Have you chose the right sports drink?

The weather in Nanjing gradually became hot, and the interest of everyone’s outdoor sports gradually rose. After the summer on May 5th, it entered the summer. It was sweaty for a while outdoors for a while, and of course, so many sweats must be supplemented by “drink”. Is it choosing pure water? Or sports drink? When I was exhausted after exercise, I saw the athletes in the advertisement who had a “sports drink” and was full of blood. Do you also want to add a cup of sports drink and let yourself be resurrected with blood. However, not everyone is suitable for sports drinks, and not every “sports drink” on the market can be called sports drinks. Today, let’s talk about sports drinks. How do you choose?

1. Knowing sports drinks

During exercise, a large amount of sweat in the body, too much moisture loss can easily cause insufficient water in the body, and it is easy to reduce exercise ability. At this time, supplementary sports drinks can supplement energy, water and electrolytes to the body, improve sports performance, and relieve fatigue. my country’s definition of sports drinks is: nutrients and their content can adapt to the physiological characteristics of sports or physical activity people, can supplement moisture, electrolytes and energy to the body, and can be quickly absorbed. To put it simply, it is necessary to add water, electrolytes and energy to sweat the body in exercise.

① How to understand the label?

Step 1: Learn to see the ingredients, nutritional composition tables and other information of the bottle body.

Find the ingredients table (as shown below) for two sports drinks. The first place in order is the water, and the second place is sweetener (sugar or sugar). Sodium, etc.) … The ingredients behind different sports drinks are different, but the unchanged is water, sugar (or sugar), and minerals.

There are many “drinks” that claim to be sports drinks on the market, but most of them are strictly strictly not belonging to sports drinks. There are many functional beverages. This functional drink is mainly ingredients for various vitamins, taurine, caffeine, etc., which has the effect of eliminating fatigue.

So how to identify whether it is a sports drink? The key point is to see if the nutritional component table on its packaging contains minerals such as sodium and potassium. If the “sports drink” does not contain sodium or potassium, it cannot be called a sports drink. The national standard stipulates that the sodium content in sports drinks should be: 5-120 mg/100 ml; the potassium content is 5-25 mg/100 ml.

In addition, a good sports drink should have the following characteristics: it can quickly provide enough water and energy to the body.

Step 2: Understand what role in the material in the ingredient table.

Water: Due to sweating during exercise, the body will lose a lot of water, so hydration is the most important after exercise, so it is also the first place in the ingredient table.

Sugar: It can bring energy to the body and help the body to eliminate fatigue. It is added to most sports drinks and is second in the ingredient table.

Sugar replacement: It can increase sweetness and low calories, and some can even achieve “0 calories”. Some low -calorie sports drinks are often added.

××× sodium, ××× potassium, ××× zinc: Minerals that can bring sweat loss of the body, supplement electrolytes, and avoid metabolic disorders in the body due to excessive electrolyte loss.

② What are the sweeteners?

In the ingredients table of beverages, one or more of the following ingredients often appear: Ansisi, Sodium Sodium, Asba Sweet, Kylitol, Eryl, maltose, these are currently more common ones. Several sweeteners.

Although Anti, Sodium Sodium, and Asba’s sweetness and good taste, can not provide energy. In addition, scientists have found that they may cause obesity, diabetes, and change the health of intestinal flora. Sports drinks that add such sweeteners are not recommended.

Hermitol can be extracted in plants, which can provide equivalent energy as sucrose and does not affect the function of islet.

Maltol alcohol, low calories, not digested, and does not cause dental caries. Eryl glycol, a real “0 calories” sweetener. These two are the safer sweeteners of plants, which can be consumed in moderation.

2. How to choose sports drinks

Before we choose a sports drink that suits us, we need to understand a knowledge: the relationship between blood concentration and sports drinks.

When the liquid concentration of beverages is almost the same as the blood, it is called an equivalent drink; when the liquid concentration of the beverage is lower than the blood, it is called a low -seepage drink; when the liquid concentration of the beverage is higher than that of the blood, it is called high osmotic. drinks. Therefore, the exercise drinks are subdivided according to the concentration, which can be divided into three types: low seepage, equal seepage, and high seepage.

How to choose suitable sports drinks according to this standard?

琳琅满目的运动饮料 您选对了吗?

① When your exercise amount is small and does not sweat a lot, you can choose “0 calories” or low -calorie low -lyon sports drinks. The main role is to supplement moisture and minerals. For example: aliens, screaming, pulsation, water dynamic.

琳琅满目的运动饮料 您选对了吗?

② When your exercise volume is large and the amount of sweating is large, you can choose to have a certain heat -seeping drink with a certain heat. The main role is to supplement water, energy and minerals. For example: Jiadele, Dynamic and Yijia, Sunfan, Xingtian Source.

③ When your exercise volume is large and sweating a large amount, you can choose a high -calorie high -lying exercise drink. The main role is to supplement moisture, more energy and minerals. For example: ice black tea, Wahaha enlightenment. However, it is also recommended to add with pure water, and it is best to add after exercise.

In fact, we can supplement or low -seepage exercise drinks during daily exercise to meet the demand for the replenishment, and it can also allow the body to quickly absorb moisture, electrolytes, and energy to achieve the purpose of supplementing sports drinks. Casually supplement high -penetration exercise drinks, because it is easy to cause water loss in the body.

In addition, if you have the need to reduce fat, you can drink sports drinks such as malt glycol and moss alcohol. It is not recommended to choose a carbonated drink. After the carbonated beverage is intake, it is easy to cause filling and discomfort in the stomach. If you are doing long -distance endurance sports such as mid -long and long -distance swimming, bicycles and off -road skiing, you can also choose to supplement the hypogonous sports drink. Through this type of sports drink, you can prevent or delay exercise fatigue fatigue. The occurrence of effectively improves your exercise ability.

3. How to drink sports drinks?

After choosing a good sports drink, we still have to know when to drink it and how much? During exercise, the body’s electrolyte metabolism process is accelerated, and the blood electrolyte concentration changes with the nature, strength, duration, the basic level of electrolytes in the body, and sweating status.

Prior to this, we need to know what components are in our sweat, so that we can make up for.

The sorting of the material in the sweat is: water, glucose, sodium, chlorine, potassium, calcium … our body has a large reserves on chlorine and calcium, and the number is relatively stable. Potassium. The longer the exercise time, the more losses, so we need to decide how to drink sports drinks according to the time of exercise.

For medium and low -intensity exercise (except in summer) within 30 minutes, you can mainly choose water or low -lyon exercise drinks; large -intensity exercise in about 30 minutes or exercise in summer (sweat more) It is recommended to supplement both pure water and supplementing exercise drinks; when the continuous exercise or exercise amount of more than 30 minutes is too large, it is recommended to use the primary infiltration exercise beverages to assist the pure water.

After exercise, daily meals need to eat vegetables, fruits, and high -quality meat. Sports drinks only provide certain assistance for exercise.

Source: Yangtze Evening News


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