The Wenwan bracelet made by Tibetan bones is not terrible in imagination. Instead

When I heard that the human bone is making a bracelet, many people are creepy in their hearts. In fact, it is a kind of Buddha bead in Tibet called “Gabara”. A kind of relic.

This kind of beads in Tibetan Buddhism are more common. It takes a lot of opportunities to have it. Wearers will not only feel afraid of fear, but they will be aware of it, because such spiritual matter will not have it.

Let ’s enjoy a few strings of spiritual bones together. If you do n’t tell you that it is human bone, you should be free to disk?

Gabara, the old age of the old age, is crispy and moisturizing, and the source has a great blessing. The bite of the bead body is very comfortable. To be honest, the pearls of this year are really rare.

The beads are old wax roof beads, old corals, old waxes, four old pine stone tablets, old teeth three -way, old teeth tower, old pine stone back clouds, old coral disciples beads, good.




Gabara, Mani Zhu

】 This work is regarded as the main weapon,






Ming Dynasty Gabara

Nursing beads, this string is 108 original, the master of the Potala Palace is blessed, and the bead body has shown jade.

Dedication: The old coral MOMO top beads, three 24K gold tablets, six old waxes, three old coral beads, old Nanhong, Lanqin thousand -year old pharmacist, white skin thousands of old life beads, two old green beads Two pieces, original ore high -porcelain boutique pine stones, old pine stones, old agate rings, century -old old teeth three -year, original pagoda, old plum blossom head, old coral disciples beads?

This series of Gabara is okay to see this face value, and the bite of the bead body is very comfortable. Jade is in place. At first glance, it is the big year. Although the accessories are all matched, there is no sense of disobedience.

Tibetan match: Lao Tibetan wax top beads, old MOMO coral barrel beads, century -old teeth head three -way wear, old Tang ball, old AKA coral carving hollow bead, old 砗 磲, Lao Qingya, Old King Kong pestle head back Yun, sterling silver single -skimmers, and old wax separators, if I don’t say, I am afraid that few people can recognize it.

This is a bunch of old marrow -free Gabara rosary beads in the Qing Dynasty. It was twisted to Manchu in place. The paste was oily.

Matching: MOMO Coral Dingzhu Naval Dog, Two Golden Segmentation of 24K Golden Segmentation, Six Gelasting Beads, Five Gloods of Lao Song Stone, Two Laos of Laos, Two Crane Reds Old teeth three -way, 24K gold tower, old Aka coral King Kong pestle back cloud.

In the Qing Dynasty, the small size of the Gabara old rosary, the pearl is extremely moist and jade, the mild mildly paste is thick. The wear is comfortable and comfortable.


All matching fine counts: six old corals, old teeth dice, five -grain boutique pine, one -generation Bondik, old Nanhong, old wax, three -eyed old red chalcedony, old teeth three -way, old coral tower, old pine stone back cloud The old coral disciple Zhu, watching these accessories with lightweight, but after years of accumulation, it can show the beauty of different beliefs.

The old -fashioned year of Gabara has a clean source and has a great magnetic field. The grinding of the packets is slightly tortuous. The bite is very comfortable. The vicissitudes of vicissitudes are full of fate rosary.

原配足数108粒,配:大年份老蜡顶珠、两粒24k大金隔片、老珊瑚三粒、老蜡五粒、老松石三粒、老绿料三粒、老玛瑙、老铜排、 The old teeth, the old pine stone tower, the old diamond pestle, the charm of time is full, and the unable to conceal the love.

[Old leg bone rosary], look at this string of smiling patterns to shrink and exquisite glutinous color. It is as warm as jade bags and oily, and the old leg bone rosary is precious. In the eyes of the believers, wearing the legs for the legs and bones is like protecting the method.

Under the introduction of the original with large and successful accessories: old coral top beads, old pine stones, old coral skulls, old wax, old -fashioned three -way, Lao Ji Tou, old spell card, old age, this kind of thing is all on top Sweet.


After I introduced it, after reading the combination of these spiritual bones, what did you do? Is it not as terrible as we imagined in our hearts and it looks very textured.

If no one says this is human bone, would you play? If you know it is a bracelet made of human bones, can your heart be waved?


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