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“36 氪 and his friends” Spring Festival version!

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Superman Evaluation


It’s the most popular “36 氪 and his friends” gift box assessment session, which are the most popular readers of Superman evaluation! Every year, we receive a lot of exquisite packaging gift boxes during the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid -Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, and in these three festivals,


The gift box of the Spring Festival is the most expected by the superman evaluation students!

After all, in the Mid -Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, most of the gift boxes are all kinds of rice dumplings and moon cakes. Every time we have to eat darkness, causing each time to see the topics and moon cakes nausea.


And the gift box of the Spring Festival, there are more space for everyone to play, and each evaluation will bring us new surprises.

Not much to say, let’s see what kind of surprises these big companies have brought us when the year of the tiger comes!


Byte beating

As a company that ranks fifth in the world in the world’s salary in 2021, the byte beating is naturally not soft in terms of giving back to relatives and friends.


Among all the gift boxes of this evaluation, the byte gift boxes are one of the best in terms of volume and weight.

After disassembling, it was found that in addition to the “conventional operations” such as couplets and red envelopes, there is also a festive red pot.

The brand of the pot is Morphy Richards, a British brand with a history of nearly a century. Their multi -functional pots have been a little popular on the Internet in the past two years, and they are called net red pots by netizens.

I have to say that the British net red pot is really good, and the face value and feel are first -rate.

It is said that a multi -functional pot can be used for cooking, frying, shabu, fried, fried, baked, and baked. It seems that with it, you can learn some cooking (frying kitchen) skills at home in the Spring Festival.

Byte Betting Charity


Whenever the byte beating is a big conclusion, and different business departments will launch their own gift boxes.

This charity gift box


It is the “Blessing of the Mountains” embroidery theme gift box jointly created by the byte public welfare and the “Genius Mom” ​​public welfare project.

There are four types of patterns and incorporating four non -heritage embroidery skills. What kind of patterns on the scarf are comparable to blind boxes and are very cultural.


The red scarf in our gift box is covered with a cute little tiger embroidery. The water washing label is written with 100%mulberry silk, but the texture is cashmere, soft and thick, and soft and thick.

This craft is simply shocking!


Tencent’s gift box theme this year explains what “big pattern” is.


Tencent, which uses “technology to good” as a vision and mission, this year’s gift box is also the theme of public welfare.

Of course, the most eye -catching in the gift box is the three magnetic stickers made of enamel crafts. These magnetic stickers can be pasted on the refrigerator or on the metal plate of the calendar in the gift box.

It should be said that Tencent’s red envelope design is also very “low -key luxury and connotation.” It’s a pity that everyone has sent red envelopes with WeChat now, so we mean, do we have the same WeChat red envelope cover?

Jingdong’s theme of “Family Gifts” this year’s Spring Festival gift box, the content of the gift box is indeed very “feel at home”. In addition to the most basic couplets and red envelopes, the gift boxes include dolls, Jingdong Film coupons and various snacks.

Here we must focus on praising all kinds of snacks in the gift box:

It is said that these snacks are selected through multiple rounds of employees.

In addition, Jingdong also conducted nucleic acid testing of food to escort the health of Dongge’s “brothers”.

One of them, these snacks are really delicious, especially the yogurt hawthorn ball and white peach flavored jelly inside, we ca n’t stop eating at all. really! But let’s say, why did the Spring Festival have finished?


It is recommended to send a few more boxes to the brothers who evaluate Superman!

Netease (Culture and Creative)

Netease Cultural and Creative is the partner of the winter Olympic Ice and Snow Project this year.

So this time the Wang San Sanli box appeared a lot of things related to ice and snow theme, such as this “future scarf” related to the ice and snow sports (meaning the future), a ice and snow phase frame that can change the background photo, And a set of refrigerator stickers.

What is more fun is that there is a 22 large tarot card in it. The New Year is suitable for some metaphysics, accurately grasped young people’s psychology, and a golden card. Scan the QR code above can get a king of NFT of Wang San San. Picture and a cute Wang San San red envelope electronic cover.

In addition to a base that can be glowed, Wang San San’s calendar also designed a acrylic board next to him. You can use the attached whiteboard pen to memorize it on it.

But the most practical is the couplet: the courier takeaway is directly placed, don’t knock on the door, don’t yell, batch: you have worked hard

It can be called true love in the world. City youths most want to say to takeaway express all let this couplet help.


Tik Tok

The most exciting part of this year’s Spring Festival gift box,


That is, the two old opponents of Douyin and Kuaishou even played the same stalk together!

The theme of the Douyin Spring Festival gift box is “WUHU take off”, but it is unfortunate that there is also a “dance tiger take off” couplet in the Spring Festival gift box.

As a full book of the encyclopedia of the Internet, we need to give you a science science: “Wuhu take off”, the stalk of the League of Legends, an anchor of the Douyu platform, Wuhu Da Ma. We can only say that in 2021, Sima belongs to “take off”. After all, he was elected as a member of the Wuhu Municipal Committee of the CPPCC last year!

After speaking for a long time, what is the Douyin’s “WUHU take -off” gift box? First of all, there are red envelopes and couplets in the Spring Festival gift boxes of large factories. In addition, there is a portable speaker and tiger hand in Elvis.

quick worker


The Spring Festival gift box produced by the “Kuaishou Sales Department” is one of the few Spring Festival gift boxes that can be purchased on official channels.

The price in Taobao store is 288 yuan (it seems to be sold out).

288 yuan is not cheap, but after disassembling, I can only say that it is indeed a penny.

First of all, the packaging of the gift box is very simple,

It will not be demolished like some complicated gift boxes everywhere.

The gift box is also very “rich”. There are tiger hanging bags containing change, candles that can be transferred, blankets and window flowers on the theme of tigers.

What is most satisfied with is the tiger -themed blanket, because it feels very good to feel!

In addition, there is a pair of window flowers in the gift box, which comes from the work of the fast -handed non -remaining person -Shandong Shoumiao Brother. This small linkage is indeed very attentive.

Many large factories Spring Festival gift boxes will be accompanied by couplets, and the fast -handed documents are also bright, especially the horizontal batch of “dance tigers take off” –

The ability of the fast -handed classmates really makes people shout “Dance Tiger”.

Small red book


I really should add chicken legs to Xiaohongshu’s design team!

The design of the little red book gift box is simple but not simple, and the outer packaging looks very textured. And whether it is the Mid -Autumn Festival gift box we evaluated last time or this Spring Festival gift box, the design language has remained coherent.


The Spring Festival gift box of Xiaohongshu is still a little bit of ingenuity. It is necessary to break the “window paper” to take out the New Year’s gift.


In addition to a “True Little Red Book” in the gift box of Xiaohongshu, there are several beautiful red envelopes, a camping lamp and a “German heart disease” card game (there is a card and a answer bell) Essence

When we wondered why Xiao Hongshu had to send these things in the gift box, the explanation in the gift box told us the answer:

Because New Year’s beasts are afraid of red, light and sound!

It ’s so culturally culturally family! After the epidemic is eased, it will bring this delicate gift box to engage in a small red book exquisite camping party!


The outer packaging of the gift box is printed on the small TV of the Limited Tiger Year of the Tiger, which is cute.

Open the box that there are two B -station special meal magician insulation cups, with 22 mother and 33 mother printed on it. This cute little thing is of course a must -have in winter!


Different from other homes to send calendars, station B directly rectified a ruthless work -steam punk style mechanical clock, all handmade assembly, hand -made enthusiasts ecstatic, hand disabled party crazy.

By the way, there is also a annual card of the big member of station B,


Thank you for the free watching TV for a year!

Watermelon video


Watermelon video this year’s Spring Festival gift box is “xiyou” theme.

XIYOU has three layers of meaning: rare, Western friends and camisty friends


It represents the blessing of watermelon creators.

Watermelon gift box outer packaging is a leather box. In addition to customized watermelon video logo badges and tea cup suits, there is also a whole “shooting gift package”: there are hand -lanterns, scroll couplets, fans, auspicious calligraphy and shooting cloth, year -old concentration concentration It is extremely high, the meaning should be that you can also maintain creation during the Chinese New Year!

Himalayan FM

Several companies in the Spring Festival gift box like to make small suitcases every year. This year is Himalayas’ turn!


I think it ’s probably for the short -term business trips for reporters, but the epidemic was pressed and unable to move in place.

The content of the gift box is very rich. It is determined to fill my belly and brain. It contains the Himalaya VIP member card, red envelopes, mascot cotton dolls, martyr’s neck pillows, a large bag of good products heap.

One said, your IP cotton doll is quite cute, well -worked, and it is worth learning from various baby factories!

Know almost

Although the gift box of Zhihu does not have much “year”, it exudes the atmosphere of knowledge everywhere.


Open the gift box, there are only two products in it: a 2022 calendar launched, and five cold coffee liquids from Youbit coffee.


Knowing the calendar is consistent with the community style. Each page raises a question, and behind it is the answer to the user. With such a calendar, ensure that you can learn some useless knowledge every day. (For a detailed introduction to knowing the calendar, you can refer to our previous 2022 calendar evaluation)

As for the cold coffee liquid, it has not yet had time to taste it, but with the lesson of the last Mid -Autumn Festival gift box, I believe that these coffee liquid will not let everyone make a “jet warrior”.


Should anyone not know that the famous Mihayou is?

This year, the Tiger Year Gift Box of Mihawedi is a very practical sealing can. It is full of fruit fruit preserved fruit with all kinds of walnuts. In addition, there are three -dimensional window flowers, refrigerator stickers, and multi -function storage disks. The red fire is very suitable for the Spring Festival tone, and it can be used in addition to eating.


The necessary red envelope set is more live. This red transparent PVC bag is more suitable for children to string relatives. After finishing the money, put the red envelope directly to install 13.

In addition, the theme design of the gift box is also worth talking about: the traditional “recruitment of wealth” and the currency design of several major games under the company (collapsed school 2. Break 3, unregistered event book, original god) With the ears of Mihayou IP roar, the attributes of recruitment are full!

Anyway, with this gift box, I will not agree with the year of the tiger.


After the meter Miha, we must not miss Lilith!


Lilith’s new year gift box design is a little careful


: The box of the outer packaging itself is a puzzle maze toy. It controls a small red ball from the starting point to the end in a balanced manner.


I have to say that this game is really a time -wing weapon. I do n’t know if Lilith’s classmates have been holding the new year gift box to the maze in the last few days before the Spring Festival.

In addition, the gift box also comes with a calligraphy calendar of Zhu Jingyi, a post -95 calligrapher Zhu Jingyi, which can be said to be a giant system. The copywriting includes “the killer adds ice for the cold”, “People are iron rice or steel for a day without pretending to be able to hold back. “Passion”, “Rock attempt” presents a copywriting effect between nonsense literature and literature.

The competitive world is unhappy tiger

The competitive world may not be familiar with the original batch of farmers who love to play the original god and the glory of the king.

But we can heard that they are the largest landlord game company in the universe.

So what are the New Year gift boxes of the largest landlord company in the universe? First of all, there is a tiger skin blanket. It seems that everyone is afraid of frozen the Chinese New Year. This orange jumping tiger is on the same body, it seems like Wu Song hit the tiger.

There is also a Spring Festival couplet in the gift box, and the upper couplet: the tiger -year -old tiger Yunyun Tiger’s qi; Xialian: Lefu Lexueye, horizontal criticism: Tiger music Shuangquan, anyway, there are really a lot of tigers.


In addition, a messenger rice bag made of tiger red envelopes and an environmentally friendly DuPont paper, everyone is responsible for completing the carbon neutralization as soon as possible.


The design of Douyu is a pale

A total of two layers of AKA hometown built a house on the second floor, adding a strong feelings of thoughts to the New Year, and good intentions.

Pulling the drawer is a Douyu doll wearing tiger leather jumpsuits, a fighting fish brooch, and two building blocks that pretend to be hydrangea. atmosphere.

The biggest battle is this electric red envelope gun, which is accompanied by a battery intimately, so that you can immediately sprinkle money to play with the red envelope to achieve common prosperity.

Commercial soup

Shangtang Technology, one of the AI ​​Four Dragons, finally ushered in the market at the end of 2021


After listing, its stock price did not disappoint shareholders and investors.

As a company that has just been listed, Shang Tang’s gift box still makes us look forward to it. The Spring Festival gift box of Shangtang is a soft -shell suitcase. In addition to the red envelopes, there are snack bags, neck pillows, eye masks and luggage brands from Tom Farm. It is really business, maybe the employees of your company often travel!

But having said that, we found that the Spring Festival gift box of Shangtang this year is similar to the packaging and content of’s Spring Festival gift box last year, so we can’t help doubt whether it is provided by the same supplier.

Look at

I heard that another fierce generalization of AI Four Xiaolong is about to go public immediately!

It is a bit of a gift box to look at this gift box. There is a fascia gun inside. Director Li was overjoyed on the spot. The lumbar disc’s protrusion of the shearing of the fillets all year round was a meal. It is convenient for Director Li to be exhausted and can add some energy.

A gorilla was also given in the gift box. We have no orangutan in the zodiac zodiac?


It turns out that it is a mascot “programm Ape Xiaogang”.

After playing for a while, we found that Xiao Gang was actually a eight -tone box, with the angular appearance of this angular and corner. In addition, there is a roll of vision of paper tape in the gift box.

The couplet is like this. There is AI Tiger’s prestige in the field of vision. The broad world can do it. The horizontal batch: Zhixing Sifang, there is a roll of double -sided glue in the spring couplet blessing.

Futu Niu Niu

As a well -known Internet brokerage company, Futu’s Spring Festival gift box must be auspicious, so that everyone can get rid of joy and take the wind and waves in the stock market in the coming year!


Futu’s “Traveling” gift box includes a practical oversized and good luck. The red envelope inside means super power.

In addition, there is also a lucky New Year handling of Niu Niu, and a box of workplace grains -Naixue の tea mixed tea gift box, jasmine rose and other 7 packs of mixed flower tea with different flavors, let you luck to luck Fortune Peach Blossoms are all Hengtong.


Soul and your 365 days

Of course, the theme of the “Social Yuan Universe” is of course the companion,

Slogan is so affectionate, but a lot of earthy love words are written on the calendar, which is a bit caught off guard.

The tiger coral pills and the image IP candle of Soul may be wrapped in a warm candle at home. However, this white candle is really a bit like the faintness in “Mochi”.

The mini Spring Festival couplet is quite interesting. The upper part is: travel to the universe to touch soul; the lower couplet: soaring the four sea tigers to add double wings, horizontal batch: star fire “Yuan”, use the decoration station or decoration cat toilet.

Zhiwen Group (Momo and visiting the parent company)


Momo’s design is particularly cute every year,

The same is true of this year’s tiger gift box. This blessing is directly attached to the lid. It can be torn off with a tear, eliminating the troubles that the blessing characters are rolled up.

Open a family mini -game similar to flying chess. It is good to touch the fish and play games with friends at home.

There is also a cute tiger calendar and four red envelopes with special design sense, which are “Menghu down the mountain” and “tiger and tiger”. Although the red envelopes of the Chinese New Year are directly transferred to WeChat, it is occasionally needed to send it to it to it to send it to it. When the children were in the children, they could still take it.


The dark blue packaging is printed with cold silver calligraphy “pulse”,

Telling the truth of this wave of reverse operation, it will be very harmful

Essence It is the brightest blue in the red gift box.

Why is the vein a “cultural man” gift box, which contains a limited version of Lingmei pen and ten -point reading calendar. Ling Mei’s pen is really practical for those who love to write, but now the migrant workers are crazy with a computer!

The calendar of the ten o’clock is the “book version” of the Douban Calendar, but I think about it. I read a movie a day. One book a day is really difficult for our 996 workers!

I realized that this was to let me unscrew Lingmei’s pen in the late night people, copy the quotes of the calendar at ten o’clock, and scold the company with less cultivation. The world is so wonderful, but I am so irritable, so it is not good.

Really (Gome)


To prevent everyone from knowing, the real happy app is an online shopping platform under Gome.

The mascot that is really happy is also a “happy tiger”, which itself has auspiciousness and guardianship, so it coincides with the Chinese zodiac.

Gift box style is also warm and intimate, such as an elder’s favorite thermos insulation cup, a red Elvis portable radio, four tiger red envelopes,

There is also a couplet with the same warmth and intimate: Tiger Yue Shenzhou Putian Tongqing Zhenjin, the spring of the Spring Division of the country, the beautiful life of the people, and the horizontal batch: Gome family beauty.

At first glance is the kind of couplet that my dad will be interested in. God, I feel that I go home.

Famous and Chuangyou

Let’s say that the box of Mingchuang Youpin is really a little bit powerful, and the heavy redness is red.

As a result, it was found that it was not a gold bar, but a box of mini mahjong!


There is also a Mahjong cloth, a box of chips, two dice, and a stack of red envelopes. No, is this used to put money when the mahjong loses?

This set of mini Mahjong is ecstatic in Sichuan people, carrying it with him, and said when you go, you must have a good product for home travel.


Smell Library × Hello Kitty joint gift box

This gift box is too shocking! Things are too rich! Intersection

All the products in this joint model are hello kitty limited, including perfume, fire -free aroma, shower gel, and body milk, and a hello kitty wardrobe aromatherapy bag that can be hung up, which directly contracts my year’s fragrance!


The refrigerator stickers and red envelopes are all Hello Kitty. The perfume formula is probably like this: front -tone rock sugar gourd, fireworks and firecrackers, middle tone rice incense and narcissus flowers. , I have helped you try it, probably the taste that a little girl who likes Hello Kitty will like it. ##


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