The sweater is laid off. These three small shirts are fond of being fashionable, generous and versatile, and you have doubled your temperament

Summer is approaching quietly, and the weather becomes warm. At this time, many friends are entangled in what kind of matching matching.


Summer is here, you may wish to try these three just popular upper shirts. The upper body is refreshing and comfortable. It is also particularly good. Let’s see which three items are.


1. French shirt

Nowadays, more and more French shirts are favored by many fashionable girls. Most French shirts have bubble sleeves and lotus leaf lace design, which can provide us with a better sense of age reduction, and this loose version of shirts After the upper body, you do n’t pick your body. The lower body can be equipped with a camel high -waisted shorts like a model lady. The overall personality is handsome and handsome, and it also has a trace of retro modern.


The surface of this French shirt is added with some exquisite flowers pattern embroidery, which looks quite design, and there are some fungus elements in the neckline, which adds a cute age reduction. The loose bubble sleeves can be better obstructed well. Stop the meat on the arm, with the light blue high -waisted denim wide -leg pants with the lower body, and generous personality.

The warm yellow French shirt with satin material exudes a different sense of luster in the sun. It looks particularly high -level. The ribbon design is added on both sides of the neckline to enrich the design of the shape. Jeans can show a tall waist ratio.

French shirts are particularly suitable for wearing in spring and summer. This bubble sleeve shirt is short -sleeved with some green embroidery patterns on the surface, giving a sense of spring. Cumbcings.


Second, short -sleeved sweater


Long -sleeved sweater is more suitable for autumn and winter wear, and this short -sleeved sweater is more popular in summer. The design refreshing and simple black sleeveless sweater. Tight -fitting design can better outline the curve of the upper body. The half -body white dot half -body skirt is elegant and fresh.

For mature women who are on an elegant route, the shape of this black -gray knitted short sleeves with a gray high -waisted split skirt can better show the low -key and calm temperament of them, which looks generous and elegant.


Mori -green knitted short -sleeved cardigan, with a loose bubble sleeve design, can cover the fat on the arm. At the same time, this knitted short -sleeved version is also relatively loose. For middle -aged women, it can be better modified. Body, with a high -waisted denim skirt, is elegant and fashionable.

Many women can give people a dignified and generous impression without showing too much conversation. Under the modification of this black knitted vest with black and white oblique striped skirt, this lady’s high -level and elegant temperament is deeply deeper. Fascinated.


Third, vest


Compared with ordinary vests, this light coffee color vest has a sense of design. It uses a multi -level fabric superposition, giving a sense of simple and high -level. The coolness.

In the vest matching, we must also understand the combination of combination and simplification. Like the following shape, the light green round neck vest design of the upper body itself is relatively simple. The spinning skirt cleverly combined with simplification. If you feel that the upper vest is a bit thin, the upper body can also be equipped with a short denim jacket, which is very free and quite retro.


In addition to the vest of light fabrics, this kind of thick knitted vest can be used as stacked in summer, refreshing green vests, which gives people a bright feeling. It looks particularly comfortable. The bottom is casual and fashionable.

Don’t worry about this summer without clothes. These three items are versatile and practical, which can meet your various styles of matching needs. If you are moving, hurry up and arrange for yourself.

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