12 mainstream mop compared the evaluation, tell you which durable and worry!

Mop, one of the trivial things that contemporary youth must face. Although it is small, it also shoulders the “one house does not sweep, why sweep the world”. In this pride, it is equipped with a durable, provincial mop, which will make each dramed youth like a tiger, and the wing is taking off.


Which mop is easy to use and worry?

In June 2018, “Macau consumption” evaluation

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Wait 12 market mainstream mop, involving three materials such as cotton, fiber, rubber cotton.

The measurement item includes the bracelet bending strength, the joint strength of the drag and the handle, the degree of resistant white water, the corrosion resistance of the metal of the metal; and the performance indicators such as water absorption.

The assessment results show that

Powerda cotton mop, Shuran print non-woven circulatory, HTRD multi-function

The three water absorbers are strong, and more durable, it is recommended.

Camellia cotton yarn cleaning mop, power Delta mop (blue), power cleaned colored porch

Wait in practicality, durability performance is relatively inferior, score the bottom.

What are the mainstream mop?


In front of the supermarket in front of the supermarket, choose a suitable land, it is definitely not only such a simple price. The shape of the drag, the shape of the drag, etc. are required to be considered according to the actual situation.

In the material of the material, the mainstream traditional mop type, cotton mop, fiber mop and rubber cotton mop. This evaluation is mainly

Bunch type cotton and fiber mop.

▲ Bunch mop


▲ rubber cotton mop

Bunch mop

That is, the drag portion is composed of multi-harvested cotton or fiber fabric. After the wet, the dust, hair, etc. can be taken away; but because the cotton harness or cloth is dispersed, the “fish” fish is often generated when cleaning, is not enough Efficient and convenient. The advantage is that the mop is cheap and easy to get started, so it is most common in home cleaning.


Coat mop

Generally, the PVC rubber wrap is generally like a sponge. After the water is filled, it is easy to push, and it can easily wipe it off the water, dust, hair, etc. This type of drag is generally self-with squeezing function, which is more convenient to save trouble compared to the harmonic mop. A disadvantage is that the drag is not durable enough, it is easy to drop.

Which mop is more durable? More convenient to operate? I will know when I see the next assessment!

Easy to operate: cotton, fiber mop replacement tow more convenient

Drag is good, mainly watching the drag is convenient or replacing. In the test, the bundle cotton or fiber mop is obviously simpler than the rubber cotton mop.

This is because the bundle type cotton or fiber mop, the tow is more use of a traditional spiral interface or inserted interface. When the consumer can replace the drag, the mop handle can be screwed in Drag or easy insertion of tightening, worrying, making a lot of heart;

In contrast, the tractor of the rubber mop is multi-use towards



The grooves of the mop, the disassembly of the drag is more complicated, and it is not convenient to replace it.

MOP Quality Comparative: The bonding intensity of the intensive mop drag and cotton lines, rubbing mop, metal parts are vulnerable

After the traditional mop is removed, there are generally handle, tow, cotton / cloth / rubber cotton and other components. The joint strength between these components, the degree of corrosion strength, corrosion resistance, and drifting white water, which will determine the mass and durability of the mop.

When mopping, the case where a slight power hand is often broken. The wooden handle is okay, meets the metal material, it is likely to pull the palm of the palm. This is generally due to the poor bending strength of the mop handle.

In this test, the handle of the coffee cotton yarn cleaning mop is better, and the handle is not easy to break; the power of the family, the family is poor.

Another situation is that the mop is often “heads in the case” when cleaning: or the drag is dropped from the handle, or the wrap or rubbing head. This assessment also made the joint strength test between the mopping components for both cases.

The results show that the rubber cotton mop is compared to the two poles: Jianda Fa, thinking is exquisite, good engagement strength;



Le Jie, the power of power is poor.


The tow and handle of the cotton or fiber mop are mostly inserted or helical, although the replacement is convenient, the actual use joint strength is generally general. In addition, compared to cloth towers, cotton traces are easier to drop, and durability is relatively poor.

Some people will worry that the sponge of the rubber cotton mop is easy to drop, but from the test, the family is Deta, the high, and the power, and the four colored cotton mopes are good. Their drags are applied to the load of 20 Newton, and after the ground is 100 cycles, there is no damage or drop.

In home cleaning, the mop may also encounter some special circumstances: If the color of the mop color is clean, if you use a bleaching water to clean the mop, or it is easy to corrode rust in a humid environment. So, will these circumstances not affect the appearance, performance and service life of the mop?

The answer is that after using the bleaching water, the appearance of the mop has basically no effect, but the joint strength of the tow and the joint strength of the cotton line / cloth strip will decrease overall. Translated, if you usually use a bleaching water to clean the mop, your mop will easily “fallen” or even “ventilation” in advance. However, the rubber porch also does not have this trouble.

But it seems that “more technology” rubbers also have troubles: afraid of corrosion. The evaluation was measured in a 5% neutral salt mist in 5%, and as a result, it was found that the colored mop is corroded traces. The cotton or fiber mop is much better.

Water absorption test: tea flowers, good results, good thinking, power, etc., etc.

In the sharp mop advertisement, you can always see the claim that “super absorbent” “sponge water absorption” can see more importantly. The drag is poor in water, it is necessary to repeatedly dip, it is not convenient to use it.


This test will be immersed in 12 mop in water for 3 minutes. After the suspension of 3 minutes, the weighing comparisons are carried out to test the water absorbing capacity of the mop.

The test results show that the rubber cotton mop is fine, but the area is small, the water absorption is deviated, and only the family is still still there; the water absorption force of the tea flower microfiber cleaning mop is full, and it is very prominent.

Buy and use small tips


1, large area cleaning, it is recommended to select the sham-shaped mop containing cotton lines with strong water absorption; small-scale cleaning, select the rubber cotton mop.

2, try to clean or disinfect the bundle mop as much as possible to use bleaching water to avoid loss of service life.

3. Try to purchase the mop that can be replaced to replace the tows so that it is convenient to change the damage when the mop is damaged, and it is not wasting.

4, especially need to pay very much attention to the bending strength of the handle of the mop, do not continue to use when the handle is bent or damaged, so as not to cut the palm.


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