Cantonese people eat stainless steel basin? Southern people who will eat, don’t you pay attention to your tableware?

“Food in Guangdong” is the highest praise of Guangdong cuisine. They dare to eat, can eat more good to eat, Cantonese dishes deeply cooked, the dishes are varied, delicious, delicious, fragrant, fragrance, fragrance The design is perfect, and the four major dishes in China are also returned. But there is a fun phenomenon. Guangdong people are more precious, and there are more beautiful foods. They always like to use a variety of stainless steel basins to make a dish, let the whole beauty of the dishes Some of them.

In the “Best Food Letter” in “Food Food”, the place to provide food is certainly unpleasant tableware, but it is very strict for food, and even the harsh Cantonese, picking up in the tableware It is somewhat random. In Guangdong people, you will see the appearance of stainless steel pots. It can be described as the highest frequency of frequent in the Cantonese table, a restaurant, Sheng soup, eat hot pot, hot dish, washing vegetables, pickles, etc. A stainless steel basin seems to have an attribute of “inclusive”.

In fact, the South people like to use stainless steel tableware, and the initial fishermen’s living habits, due to the bumps of the sea, some porcelain dishes, porcelain bowls, etc., are not easy to clean, and they will cut people after crushing. It is very inconvenient to use the porcelain disc, and the stainless steel tableware is not afraid, and it is more suitable for the fishermen who use it.

On the other hand, in the fishing boat, it is limited, the fire is smaller, and the stainless steel pot is thin and easy to heat. For the saving energy in the sea, it will be on the shore after the sea, if you go to the sea, if the tableware falls After the bad, only the shore can only be purchased, the money is troublesome, and the southerners of the south have enjoyed the habit of living with stainless steel basins.


Many friends of foreign provinces have jokes. Southerners use stainless steel tableware. In fact, in many old and vigorous hearts, this stainless steel basin “really” is durable, lightweight does not occupy the place, and Guangzhou people have a soup, especially the family, children with stainless steel, is not afraid of falling, practical So in two wide areas, many rich people are often placed in these stainless steel basins.


In fact, it is not only the southerner who likes to use stainless steel basins. When the northerners are eating, many places also like to use large stainless steel basins, and they will be equipped with garlic, and they will smash the noodles, very painful, so One side of the water and soil, some things don’t have a bad break, just a habit.


– old wells –


Cantonese is very real, even if the family has thousands of people, they can wear a slippers to go out, plus Cantonese people like steaming food, stainless steel heat, steamed rice, steamed meat, steam fish, etc. are particularly convenient, and quality The stainless steel tableware is not very inconvenient, such as 304, 316 stainless steel, I will know if I search on a baby, so don’t think that the South people use stainless steel basins to save money.


I am a city well to eat, and I have been playing with the world for many years. It is still the same, I am happy! I like to concentrate on eating and drinking, I will play the city, and update the recipes every day. I am paying attention to me, enjoying the food is not lost.


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