It’s hot again to wear short sleeves again, black and white are too ordinary, these “short -sleeved” fashion reduction this summer

Li Xia has not yet arrived, but the highest temperature has reached 28 degrees in the past few days, which makes people have the urge to turn on the air conditioner. However, in the opinion of Cat Sister, this is not yet a sign of summer. Instead, pedestrians on the road put on the “short sleeves” of various colors, making the taste of summer permeate.

The “short -sleeved” here strictly says that all short -sleeved clothes can be referred to, but in the summer, people are used to refer to “short -sleeved T -shirts”. This surprising consistency is also surprising.


The “short -sleeved T -shirt” is fashionable and versatile that is easy to clean, so that women of each age group will prepare a few pieces when summer comes. Among them, the highest appearance rate is black, white, and not picking age, not picking up, or figure, or without figure, no figure, no figure, or no figure. The critical complexion, the tightness of the day spent the whole summer.

But now everyone’s living standards are high, and the aesthetic taste has also improved. Although they still want to wear “short sleeves” this summer, they feel that black and white are a bit ordinary, and they can not even match their fashion taste. At this time, you can consider it. “Printing short sleeves” and “color short sleeves”. It is hot to wear short sleeves again. Black and white are too ordinary. These “short sleeves” this summer are fashionable.

Part 1: About “Printing Short Sleeve”


1. What are the types of “printed short sleeves”?


The wide -sleeved range of printing is extensive than your imagination. Common cartoon printing and plant prints are well understood, but some other pattern embellishment such as striped elements and checkered elements also belong to the scope of printing, but now everyone does not now do I am used to saying that.


The short sleeves of cartoon printed and plant printing are the most daily. Simple T -shirts have the blessing of these elements, showing a colorful side, and the enthusiasm and romantic and stable in summer are stable.

The “striped element” has always had a classic retro tone, and it seems that it will never be outdated. The most classic non -blue and white stripes are also called “sea soul shirts”. Essence

2. “Printing Short Sleeve” to wear fashion secrets

The street is full of “printed short sleeves”. How can you avoid being a background board for others? Picking is the first step. Generally, the printed pattern accounts for a large proportion and tedious style, and it is more suitable for young girls with youth. The printed pattern accounts for a small proportion and elegant color, and it is more in line with the goal of the elderly women’s pursuit of temperament. There are also girls who feel that the previous kind of girl is too childish and she has grown up, and they also prefer the latter.

The previous article has mentioned the versatile attributes of short -sleeved, but the matching of the short sleeves of the printed short sleeves requires a little bit of thought. Because the most obvious feature of printing patterns is that exaggeration is high -profile and easy to wear cheap and rustic, it is recommended to match as much as possible with pure colors and simple designs to achieve a simple dynamic balance. I exaggerate looking at the ground.


Part 2: About “color short sleeves”


If you are really tired of black and white short sleeves, you feel that the basic color is too bland and unable to show your own charm, then you can directly choose the “color system”, which is the “red orange, yellow, green blue, blue purple and purple in our mouth “Waiting for solid color. Different colors are different fashion languages. Gorgeous and versatiles form the ocean to form the colorful world today. There is a color that can make you feel excited.

However, if the skin is dark and yellow, don’t lose yourself because of the colorful color. It is the prerequisite for the shortcomings of hiding your skin. It is recommended that people with such skin colors choose low -saturated short sleeves. Their friendliness and looseness will not expose the disadvantages of your skin that is not white enough. At the same time, it also meets your desire to wear colorful. He can still shine in front of people.


Like “print short sleeves”, “color short sleeves” inherently exaggerated atmosphere, which need to be tuned in matching. We look at this shape, lilac slim short sleeves, the color saturation is not high, but it is enough to attract the eyeballs and the sexy curve that is outlined. It is not allowed to be low -key strength. Fortunately, the bottom is selected to choose a pure white pleated long skirt, which uses the simplicity of the basic color to balance the high -purple high -profile, showing the fashionable and dignified and elegant effect as a whole. It is worthy of daily reference.

Are you not interested in black and white short sleeves? Try the printed short sleeves and color short sleeves, so that this summer is more colorful.

Well, the content of this issue is shared here, let’s see you next time, and worship.


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