Everyone can wear long legs! These 88 pairs of winter boots, high and modified leg shape

Every year in autumn and winter, many girls wear boots, not only stretch their legs visually, but also show their legs in winter.

Boots are really a must -have for girls in autumn and winter. With the effect of lengthening legs, you will not be cold in winter. It can also bring a sense of fashion and strong aura to enhance femininity.


Bouncing waist tops, combined with skirts, feminine flavor, wearing boots to protect the ankles and knees, and at the same time as demeanor, you must not forget the temperature

If you also have a pair of slender legs, you must try your skirt+boots. Upper Panasonic makes you a beautiful landscape on the street.


Come, shout our slogan with the gang Lord: The hot girl is not winter! Bravely revealing the skin of the legs, walking on the street, you are the human shape harvesting machine. It is difficult to not be noticed, haha.


The next step is to share today’s boots. After walking for several laps, I still feel that over -the -knee boots are similar. I picked 88 pairs from familiar shops, hoping to have you suitable for you. (Each pair also strives to “find differences”)

Many small partners have the developments of calf muscles. Short boots or Chinese boots are the most exposed calf -shaped shapes. It will make people focus on your legs and put on its calf more than a lap.


It is really a cool, handsome and retro. If the legs are not long, it is very suitable for street shooting. It is a large blockbuster and lace -up boots and thick legs. Babies are not recommended. The baby really makes you feel cool and handsome.

Over -the -knee boots can move the visual center of gravity upwards, weaken the lines of the calf, and visually blur the curve of the calf.


The height of the toe and heels

It is also an important element that determines your style. Compared with a thicker round head,


Polymark and square head are more feminine mature



Bright skin is fashionable. The zipper design is a relatively thin element. It is consistent with the overall shiny down jacket, striped shirt, and shorts. It looks cool ~


The scrub skin over the knee boots, visually lengthen your leg shape, exposing a little thigh is really thin and high.

It is recommended that everyone wants to be thin and tall, which is the velvet model of the knee. The key to the boots of this fabric is to be thin, and the key is to get a little bit on the knee. The disadvantage of the person is that the temperature in the northern winter cannot be carried.


Whether it is long or short, this way of wearing knee boots is more fashionable is the dew -dot skin between clothes and boots, which can be remedied with light leg artifacts.

In addition to the velvet models, the boots of leather models are also the highest rate of wearing.

It’s more appropriate to choose simple models as much as possible


High boots are more suitable for half skirts. If you want to show tall and thin, you can choose A -line skirts and cover the thickest part of your thighs. The young girls remember to emphasize the waistline when they are worn to stretch the proportion.


The height of the boots is 48.5cm, and the length is 3 ~ 10cm above the knee. This distance can show the golden ratio of the legs, and it can visually extend the legs. Slightly loose and tall back, adapt to the general population.

The height of 2 ~ 5cm can modify the leg shape to the greatest extent, and it is more in line with the human walking texture. It will not be tired all day long, and it will coexist with good -looking and comfortable. The length of the boots is moderate, the elastic cloth fabric, the wrapping is good, it is very high and thin, and it is easier to take care of it.

If the high -boots will only show thick legs, it will not burst. You must know that the style of the high boots is a lot of design. Whether you are a thick leg or an X -leg, there is a high of you. Can wear boots.

High boots are among the many shoes, and the effect of modifying the legs is the strongest, especially the straight boots with straight version and knee length, which can perfectly cover the disadvantages of the calf. Through the perfect cover.


Moreover, the length of the knee just divides the proportion of legs into five or five points. At this time, choosing high -heeled high boots can visually optimize the proportion of the body, and instantly make you a perfect three -seven -point gold figure ratio.

A pair of exquisite knee boots is a must -have for autumn and winter for fashionable women. It has both temperature and fashion. Which woman can refuse? And as long as you master these matching, you can help you create a one -meter gas field without long legs!


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