Summer fruits also get the fire king Laoji herbal tea granules to reveal the secret

(Wen Xuanfeng)

“There are three hundred litchi in the sun, and they are not resigned as Lingnan people.” The season of lychee finally came, but the lychee would get angry when eating too much, making people love and hate. Some people guessed that Su Dongpo wrote this poem that year, probably because of derogation and dissatisfaction. He deliberately advertised himself “I can eat hundreds of lychee on this day, even if you let me go back, I won’t leave”! After research, three hundred lychee is equivalent to more than 20 pounds. If Su Dongpo eats so much within one day, I am afraid that a serious illness will be seriously ill. As the saying goes: a litchi three fires, the brow tea should drink too much heat. Many citizens know that litchi is armal fruit, but why is it hot? Why eat hot fruits on fire? Today, Wang Laoji’s herbal tea granules will be revealed for you.

Scientific research shows that thermal fruits are fruits with high calorie density and high sugar. After eating hot fruits, the response to the phosphorylation of the liver glucose, increased liver synthesis, increased insulin and tearcin ascending tearcin, increased fatty acid synthesis, and increased triglyceride synthesis. Grease and sugar, the increase in physical energy, will be easy to get angry, it is more “hot”. The “heat gas” is mainly manifested as: dry lips, bitter mouth and thirst, sore throat, gum bleeding, tinnitus and deafness, irritability, and urine constipation.

In fact, in addition to litchi, there are many common fruits that are also hot types. Citizens should pay attention to consumption.


Longan, Xin, Gan, Hot. Three menstruation of liver, kidney, and lung. Sexual fever, sweet and fire, can also be painful. If you are a person with a heart and lung fire, or those who are full of vomiting and qi stagnation, you should not eat longan!


夏季水果也上火 王老吉凉茶颗粒来揭秘

Durian, Xin, hot. Helping fire, too much consumption is very easy to get angry. After eating durian nine hours, taboo to drink. Those with cancer or rehabilitation, skin diseases or yin deficiency liver fever must quit; in addition, if you eat too much durian, you can eat a few mangosteen immediately to reduce the fire!


Cherry is warm, sweet and sour; spleen and liver meridians. People with fever disease and deficiency and cough should not eat; those with ulcers, people who get angry, and eat cautiously; people with diabetes should not eat.


Litchi, sweet, sour, warm and hot, entering the heart, spleen, and liver meridian. Eating more is easy to get angry, you should pay attention to the amount of each consumption. Sicks and fiery people are particularly available. Those who are in yin deficiency and fire are cautious! Therefore, there are oral ulcers, and lychee should be cautious when you get angry with toothache.

So, is it appropriate to eat hot fruits in summer?

Professional physicians believe: “In addition to the people who avoid food (that is, the body’s physical or symptoms), ordinary citizens can eat thermal fruits according to their personal ability.” So, except for people with physical discomfort because of physical discomfort Everyone can eat hot fruits in moderation.

In addition, there are different solutions to the thermal fruits, which can relieve the symptoms of fire.

The doctor suggested that in addition to the appropriate amount of hot fruits in summer, other methods of reducing heat can also be used. You can immerse the litchi peel into fresh salt water, and then put it in the ice container and eat it. It is not easy to get angry, it can also be stagnated, and can increase appetite. If you eat too much durian, you can eat a few mangosteen to lower the fire.

In addition, when eating hot food in summer, you can take Wang Laojiaba tea granules at the same time to prevent heat and relieve the fire. Wang Laoji Herbal Tea Granules originated from the century -old prescription of Guangdong. He has the name of “seeing a doctor and looking for Wang Laoji granules” in Guangdong. Regarding the problem of excessive heart fire, excessive liver and spleen that cannot be solved by diet therapy, taking Wang Laoshijai tea particles is the most comprehensive and systematic solution.


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