2020 spring and summer women’s shoes are popular with shiny boots to create old Oscar charm

The fashion trend of women’s shoes in 2020 is coming, and we hope you are ready.

In our opinion, the popularity of shoes in the spring of 2020 is the transformation of comfortable summer sandals. In all fairness, considering that the world is becoming hotter and hotter, this may be what we should expect. We may walk more to reduce carbon footprints, and comfortable summer sandals are currently the best sports shoes. Another general trend is the transformation from thin heel to thick heels. Thick shoes and various thick -soled shoes have further consolidated the position of the current nostalgic complex of the fashion world as the current nostalgic complex of the fashion world.

Today, let’s take a look at the trend of 2020 spring and summer women’s shoes for your reference.

1. Shining boots

If you think that bright clothes are prepared for the New Year’s bell or Disco theme party, then it may be time to re -examine this belief. On the runway in the spring of 2020, designers prefer sequins instead of printing. The shiny boots may be one of the most eye -catching and most interesting trends in the spring and summer of 2020!

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

Jeremy Scott always shows amazing clothing on the runway, and this season is no exception. The models wear colorful wigs and their feet wearing boots that match them. They have various bright colors, including purple, pink, green and silver. Their boots in the spring of 2020 also have various styles, such as knee boots, ankle boots, high heels, flat shoes, and so on.

Most of the boots of Saint Laurent are low -key and knee boots, and they are also very fashionable. However, for us, the most important thing is the lazy golden boots. Although its color is not casual at all, its outline gives people a casual feeling

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

Finally, the Paco Rabanne series celebrates all psychedelic colors about the 1970s, including the dazzling silver boots covering the flower pattern.

2. Whenever knee boots

We have seen Amal Clooney wearing such boots -pure skin, without too much modification. We believe that for wise women, such smart boots will become one of the most popular shoes trends in the spring of 2020, especially if they live in a rainy climate.

Givenchy (Givenchy) beige and white fashionable and knee boots, with geometric -shaped toe boxes, giving a unique feeling, it looks like the perfect choice of rainy summer. Celine’s 70s dress also added to the ground and knee -knee boots ~

3. High boots

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

High boots are an elegant and casual choice. We think it is a good choice for professionals.

At the Altuzarra fashion exhibition, the color of the knee -high boots is very bright. We think that avant -garde fashion people will readily accept this color, such as bright red and light blue. Loewe’s long socks have cheerful yellow and pure white, paired with various colors of tops.

4. Elastic boots

If your style has more choices, you can use a pair of charming light -colored elastic boots and weird designs to give a turning point in spring. This is an interesting part of the trend of shoes in the spring and summer of 2020.

On the show in Anna SUI, pink metal boots and ankle boots are decorated with rose heels and pale pink ribbons -enchanting outlines and very feminine colors are perfectly combined.

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

5. Looping boots

In the trend of shoes in the spring of 2020, the outline of the boots is very prominent. It is characterized by a lazy line. This is a unique and eye -catching design, but it is not too exaggerated.

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

Look at Etro Etro, just like every year, there are elements of Bohemian style, lightweight leather boots and Robin hooded folding vertical shafts, super lazy, bringing a gentle feeling to the runway Essence

For all kinds of casual leather boots designed by Roksanda, Malone Souliers, restrained Burgundy and lively pink, unique paper bag -style sealing design makes them particularly attractive.

There will be more loose boots in 2020, especially on the show of Blumarine and Sies Marjan.

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

6. Triangular shoes heel

The triangular heel is a striking detail. There is no doubt that it is part of the shoe trends in the spring of 2020.

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

We like the extremely low and thick triangle heel of Fenndi. We also saw more such thick triangular high -heeled shoes in J.W. Anderson and Zadig & Voltaire.

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

7. Colorful sneakers

Although white sneakers have not completely left the runway, the new sneakers of the trend of shoes in the summer of 2020 are composed of colorful, sometimes conflicting colors.

The best example of this colorful sneakers is to cover the colorful elastic rope on the Rokh, white and gray thick sneakers, with different shades of color, with red, orange and green.

Kate Spade New York’s sports flat sneakers look very comfortable, you can wear it to run. We also like the colorful thick bottom sports shoes on the Pyer Moss runway.

8. Flat Leaf shoes

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

Flat Leaf shoes have always been the first choice of professional shoes pursuing women, and women like the comfort of ordinary loafers, but also feel that they are too casual. As part of the 2020 summer fashion, most of the Lefa shoes have thick heels.

There will definitely be many fans in Prada’s loafers. They are mainly made of snake skin, with high heels and low heels, and there are some backdoor choices. Twenty years ago, Louis Vuitton had been committed to combining loafers with thick -soled shoes that could give people a strong Disco atmosphere.

9. Song cake shoes

As part of the shoe trends in the spring of 2020, puffy shoes provide us with a comfortable shoes choice. It will neither tighten the calf and provide a lot of height.

Giambattista Valli’s loose cake shoes are very unique and even have a delicate touch. On the show in 2020, most of them are lacerous sandals inlaid with jewelry, thick bottom but no heels, usually with flower embroidery tights.

On the GYPSY SPORT spring and summer high -end jacket release show, the feeling of thick base sandals in the spring of 2020 is the extreme extension of the thick sandals we saw in previous seasons. The shoulder strap. We also like Chloe’s unique, simple, modern puffy cake shoes. It is characterized by a stepping platform and rich brown leather design in front.

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

10. Thick bottom shoes

2020春夏女鞋流行趋势 闪亮的靴子 打造老式奥斯卡魅力

Thick soles of shoes are popular in the spring/summer shoe trends in 2020. Disco’s high heels will add a few inches to your figure, and it will also bring some dramatic effects.

Tibi’s soles are really good. It uses a simple form, including rear heels and ankle boots, but the heel is only a little tilted. There are many types of shoes on the Miu Miu runway, including some silver Oxford shoes and wood -thick soles heels.


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