Gold is fashionable, wearing a golden watch back to the golden age in one second

Fashion is always reincarnation, and retro has continued to change the keys to the past. This time, the keywords of the retro trend are golden. Almost every time, gold colors will burst back in the fashion industry, as well as the watchmaking industry -having a piece of “golden labor” is everyone’s dream. Wearing a golden glittering retro watch is a instantaneous case. You brought to the Disco era with a flash of the ball. In that era, the word “fashion” had not been born, and people were still using “fashion” to describe the tide of those styles. This is why every time you see someone wearing a golden retro watch, you can’t help blurting out: “Too fashionable!”


Metal texture pays tribute to classic new life

SWATCH SKIN IRONY ultra -thin metal series watch


As early as 1997, Swatch developed a 3.9 mm Swatch Skin ultra -thin watch, which was known as “the thinnest plastic watch in the world”. Today, SWATCH dialogue again, reshaping this best -selling fashion item. The new Skin Irony ultra -thin metal series uses stainless steel cases, with different material straps, colliding with classic retro and modern elegant materials to create classic new life.

Swatch Skin ultra -thin metal series watch streamlined case design and gold texture, immediately let you transform into a retro master.

The iconic classic series and modern elegance collide, creating the gloss of the times through the material of the bright metal. The thickness of the SWATCH SKIN ultra -thin metal series watch is only 5.8 mm, which is the first metal -based ultra -thin watch launched by Swatch. The entire series has a total of 8 styles for options, all of which use finely matte stainless steel or polished stainless steel cases, with retro metal bracelets, classic raw leather straps, and soft silicone straps.


Metal straps with a sense of age are also reflected in the details of retro.



G-SHOCK GMW-B5000 classic replica watch

In 1983, Casio released the first G-SHOCK watch-DW-5000. By 2018, the 35th anniversary passed, and G-Shock has continued to evolve with the development of technology and fashion. In these 35 years It is at the front end of the times and has also achieved excellent market performance. Not long ago, a new record of cumulative shipments exceeded 100 million yuan in global shipments.

However, recently, Casio released a new product-GMW-B5000D without warning. This is a all -metal “small block”. It can be said that the most classic DW-5000 is the blueprint, or the GW-5000 with radio waves and solar functions is the blueprint. Instead of the all -metal case and strap, the Bluetooth function is added to the function, and the new LCD display and backlight system is replaced. As a result, a brand new classic product is created.

Specifically, the GMW-B5000D series is currently divided into two models. One model is GMW-B5000D-1. It is the basic model of this series. Yuan. Another model is GMW-B5000TFG-9, which belongs to one of the 35th anniversary of this time, so it uses a polished golden shell, which looks expensive. The price is slightly more expensive, reaching 70,000 yen, or about RMB 4200.

Engraved with fashionable gold marks

Gucci new automatic string watch


Not only the full gold watches are very textured, but the strap and pointer design at the details are even more trendy.

The so -called trend is a mighty, and it is a fight for all the time, and no one is willing to live. The fashion brand Gucci is originally a pioneer of trend, and it is also popular in the field of watchmaking. GUCCI has pushed five new 40mm automatic string watches, which is unique, making the brand’s men’s series watches richer. Two of these new “Made in Switzerland” watch are equipped with GMT (Greenwich standard time) function, and another exquisite spirit snake shape indicates the second time zone time. One of the two of these two uses a golden PVD coating case with a golden V -shaped woven surface and a black crocodile leather strap; Emerald crocodile leather strap -in the playful design, it all shows high -level exquisite craftsmanship.

Remembering the story of being remembered


Tissot Prince Classic Series Centennial Memorial

There is a dazzling star in the glorious historical river of Tissot. Time has not hidden its light. Now, it returns to the world’s vision with a brand new attitude. The design of this series of watches is inspired by the Tissot “Banana” watch launched in 1916. The name is inspired by the arc -shaped case designed by the arc of the post, which reflects the new artistic style of innovation. Its rectangular case is cleverly integrated with a bold lines and digital time marks with bold lines and different sizes.

Based on the logo of Tiandou’s old classic on the dial, a slightly blue exquisite pointer follows the original shape, and the fine texture of the crown represents the common elegance. It is worth mentioning that this series of watches has many styles, not only fashionable chocolate or deep black crocodile leather strap, but also smooth retro dark brown leather strap, which is delicate and smooth, adding a bright color to the wrist.

G-SHOCK GMW-B5000 classic replica watch

G-SHOCK GMW-B5000 classic replica watch

Tissot Prince Classic Series Centennial Memorial


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