The treasure hunting emerald ring was auctioned on the spot to become a “popular goods”

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Today is Saturday. Family collection continues to pay attention to the special program of “Treasure Hunting”. Our program team will go deep into the province and work with local Tibetan friends to find various local collections and feel the fun of treasure hunt.

Last week, our treasure hunting team came to Yichun Antique City and also played a game. The three treasure hunting people looked for the treasures they wanted. ? Let’s take a look together.

Three treasures are now placed together

Three treasure hunting people are also full of confidence

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

We invited many Tibetan friends in the antique market

A small auction will be held on the spot

See which baby is the highest price

Which treasure hunt can become Taobao king

Come to the Tibetan friends who participate in a small auction

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

I am very interested in a few babies

Treasure Huntian Mr. Liu’s emerald ring

The first to attract everyone’s attention

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

We invite Mr. Liu to report the starting price first

Then see if Tibetan friends can accept

Mr. Liu briefly introduced

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

This ring is the silver of jadeite

Probably from the late Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of China

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

The valuation is at least 3,000 yuan to 5000 yuan

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

A Tibetan friend immediately said immediately after hearing

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

This price is acceptable

He believes that this is a ring in the late Qing Dynasty

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

Green emerald and silver made

There are gems inlaid above

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

It’s really good

This Tibetan friend obviously likes this ring very much

Although he humblely asked the Tibetan friends next to him

Is there anyone who likes to shoot

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

But everyone doesn’t seem to want to take care of people

One female Tibetan friend also laughed and said

This ring is large and more suitable for men to wear

There are also Tibetan friends who think that being a lady’s pendant

Or the broken trim and other adopts will be very beautiful

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

Seeing no bidders

This Tibetan friend directly bargain 2,000 yuan

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

Everyone calls directly to see half

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

Mr. Liu, a treasure hunt, said he said 4000 yuan after hearing it

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

This Tibetan friend said that Mr. Liu’s first shouting price

It is 3,000 yuan to 5000 yuan

So he thinks 3000 yuan is okay

After thinking about thinking, Mr. Liu also agreed to be sold at this price

About ring

The “ring” was known as the “ring” in ancient times, and it has the name of “ring” since the Ming Dynasty. After the Tang and Song dynasties, the customs of the rings were formed. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, the western wind gradually became east, so the wind was even stronger.

寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

Gold inlaid pearl emerald ring, clear

However, another important function of the ring is the beautiful finger of the beautiful decoration, and due to the different texture of the ring, it can display the owner’s identity or not. For example, the Empress Dowager Cixi likes to show off very much. Her fingers often wear several gem inlaid rings, and the extent of Zhang Hao luxury is evident.

Jasper engraved poetry poems, Qing Qianlong

In addition, the ring specially worn on the thumb is a finger. In ancient times, it was called a deduction of the bowstring. It was put on the thumb to prevent injuries when pulling the bow. The Qing Dynasty gradually became a kind of decoration in the hands of the officials, with diverse raw materials. Jade, emerald or gold and silver are valuable materials, and some are decorated with ornaments or engraved verses.

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寻宝人淘的翡翠戒指 现场拍卖成“抢手货”

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