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Fashion is a circle. For example, from our dresses, the birth of each fabric from the initial cotton, silk, hair, wool, chemical fiber, blending, and each kind of fabric represents the progress of the times. Nowadays, the pace of people’s life is getting faster and faster, but they are more comfortable and comfortable in their early years. As a result, as one of the symbolic representative fabrics in the early days, cotton and linen re -entered our field of vision, love cotton and linen, and love life.

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

1. Cotton and linen are often related to cloth coats. Zhuge Liang has a cloud, and his ministers are plowing in Nanyang. Therefore, in ancient times, the cloth also represents a pure and simple attitude. The simple white cotton and linen shirt was interpreted by modern crafts on the basis of simple and more fashionable aesthetics.

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Luzhou 2014 summer new short -sleeved cotton and linen dress literary retro small fresh loose long skirt women’s lace skirt]

2. I am very envious of women of those ethnic minorities. They are full of exotic colors. Of course, I also like the large -fusion Han culture, which can perfectly accept and interpret all kinds of cultures. The retro dress is like a Greek girl from the canvas, full of mysterious charm.

[Title: 2014 European and American Spring New Women’s Korean Slim Short Sleeping Skirt Skuse Summer Bottom two -piece cotton linen dress female]

3. There should be a lot of girls who are afraid of heat. In summer, they are not comfortable nor beautiful. Cotton -linen clothes are the best choices. The characteristic of refreshing and breathable sweat absorption is really a must -have in summer. The faint rubber red is low -key, and V -neck makes the perfect and delicate small face beauty.

[Title: Shilu Cotton Spring and Summer 2014 2014 Korean Version Cotton Women’s Loose Loose Large -size Literature and Art Fan Print Long Sleeve Dress]

4. When you are boring, go to the cafe to sit, a person, quietly. Put down all the fatigue and hard work for a week, and indulge in the body and mind. The white T -shirt of the national style embroidered with brown casual shorts, and then put on a pair of comfortable canvas shoes. Life is so easy and beautiful.

[Title: 2014 Summer New Products Embroidery Flower Cotton and Mainer Chinese National Women’s Women’s Mid -length short -size short -sleeved dress]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

5. Think of the photographic museum often gone as a child. At that time, it was not as convenient as that of mobile phone cameras now, so things like taking photos are solved. Silly, wearing bright clothes overwhelmed by Pose. I really miss it now, I should take another look and experience the dead life.

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Zimo 2014 summer new literary linen women’s loose large size casual short sleeve girl cotton and linen dress]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

6. When it was deeply rainy that year, the favorite was not the strong Yiping, nor the gentle Ru Ping, but the ordinary Fang Yu, simple and persistent love. She is always wearing elegant cheongsam, slowly quaint, clear and water -like women, warm and unbearable.

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Falling in Love 2014 Summer Summer Women’s Cotton Cotton Matto Dress Together Tongdian Mid -length new products]

7. Girls with cheongsam feelings can try this. The texture of the cotton cotton is incorporated into modern fashion, which is very suitable for daily wear. The elegant white and the word buckle up to the retro style. The low -cut design as a highlight highlights the beauty of women’s lines. No clothes are more suitable for women than cheongsam.

[Title: Lightin retro improved fashion summer dress cotton and linen national style cheongsam dress women’s new linen short cheongsam cheongsam]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Meizi is familiar with homemade 2014 Spring original literary retro nation, five -point sleeve floral cotton and Ma Sen dresses]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Mo Yu Women’s Family Chinese Tombok Summer New Vintage Establishment Cotton Women’s Short Cheongsam Fashionable Tang Dynasty]

[Title: 2014 summer new cotton and linen cheongsam middle sleeve cheongsam top Hanfu Chinese female Tang dress Republic of the Republic of China linen clothing]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Women’s daily short -sleeved cotton, linen, blue and white porcelain cheongsam shirt, summer dress improvement fashion retro national style base]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Blossoming Cotton Women’s Women’s Women’s Collar Long -sleeved Women’s Dress S271 in the sun in the sun]

[Title: Cang Mai Mai Summer 2014 2014 cotton and linen women’s loose large size shirt women shirt print mid -length 6628]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Spring New 2014 Ethnic Women’s Women’s Middle Long Flower Shirt Women’s Long Sleeve Woman Mum and Ma Jie Shirt]

[Title: Summer 2014 Korean version of the oversized size women’s print V -neck original loose cotton cotton hemp fat MM dress summer] summer]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Youtou Non -Tour 2014 Summer Summer Chinese Tang Course Genuine Improved Embroidered Cites Dress Dress]

[Title: Phoenix Terrace Embroidery 2014 Summer New Cheongsam Skirt Improved Fashion Lace Women’s Dress]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

[Title: Small Pepper Summer New Product Embroidered National Wind Dress Slim Slim Slim Embroidered Cotton Dress]

[Title: 2014 spring and summer new women’s Korean version of the floral large size slimming temperament elegant thin chiffon cotton and linen girl dress]

【流行前线】爱棉麻 爱生活

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