Don’t always wear leggings in winter. These 3 kinds of pants are popular this year.

The matching of pants is really diverse. The sisters must be very tangled when they match daily matching. Regardless of whether the legs are thick or the legs are not good -looking, you must choose the pants that suits you. Next, you will introduce you to some fashionable combinations, as well as Three kinds of pants that are popular in the year, keep warm and thin.

① suit pants

The fabric of the suit is quite drooping. This is the main reason why many people like to wear this kind of pants. The matching of suit pants is very intellectual and elegant, especially suitable for office workers to try, which can modify your lower body ratio and be full of high -level sense. Combined with knitwear or thick coats are very beautiful.

There are quite a lot of styles of suit pants. For example, the high -waisted nine -point suit pants below are fashionable and stylish, and light -colored pants will be more age -reducing. As a bright color clothing, you can brighten your shape in minutes and look beautiful.


Suit pants are suitable for loafers, low -key and simple style, more suitable for daily matching. For example, the blogger will match himself with black loaf shoes. It is simple and highly high -level. Black loaf shoes and black suit pants echo the color. Try it.

Knitwear with suit pants, diverse styles, can be cool or gentle, it will look a lot fashionable to wear, coupled with the blogger with a green sweater on the upper body. , Full of fresh and refined temperament, coupled with high waist and wide leg pants, easily can reflect your long legs. The small man must try it.


② straight pants

Straight trousers are cured of those beautiful eyebrows that are not straight. Even if you are an O -legs or X -type legs, you can change the chopstick legs in seconds, which can be turned on the legs. It can be paired with boots and loafers. It is calm, and the fashion is very high. The bloggers with black high -heeled Lefa shoes below are thin and thin. It is really suitable for small people. The daily match will not feel unsuccessful.

There are also a lot of straight pants. Many people like to try denim straight pants. It is simple and intellectual, and the denim straight pants are combined with sweater, gentle and warm, which is very suitable for winter. Can reflect your small waist.

Or you can try the suit straight pants in the figure below. The fabric of the suit is more dazzling. It is fashionable and combined with a coat. It can enhance your aura. Essence The brown coat and black straight pants are classic, and the classic color matching reflects the unique charm. It is calm and the atmosphere can also be controlled.

③ checkered pants

The reason why checkered pants are popular, a large part of the reason is from the retro style. Now it is very popular with various retro elements. There are also many beautiful eyebrows prefer checkered elements, which are super fashionable and gentle. Mature women can match themselves with dark plaids, which are more resistant to see and versatile, which is conducive to reflecting a sense of advanced.


The choice of checkered pants is not difficult. Try to choose a large checkered, which looks more atmospheric. If the small checkered pattern is too dense, it will always feel that there are some complications, and it is not fashionable to match. Let’s choose a simple choice.


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Mori theMaury autumn and winter retro high waistplasma lattice loose professional commute OL nine -point pants female K2603


¥ 289



The classic solid color small high -neck with checkered pants also reflects a sense of advanced and full of fashion. The jacket was stuffed into checkered pants, and she even modified her proportion. It is recommended that the small man can start with himself.

The combination of woolen coats and checkered pants is very versatile, and there is still obvious warmth effect in winter. Small people can arrange high -waisted plaid pants, with short woolen coats, can effectively modify your proportion, plus the model slimming of the woolen coat, you can also easily and lose ten pounds. It is very elegant and retro with loafers, and it looks very energetic.

To sum up, the three pants that are popular this year will be introduced to you. Various types of versions and fabrics will bring you a distinctive feeling. Women of temperament will love. If you have not owned, you must be this year. You must be this year. Start in winter.


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