In the summer, how can I occupy the floral skirt of the wardrobe?

The average temperature increases by 5 degrees, and the home of the floral skirt should be coming.


The floral skirt is such a wonderful existence: if you don’t wear it, but as long as someone around you put it on it first, you may follow the pit.


It is probably because it is really a single product with a beautiful feeling


And although it is eye -catching, it has no attackability


Essence It belongs to the kind of people who look at others wearing a floral skirt, and their mood is getting better.

Coupled with the waves of the bloggers on the INS in recent years, it is really difficult for the editor to be able to resist the temptation of the floral skirt. But the question is coming again. Although I really want to have a floral skirt, what should I do if I am afraid of being tacky?

The first step is to start with choosing a fashionable and unpleasant floral skirt skirt.

Speaking of the popular floral items now, the following keywords may appear in your mind: tea break skirt, retro square collar, suspender skirt, etc.

I don’t know if everyone has found that these items have a characteristic


——It has a certain degree of dew

Essence so,


Floral items want to get rid of the old school and tacky.


The dew here, of course, including ankle, wrist, and so on.


But the most important one is the neckline, after all, this is the closest to the face.

Like the popular floral tea break skirts that have been popular in recent years, it is a big V -neck. We often say that the tea break skirt has a femininity that is just right and exaggerated,


Among them, V -neck contribute great

The V -neck of the floral skirt can also be moderately smaller,


But it is best to expose the collarbone and look more stretched.

The editor feels that the “old qi” that often appears with the “tacky” sometimes stems from the tailoring that does not show skin.

If you wear a floral, but the degree of freedom of your body is not high, it will look a little cramped or conservative. It is not calm enough, and naturally you can’t escape the “old spirit”.

And the floral itself is a bit “small and fresh” attribute. If the neckline is also small, it will be very, very picky.

For example, the American blogger Devon Carlson, a small lapel floral skirt ⬆️, almost stuck to the neck. Although with her ancient and weird expression, it seems that it is OK. But once she covers her face, it becomes very average …

This doll -collar floral skirt of the legs is twice. Turn all the buttons at a time, match the middle boots, and take the sweet and cool route ⬆️.

Another time to open the button to expose the clavicle, with a pair of velvet -textured Mary Zhen shoes ⬆️.


It feels like she is almost the same, but as long as she covers her face and the long legs against the sky (please try it manually), you will find that the button of the buttons is easier to wear and look good. It is really only suitable for a few people ~

We are also recommended by both hands and feet than V -neck -skinned area.


Fang Ling’s clothes will show relatively complete collarbone and shoulders and necks, especially suitable for girls with good shoulder and neck conditions. Unlike the femininity of V -neck, the retro sense of the Fang collar floral skirt is more retro and more literary.


Not to mention the suspender style! Intersection Compared with the bright light of the satin Slip Dress, the floral sling skirt is easier and soft ~

It is also necessary to pay special attention to -fabrics. Like the translucent light chiffon, it is really difficult to be advanced after printing. If you want a good and thin material, try to choose the discharge of the fabric. The texture of the naked eye will look much better ~

Generally speaking, light colors are more likely to highlight the fabrics and details of the clothes. On the other hand,


The “tolerance” of dark fabrics is higher

Especially light fabric, because it is too thin, always feels without a sense of weight. And the floral is not a precious element,


So the thinner the floral skirt, the more dark

For example, this one on Naomi Watts ⬆️

In addition to paying attention to the neckline and fabric,

Flower doll skirt is also a very dangerous item


Intersection Such as Kaia wearing this. Supermodel controlling clothes is much stronger than ordinary people, let alone KAIA’s legs are very prominent in supermodels. If this skirt is changed by personal wear, it is too “rural garden style”, which is difficult to be fashionable.

If you like floral doll skirts, it is best to oversize to the end

Essence The exaggerated silhouette will break the rural wind inherent in floral floral, becoming more fashionable.

There are also a few shattered skirts that are well -worn and not tacky in the poster shop. I recommend it to everyone.


Heydress oblique collar floral dress female


Reference price: 349cny

The first is the floral skirt that combines all the advantages mentioned above (the editor clapped the breast).

Its neckline has enough dew


, Fully exposed the neck and collarbone.

The fabric is thin and thick

, Discover, it will not collapse too much.

And heydress is still at the neckline


Make oblique collar and fold design

It is really rare in the floral skirt. The fabric is selected—

Rannal chiffon, has a certain breathability

Don’t stick to sweat, don’t stick skin


It can avoid a lot of embarrassment or uncomfortable feelings in summer ~

Kira & yanng rose slit printed short -sleeved dress


Reference price: 388cny

We also mentioned above that the light -colored floral skirt is more tested by the texture of the fabric. Kira & Yanng is used for anti -wrinkle fabrics.

Keep the sense of drooping skirt all over the weather

Essence Although it is light -colored, don’t worry about it, in this skirt

Add Libu

And the kind of comfortable touch.

Let’s talk about this original printing design, yes

Rose print developed exclusively

With a strong southern French style. The neckline and slit design have buckled the “dewal degree” question we are talking about. In addition, it also made a small bubble sleeve design.


You can hide worship meat ~

The person who comes out of the floral skirt most likes the oil painting should be a French blogger.

Camille yolaine


Essence Edit a few days ago to visit her ins,

Suddenly found that this green floral skirt on her body wasn’t the Simple Retro in the poster Shop? Intersection Intersection

SIMPLERETRO French retro short floral dress

Reference price: 325cny


However, the lapel skirt of the same blogger is now pre -sale. If you want to have the same partner, you can look at the same fabric and different versions of this. The retro and oil painting will not be discounted ⬆️.

The biggest difference between the two models is that the collar design is different. The advantage of the pumping rope -collar is that there are many ways to wear,

It can be used as a retro square collar, or it can be pulled into a word or oblique shoulder.

There are three colors in total, in addition to green, there are yellow and apricot, the colors are quite suitable for summer! The waist of the skirt is relaxed, mainly for comfort. And it is also equipped with a belt,

You can adjust your waist by yourself

It is really for us to consider all aspects!

Heydress cowhide waistband printed dress

Reference price: 419cny

This floral skirt is not the same as the above. It is a floral skirt designed for cool girls.

The neckline can be exposed to the collarbone, which will not be old -fashioned

Essence The irregular tailoring of the skirt makes this skirt a little more stingy, walking with high boots, giving people a sense of unclear steps!

Black -colored floral is the best control in all florals


Essence This tailoring is the kind of loose to the end. If you say “how can I wear florals such a cool person”, 喏 ~ You try this one to ensure that it will not destroy the overall cool tone. In addition, the brand is also sincere with a cowhide belt, which can be paired with western boots. The overall style is more “rough”!


Find the floral skirt that suits you, and you succeed in half! As for the other half, of course, it depends on how to match. The editor has turned over a lot of street shots and Bloggers’ ins in the past two years, and found that the cool girl and French retro girl have a completely different combination.

Let’s talk about cool girls first ~ The floral skirts in the past few years are obviously not romantic exclusive.

The balance and contrast we often talk about before,

In fact, it is to match different styles of single items to let them neutralize each other, and then reach a balance.

For example, American bloggers

Devon carlson

This editor likes it very much! She likes to match various high boots with a floral skirt.

The romance of the floral and the cool boots will form a contrast

In the end, the so -called “maid man balance”.

Denim boots and floral skirts are often worn by California hot girls. They always feel a bit western style.

Sweet girls will also use floral skirts with Martin boots. French blogger

Tamara Mory


This shape can be copied. With the black Martin boots and underarm bags, it is paired with the blue full the blue floral skirt of FAITH FULL The Brand. It is not the same as her previous French retro style. She is younger and lively ~

If you are a person who wears clothes according to temperature, you don’t want to wear boots in summer,

Little white shoes and canvas shoes are more refreshing and cool cool girls.

Beaver is usually cool, but she also occasionally wear a floral skirt, but basically it is paired with small white shoes to maintain the previous casual style.


The sister KAIA we mentioned above should be the favorite floral skirt in the supermodel ~ I also mentioned that the floral skirt would not wear a bit tacky. If you want to have a tacky Battle, canvas shoes are effective With it, wearing it will have a “youthful” rushing. You can even adjust it with the matching accessories. The overall style is leaned to the rock, or it is a bit sweet.

In general:

Cool girls will use more neutral or sporty shoes to neutralize the femininity of floral skirts.


But French girls are different,


They wore a floral skirt to the end

Essence But they will definitely not be paired with female hormones that come from the pointed head to hate the sky,

Instead, it is necessary to inject randomness in romance, and present a effortless romance ~

The most casual shoes must be Mueller’s shoes, and just step on the lazy feeling.

Jeane damas

The Muelle Dramus, who likes the low heel, is more elegant than flat slippers.


Jeane Damas often takes photos in a floral skirt. Of course, we must not wear shoes to go out, but we can “simulate” this state!


For example: choose nude sandals close to skin tone.

This is so, laziness can also extend the instep and show long legs.

Or like a French blogger


Le anna ansar

In this way, the same effect is the same effect directly through transparent shoelaces ~

The sandals with thin band are similar to the naked sandals above. We say that the neckline of the floral skirt needs to be exposed, and the shoes can be exposed as much as possible.

When wearing a floral skirt, people are lighter, and they generally do not make mistakes.


Suitable for shoes with floral skirts, we also chose a few pairs from the poster Shop. You can refer to Kangkang 👇

Excelsior Korean biscuits shoes

Original price:



Limited time discount: 399cny


Excelsior’s biscuit shoes poster Shop recently sells crazy. It is here in summer. Let me give you a bright yellow color, full of vitality, whether it is matched with a floral skirt or jeans that originally some jeans ~

The “biscuits pressing” of the toe will also make it more retro than ordinary canvas shoes


And Excelsior is the originator of biscuit shoes. You can rest assured that the shoes and texture can be assured.

The popular items that can be popular for a long time can stand the test of time.



If you want versatile practitioners, you can look at the black ⬆️!

Black canvas shoes can be used in almost all items in the summer. Except for the floral skirts, T -shirts, sling vests, jeans, pleated skirts, etc., you can use it!

And low -top canvas shoes are longer than high -top legs. This one basically belongs to Wanjin oil ~

This pair of “a little green on the feet” editor is also very exciting! The brightness of the green is just right. Whether it is light -colored or dark clothes, it can bring some lightness to the whole ~


LOST in Echo square head pressing cowhide hollow and sandals

Reference price: 1,380cny

The above is the shoes recommended by the cool girl with a floral skirt, then LOST in Echo’s pair is

Customized for French girls!


It is a 6CM heel slippers, extend the back of the instep to show long legs

Essence The material of the cowhide pressure is also the representative of the “French retro style”. Unlike most Fang and the cold drag, this pair


The heel also made a special hollow design,

Even if the skirt is a simple One Piece, it is enough to add highlights for your body.

Its insole is

Importing latex pad


, The feet feel very soft. Although there are 6cm high heels, the foot feel is still very comfortable. Girls who usually wear high heels should have no pressure to control ~

Lynnhaven Lin Yan Pearl earrings

Reference price: 699cny


After watching so many bloggers, I use it


Pearl earrings with floral skirt

Finally, the editor also recommends that you do n’t lose at all! Lynnhaven from the poster Shop, Lynnhaven Jewelry ⬆️

This is a pearl earrings.

Natural Akoya Sea Pearl

The surface of the bead is glowing with silver blue light, and the gloss is charming

Intersection 18K gold is also more resistant to wear.

And this delicate and small size can be integrated into any of your sets,

When you want to add elegance to yourself, take it out and wear it.

May this upcoming summer, someone wearing a floral skirt kisses.

After so many years, the Fayifeng has been unable to grasp their “light wind and light”?

It is Dai Fei’s “revenge” weapon, and it is also the declaration of Julie’s power. Pearl is so wonderful!

We live in an era that needs trust and faith, and blue is the color that can bring “reliability”


Image source: Visual China Network Invasion and deletion


Produced: Teresa zhao



Writing: Rose Lu

Design: Ala Lei

Commodity assistant: happy

© Poster fashion

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Camille yolaine


Excelsior Korean biscuits shoes

Excelsior Korean biscuits shoes

Original price:


Original price:



Limited time discount: 399cny

Limited time discount: 399cny


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