Must -have sunshade, anti -light and anti -light light, baby can sleep in the car

Hello everyone, I am a poached egg mother.


The summer of Changsha is particularly hot. Don’t look at it is only May now, the temperature is close to 34 degrees of high temperature. Wait until 678, ultraviolet rays are basically explosive.


Today I want to give you Amway is a sunshade artifact in the car-

Apramo car shade from the UK.

In fact, this demand actually felt imminent from some time ago. It was noon when I drove out of my own driving. I didn’t say anything in the car when I was 叽 这个. …

Although the car was affixed with the film, I learned later that this shading effect is not good, and it is a long time, and the role of the film will weaken.


▽ Although there is a car film, it has a limited effect on the dazzling sunlight


Adults are better. Children’s skin is more delicate, and the structure of the eyes has not yet developed. It is more likely to be invaded by ultraviolet rays. How to do not make sun protection may cause burns to the retinal macular. Hidden dangers.

Later, I hurriedly arranged it. This Apramo car shade gear is a girlfriend, not only

It can effectively shade, and the face value is super high

, Very recruiting baby. Key

Very easy to install and store

——Fero, practical, cost -effective, it is enough to drive in summer ~

Recommended reason:

网Stidal UV printing mesh can effectively block ultraviolet rays.

1 Static electrostatic adsorption, installation for 1 second, is particularly easy to install and store.

案 Five colors, rich and cute patterns, both practical and interesting.


Block the sun sun,

A comfortable space for the rear babies


The first demand must have a sunscreen effect.

Apramo car sun blocking front is

Anti -UV printing net cloth

It can effectively block the damage to children in the car and reduce the high temperature in the car.

Anti -UV printing mesh can effectively block ultraviolet

Line and high temperature irradiation.

After professional testing, it can

Blocking 99.94%UVB and 81.42%UVA

, With UPF50+ultraviolet protection coefficient. Paste it, and the brightness of the back row will be reduced once. Both adults and children will feel more comfortable, and the baby is more at ease when sleeping or playing in the car.

Moreover, it has a better point that is different from ordinary shading curtains. When it is pulled on the curtain, it does not see light.



The material is translucent

, So stick it to sunscreen, but also does not affect the child’s viewing the scenery outside the window.

Electrostatic adsorption, 1 second installation

Easy to install and store

One side of the car’s sunshade is anti -UV printing, and the other side is a thick electrostatic film. It is not the same as ordinary electrostatic membranes on the market. The texture is thick.


It reaches 0.15 mm.

Moreover, this static film is strong, and if you put it lightly, you can firmly suck on the window. Even children can get it.

Because it is convenient to paste, sometimes the vehicle is driving, and the angle of the sun changes, it can also tear it off and adjust the position again.

And another advantage of its static adsorption is,

Can be used repeatedly


As long as the dust is cleaned, it does not affect the next use at all, and it is still sticky.

Multi -purpose



Take it home and put it on the window. The shading effect is also a bar. It does not affect the brightness of the room. It can be regarded as a must -have for home travel ~

Moreover, the shading curtain is super convenient, just twist a few times and fold it up. It does not take up space in the car and home.


When you need to use it, you can bounce it when you pull it lightly ~


Five colors,


The patterns are colorful and full of childlike fun

Apramo’s sun -shaped curtain is derived from Britain, with childlikeness and childlikeness. It specially hires Bang on the Door to design.


We chose a total of this time

5 models

The sunshade, each color is cute, especially cute.

Of course, quality is also quite good. Apramo selection is all


Produced according to the standards of infants and young children,

All production lines have been certified by German TUV, and production management and production processes are fully required in accordance with German standards to ensure safety ~

Finally, talk to the mothers to the price:

The price of the flagship store is 79 yuan and two pieces.


Our group is also 2 pieces of color this time.

Equivalent to 29 yuan

, Save a piece of price directly.

Group purchase information



British Apramo car shade gear


: Upf50+


Product Category

: Elephant, rabbit, hippocampus, penguin, cat


Product specification


: Two pieces, 48*31cm/tablet (expanded size)


product weight

: 0.05kg

Start price

: Original price 99 yuan


Group purchase price 58 yuan

delivery information

: 48 hours of delivery, SF Express, issued by Zhejiang Huzhou, free shipping nationwide (Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan do not ship)

Special Note

① Do not affect secondary sales, support for 7 days without reason to return goods

② Pay attention to clean the glass side of the window before use





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