying the fish head, and simmer for ten minutes. Out of the pan! The soup is milky mellow and delicious. “Temporary Fish Block” is tender and slippery. There is no earthy smell at all, full of fragrance. “Red -roasted fish skiing water” has Shandong characteristics, and it is just right. A big fish can’t finish eating.


Tai’an water is good. The most famous food here is not onion dipping sauce, but cabbage, tofu, and water. So the most popular dish on our table is a Tai’an tofu ball. Don’t underestimate this tofu, it has won the National Gold Award of the Taishan series of famous dishes! The tofu inside has the title of “a pound of tofu and half a catty” since ancient times. It adds ingredients such as sea rice fungus and pickles. After frying, the outer coke is delicious. The ladies on the table praised. In addition, there are seasonal vegetables such as fried elm and toon, and the delicious fragrance of Tai’an sauce duck, and the famous Taishan Beer. You must not forget to taste the local deliciousness!


Tips: There are not only hotels and restaurants in the scenic area, but also a beer square. The grilled lamb, grilled shrimp, and grilled horse noodle fish inside are very good. You can try it!

I can show you the beautiful scenery of Tianyi Lake before the egg. It takes 3-4 days to make fun of this place. If the strategy is done in advance, the family gathers two projects and then separates the projects they like. Well.

Tianyi Pavilion

Group building activity

There are small trains and battery cars in the scenic area to ride


There are also four -wheels and bicycles to rent

Tips: Borrow a four -wheeled car early in the morning. The family ride a car to watch the sea of ​​flowers.


Five or six people can



Every scene is suitable for taking pictures

The egg is coming! Intersection Intersection I asked you the discount activities of the Taishan Flower Sea, which is really exciting:

Taishan Huahai

1. Activity time: May 1st to 19th


Event content: Every tourist who wears a costume to buy scenic spots can enjoy a semi -price discount. Students can travel for free in the costume with their valid documents;

2. Activity time: May 1st to 19th


Event content: All tourists who have obtained labor models at or above the county level, hero model, May Day Labor Medal, and titles of advanced workers can go to the park for free to enter the park with their valid certificates and honor certificates.

The sanitation workers hold their own work testimony or unit work certificate to enter the Taishan Flower Sea for free.


3. Activity time: May 1st to 19th

Event content: As long as you read the following words in one breath, you can get a beautiful gift for free;

“There is a dream carp pond in the Taohua Creek in Tai Mountain, and many carps are kept in the dream carp pond.

The black and white red purple -green blue gray, my, my big, small, short, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful handsome new tide, all kinds of style your choice”

Isn’t it difficult? It is definitely not a problem for you!

Two: Dream Town

Activity time: May 1-4th

Activity content: 1. Buy tickets on the dream town on the spot, you can enjoy 150 yuan/a large and small preferential price;

2. On the same day, the child experience the photos and show the circle of friends and display the geographical location. You can receive a beautiful gift from 51 Junda, which is limited to the top 20 per day;

3. On the day of the event, the Dream Coin cumulative is 80 yuan, and one of the labor souvenirs can be obtained. (The number of gifts is limited until the delivery)

Rules of Activity: Participate in the topic of Douyin#Show your world of flowers, shooting with scenic spots or flowers related videos,@活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动, add the location of Tianyi Lake Scenic Area, that is, you will have the opportunity to win the award from Tianyi Lake. Come and shake out your “trick”!

Activity time: The deadline for May 14, 2019, the prize on May 20;

Rules for evaluation: Participate in the video according to the topic correlation, likes and work quality rankings



No. 1:

4999 yuan Tianyi Lake Family Gift Package

· European -style wooden house villa stay for 1 night

· Tianyi Lake Taishan Huahai Family Happy Year Card

· Sankou House Tianyi Lake Flying Experience Hall experience

· Dream Town 2 big 1 small family package 1


· 3 tickets for Taishan Classical Automobile Expo

· Moma Dream City Photography Voucher



2999 yuan Tianyihu Travel couple gift package


· Thai vegetarian latex cushion & travel pillow suit


· Tianyi Lake Flying Experience Hall Flight Experience 1 time

· Tianyi Lake Taishan Flower Sea Couple Card 1


588 yuan single -person gift package


· Taishan Huahai Single New Year Card

· Taishan Tianyi Lake Flying Experience Hall Single Experience

· Dream Town 1 big 1 small package

· Taishan Classical Automobile Expo Ticket


14-43 (participation award):

Value 58 yuan Taishan Tianyi Lake Taishan Huahai Single New Year Card


During the challenge, tourists participated in the topic of Douyin at the Tyedishan Huahai in Tianyi Lake Scenic Area, and they could get a mascot (worth 49 yuan) of the Tianyi Lake Resort.

Prize address: Taishan Huahai Tourist Service Center

Remarks: The above prizes are not exchanged for cash. Effective within three months from the lottery, the wooden house and villa must be reservations one week in advance.

Tulip incense is so good

Is it excited after watching the eggs? Give you another traffic guide: Let’s see how to get it again!


Tianyi Lake Scenic Area is only half an hour’s drive from the Tai’an Railway Station, so of course the high -speed rail is the first choice! Take my route, I set off from Beijing, and I can go to Tai’an Railway Station in two hours.










· Moma Dream City Photography Voucher

This is the bright Beijing South Railway Station. My train is departing at 12:30, and I can reach the Tai’an Railway Station at 14:35.

Even if the speed reaches 303 kilometers, it is very smooth and comfortable, and the water will not shake; I just feel that flying does not feel motion sickness, and there is no pressure to travel even if it takes a baby.I have to make people extremely proud of the speed of China!


This season is the new green along the way. Friends who like the landscape can choose a place to enjoy the window!

I checked the train tickets during the May Day holiday. Every day alone, there are three pictures to let go. The ticket is currently available. After ordering the itinerary, you need to grab the ticket earlier!


Not only in Beijing, because the area where Tai’an is located is a small hub, there are many high -speed rail lines from all over the country. When you check your tickets, you can search for “Tai’an” or “Taishan”!

In addition, you can reach Tianyi Lake by driving or flying by car. You can choose to drive yourself. You can choose to enter the destination “Tianyi Lake Scenic Area”.Can be reached.hurry up!


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