Autumn and winter, I want to calm, hurry to change the wiring board

Entering the heat of autumn weather, the usage frequency of high-power appliances such as roast stove, electric heating is increased, using a poor socket, the charger will bring a lot of hidden dangers to electricity safety. So for the safety of the whole autumn and winter season, you need to replace the outlets and chargers in your home into peace of mind products.


Hangjia SSH601-2


Reference price: 39.9 yuan

The sleeve rounded square body, with pure white color, the appearance of the simple air, and you will discuss the favorite of young users. Hangjia SSH601-2 converts the indicator of the total control switch into a soft red dot, solves the shortcomings of the indicator light too glaring, which will affect the shortcomings of the user’s rest. The sockets provide 3 5-well jacks and 3 2-hole jacks, and the expansion capacity is strong, and the multi-plug is also inserted simultaneously.

In terms of work, the product is built in accordance with the new national standard, with the safety protection door of the autonomous patent, the single hole resistance is 75n, which has a reduction in plug-in fault, multi-angle anti-plug-in, and protects the baby’s security. The internal power cord is 33%, the cross-sectional area is increased to 1 mm 2, and the thicker core resistance is smaller, and the power cord does not cause fever and soft. On the material of the outer casing, it uses the flame retardant PP material. It has passed 750 ° scorching experiments, which can do the outer shell and fire without ignition, only low smoke, extinguishing from the fire. In addition, the product uses a good electrical conductivity, a strong wear resistance, longer service life.

Hangjia SST307

Reference price: 43.9 yuan

This socket also has a very familiar name – “Small U”. The product shell is exquisite, and the white button cooperates with the blue translucent outer ring looks very technological. At the material, Hangjia SST307 maintains a consistent high quality characteristics, with children’s safety doors that avoid children’s fingers and fine objects. The diameter of the wire is upgraded from the previous 0.75mm2 to 1 mm 2, and the wire is more roughly heated, and the conductive is safer. One-piece copper strip, no solder joints, greatly reduced the electrical resistance of the socket at work, not only the working temperature is effectively reduced, but also the role of power saving and improving safety. The socket housing is high-flame-retardant, ultra-heat housing, which is guaranteed to be baked under 750 ° C burning wire.

Hangjia SST307 also provides 4 USB interfaces, maximum output 2.4A current, can also automatically recognize models, allocating current, charging fast without hurting mobile phones. The socket is also equipped with the navigation step-down compensation technology, and the voltage loss caused by the wire due to the voltage caused by the wire due to the wire caused by the wire. In addition, the USB interface of the socket has 6 security functions, so that each charge is safe and worry-free.


Hangjia 65W gallium nitride charger

Reference price: 149 yuan

In the early morning of October 19, Apple held a conference once again, released new MacBook Pro, AirPods 3, etc., but it is also a recent apple new product, the highest paypoint is still a iphone 13. I bought a new mobile phone, a big problem facing the user is to add a quick charger. If you need to charge the device, you need a 65W porous charger.

Hangjia 65W gallium nitride charger adopts new GaN + material, the safety of this product is higher than the general GaN charger, the volume control is also more excellent, the size is only 32 × 32 × 59mm, weight, and only 110 grams Around, it is one of the smallest double-port 65W chargers that can be bought on the market. It is very small to carry.

The product provides 1 USB-C interface and 1 USB-A interface, with 100V ~ 240V wide voltage design, China-US Japan has no conversion, and more convenient travel travel. It is equipped with a TYPE-C interface and a USB-A interface that can be powered by different devices. In the single port use, the TYPE-C port can reach 65W, the USB-A mouth can be up to 27W; the Type-C port is up to 45W at the same time, the USB-A is up to 12W, can Meet the needs of both devices at the same time.


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