What should I do if the night light is too dark? Langyong upgrade Q5 lens lens white angel eyes, blue devil eyes

In terms of appearance, the Beijing Hyundai-Langyong vehicle based on the concept of “fluid sculpture” is full of flowing lines, especially the muscular hood lines with hexagonal air intake grille, slightly rising waistline, and front and rear front and back The echoed narrow lamps reflect a very pleasing sports attitude, and the whole shape is very suitable for fashionable young people.

The disadvantage of the beauty is the dim lighting system of the large lights before the loud movement. The original car candlelight cannot meet the needs of night driving. The bad lighting effect makes people keep visual tension when driving the vehicle. Safety risks seriously affect the safety of driving at night, so the necessity of upgrading the lights is beyond doubt.

From the appearance, a pair of dark yellow halogen lamps reduced the original car a lot, and it dropped several grades at once. Looking at such dark lights, you can imagine the bitterness of the owner when driving. Before the modification, the master will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the original car. This process is essential! We will fill in the basic information of you and your car on the construction form. After confirming with the owner, we will carry out the next construction of the original car!

Original car near -light effect:

Dark yellow halogen lights have a small irradiation range, the cutting line is not obvious, and the road feels very poor. For the sake of safety, you should quickly upgrade a set of double light lens for your car. After all, safety is the first!

夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

The original car high beam effect:

夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

The lighting is obviously dispersed and uniform and dazzling. The range and thickness of the left and right are less, which seriously affects our visual judgment and driving comfort, and it will also bring certain hidden safety hazards.

夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

The dismantling headlight assembly should first clean the surface of the lampshade, and then stick a special protective film for a layer of headlights. In order to avoid dirt and scratching phenomenon in the process of changing the lights, effectively protect the headlights!

Put the headlight assembly into the professional change ovens for evenly heating. Of course, different models of their headlight assembly materials and colloids are different, and the required heating duration and temperature are different. The sealing material used is different to adjust the appropriate heating temperature and time to avoid a series of factors that affect the service life of the headlight due to the high heating time too long, and accelerate the aging of the headlight! There is also a paving for professional lamps to change special ovens, and the technical master can better seal the headlight!

The installation and fixing of the lens requires the technical master to debug the special level instrument through the light. With the rich practical experience, the height of the infrared rays is set to ensure the level and height range of the left and right lights. After debugging the light, the headlights and the special sealing glue are changed again, and the headlights are placed in the light grilling equipment box again, so that the sealing glue is soft to make the headlight more perfectly combined with the base.

夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

The perfect transformation of the master’s hand with white angel eyes and blue demon eyes are undoubtedly added to their cake. With their embellishment, the entire conservative headlights add a little mystery and temptation. At the same time, the angel eyes of the lights on the day of the day. The unique shape makes your car more manifest in personality, so that your car is different in the sea of ​​cars, and it becomes the focus of attention. It is really practical and practical!

夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

After upgrading, the near -light effect:

夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

The sharp cut lines, uniform brightness, wide irradiation range, good road feel, night can bring us unlimited light!

After the upgrade, the high beam effect:

The strong high beam of brightness is in the middle, and the irradiation range is wide. The most important thing is that the range is long. At night, you can easily deal with it at a high speed at night. You can see the road conditions in front of you at a glance!

夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

After the modern Langyou headlights upgraded the original Q5 dual -light lens, the lighting effect was significantly improved by several times. Looking at this piercing large electric eye to make it charming, with the lens, the eyes are no longer empty, and it looks perfect. Extremely!

夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

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夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

Fengcheng warm tips:

夜间灯光太暗怎么办?朗动升级Q5透镜 白色天使眼、蓝色恶魔眼

For your driving safety of you and others, please use the distance and light lights reasonably!


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