Don’t use a waist stool for your baby! Which one is more suitable for babies and waist stools?

If you pay close attention to it, you will find that when many parents take the baby out, they are not holding them in their hands, but a thing like a stool in the waist, letting the child sit on it or face the parents. Mom only needs to protect the child gently with his hands, eliminating the strength of holding the baby for a long time. This “with a baby artifact” is called a waist stool. The name is very appropriate and image. It looks like a stool that is tied to the child’s waist for children.

Here I want to tell Bao Da Bao Da, do not use the waist stool for children casually, if improper use, it will brand the root cause of the child and adults.

Which baby straps and waist stools are better?


The advantages of baby straps: If a person takes her baby to carry her on her body, she can communicate with the baby when doing housework. It will not delay housework, and it will also enhance her feelings for mothers. The baby’s sticking to the mother will make the baby feel safe.


Advantages of baby waist stools: Sitting and hugging is very effort. Tie the seat pad to the waist, so that the mothers can hold the children not to work hard, whether it is positive, opposite, or lying down and feeding, and the cushions are very effortless. Mom no longer has to protrudes the child’s abdomen as a seat.

The waist stool can effectively alleviate the burden of the shoulder and waist of the shoulder and waist when holding the baby. Compared with the traditional strap, the waist stool allows the baby to sit forward, so that the baby has a wider field of vision, and the baby naturally likes it.

Can the baby start using a waist stool for a few months?

According to a medical survey, most Chinese babies are currently lying in a state of 0-4 months. This is because the waist and cervical spine of the baby at this stage are in the development stage. Most of the waist and cervical spine have developed to a certain stage of maturity. Think about it. When our baby is more than 3 months and almost 4 months, the baby’s head can be erected, and the baby can be held upright. When the baby can use a waist stool.

However, in real life, the baby’s development is affected by many external factors, and each baby’s development is uneven. Some babies may develop later. If you want to use a waist stool, it will natural Baby, if you are safer, you can use it to use it for 6 months. For a 4 -year -old baby that can be erected with the head and can be embraced vertically, you can also use a waist stool, but try to minimize the use time. You can hug you for a while, then use the waist stool for a while. As the baby grows up, as the baby grows up, The use time of waist stools can also grow with it. Generally, when 6 months, there is no need to worry about this problem.

Which is more suitable for waist stools and straps? In fact, before use, we must figure out the following questions, which is the key point.


The wrong way of use to the health risks brought by the baby and mother

Most foreign mothers use parenting tools, so they can easily take care of two or three children alone. Compared with foreign countries, China’s nurturing methods are more tedious and stiff. The legend of the baby will become an O -shaped leg with a strap. Every mother should have heard of it. In fact, the posture of the baby sitting in the baby’s strap is exactly the frog posture. The baby’s legs naturally form a M -shaped thighs and calves. This posture can prevent the baby’s bone joint dislocation.

How to protect the baby’s hip joint

The waist stool is actually a small stool on the waist of the parents, but now many waist stools in China are a few units, and they are also their own strap function. When using any style of straps, the most important thing is to check the child’s leg posture to prevent the hip dislocation. There are many cases of hip dislocation due to straps, even if it is a probability, I hope everyone pays attention to it, especially parents who need to use straps for a long time.

When the child is sitting in the strap, it is necessary to ensure that the baby’s thigh is opened like a frog, the knee is bent, and it is “M”.

The right side of the figure below is the correct demonstration. From the figure, we can see that the thighs are the most important stress points, and the hip joints are very small. This is the safest way. In the wrong demonstration, we can see that all stress is concentrated in the hip joint, and the risk of hip dislocation will increase.

This posture seems to be particularly awkward and uncomfortable, but in fact, this is exactly the pose that is most conducive to the development of the hip of the baby. Medically, babies with dysplasia of hip joints will use correction bands. As shown in the figure below, you can see that you use external forces to strengthen this “M” posture.


Therefore, when using the waist stool alone, you also need to check the “M” sitting position. For example, the following is correct.

But if the waist stool I bought is too wide, the baby’s legs are too short, and the knees are not bent. For example, the picture below is wrong.


The strap like the picture below is obviously wrong. The bottom is too narrow. The child’s legs are completely straight, which is not conducive to the development of the hip joint.


How to protect the baby’s spine

When using the waist stool, when the baby faces the interior, we instinctively hold the baby’s back with our hands. This is actually protecting the baby’s lumbar spine. On the contrary, when the baby is outside, we will feel that the baby is always safe by our body, but will ignore the protection of the baby’s spine.


The correct approach is to ensure that the baby’s back is close to the parents.


The picture below is wrong. The baby’s lower back is not supported, and the legs are straight, which is not good for the hip joint.


In this way, although the back is close, the baby’s back and thighs are not 90 degrees, and the knees are straight, which is also wrong.


Many parents do not use the “waist stool” supporting back straps. Long -term use of waist stools may cause lumbar disc herniation

The “doll” is more concentrated in the use of the park and community to investigate the use of the waist stool. When many parents use waist stools, they may be considered as their own comfort. They did not tighten the belt of the stable waist stool, but tied the belt to loose. There are also many parents who do not use the waist stool supporting shoulder straps for convenience.

However, in order to keep their bodies, these parents will involuntarily look back when they walk. The purpose is to move the center of gravity back so that the baby sitting on it can be more stable. Some parents admitted that they kept this posture for a long time, and the back muscles felt a little tight, and it was a bit unbearable for a long time.

Several Baoma has recently had low back pain in Nanjing Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Hospital. Through consultation, these treasure mothers have used waist stools, but many of them have been used for a long time and the way is wrong.

“A mother -in -law was diagnosed this morning, because the long -term use of the waist stool caused the waist 5 骶 1 disc herniation, the lumbar spine degeneration, the lumbar pain and the right lower limb radiation pain, and the operation was difficult!” Zang Ping took the main Chinese physician that there are more and more mother -in -law now. With the growth of age and the pressure of working families, their muscle ligaments burden themselves are very heavy and cannot overdraw anymore. Pay attention to protecting their lumbar spine. In order to better protect your health.

Especially if a babies who are fattest are sitting on the waist stool, they will cause changes in the lumbar spine of the parents with a waist stool. If these parents have a history of lumbar muscle strain, they will be more likely to cause lumbar spine disease. The spine and intervertebral discs of the human body are composed of many muscles and ligaments, and the intervertebral discs are gradually degraded with age. If the effect of external force and the strain of the surrounding muscle ligaments will affect the stability and normal physiological curvature of the spine. Over time, the spine degenerates, intervertebral disc herniation, causing damage.

How to use the waist stool more healthy?

The correct way to use “waist stool” should pay attention to the following four points:


First, fix the belt of the linked waist stool on the cheekbone. Don’t tie it too loose. You can insert two fingers.

Second, “waist stool” should not be fixed on the side of the body for a long time, and the direction can be replaced every other time;


Third, when going out for a long time, it is best to wear a “waist stool” matching shoulder strap to reduce the load of the waist to a certain extent.

Fourth, when the baby is crying, it is best to hold the baby from the “waist stool” to soothe, reducing the continuous impact of the child’s body jumping to the waist on the waist stool.

The correct way of wearing the waist stool


However, some treasure mothers suffer their waists and shoulders due to incorrectly worn ways. Teach you the correct way of wear here.

1. First, hold each side of the belt with both hands, and surround the waist from the back.

2. Take a deep breath, abdomen, and the belt as close to the body as much as possible.

3. Try to tighten the belt as much as possible.


4. Dress the security lock, and the waist will have a sense of support at this time.


5. Inhale, adjust the waist stool to place.

6. Turn on the waist height and sit on the waist stool.


7. Hold the baby’s back with one hand and bring the shoulder strap on one side.

8. Another shoulder strap is also brought in the same way.

9. Insert the buckle behind the shoulder strap.

10. Adjust the extra band. You can pull down hard.


The above introduces the method of wearing the waist stool. The height of the waist stool can be determined according to its own comfort. Some people feel that it is easier to use on the pelvis, and some people feel that it is more convenient to use the stomach. The waist stool design is simple and stylish. Bao dads are also very useful ~~~ Bao Ma Bao Dad can easily go shopping ~~~~


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