Outdoor equipment strategy: the purchase of outdoor caps

In outdoor activities, each equipment is critical, and outdoor hat is one of them. Some people do not pay attention to it, and think that it is enough to bring a hat casually. In fact, outdoor hats also need to choose with the heart. The location, weather, and temperature of outdoor sports will be different. No selection of the right equipment will make the outdoor life fail to get the ideal effect, and sometimes it will make outdoor activities a kind of labor and pain. Choose the right hat while choosing the right hat.

The contrasting color combination is the key to popularity. When the color difference between the hat and the clothes may appear short. The hats and clothes are the same color, which can be impressed. The color of the hat depends on the face correction. The face is yellowish and not suitable for yellow -green tone. Dark or white candidates are relatively large.

People with rosy skin color, choose the wide range of the sun hat, can coordinate with many colors. People with gray skin tone are suitable for middle colors with low purity, such as jade white, stone green, light blue, brown, light purple, etc. Do not choose too gorgeous colors.

People with white skin have more colors for hats, but because white skin is easy to give people weakness, when choosing a hat, you should avoid choosing white or near white colors. When dark skin people choose a bright color hat, pay attention to the overall effect of the clothing.

People with yellow skin should not wear yellow and green hats, but if the hats such as dark tea, purple lotus, crab green, rice gray, etc. are appropriately cooperated with clothing, they can also achieve better results.


In most people’s impression, cotton is a comfortable material, but it is rarely used in outdoor hats.

Pure cotton has a good hygroscopic ability. After wet water, the cotton is often not easy to dry. In addition, the heat sucking performance makes the wearer double the heat and wetness in the hot summer, and the outdoor becomes a kind of pain. Improper use, often the effect is counterproductive.

Human face is divided into egg, fat, square, and national fonts. If a fat face is wearing a round hat, the face will be large and the hat will be small. It is more appropriate to use a large peaked cap. People with egg -shaped faces look even bigger and small, and they are even thinner. It is more appropriate to choose a top hat.

Round face: The face does not look so plump, it can be suitable for long hat crown and asymmetric brim, which can increase the length of the face and appear three -dimensional.

Triangular face: Because the chin is pointed, the high hat crown or short and non -symmetrical hat edge is very suitable, which makes people ignore the sharp chin.

It is relatively easy to choose a sun hat with a square face and a national face. Founded face: The conspicuous hats and irregular edges can make the square face soft. Long -shaped face: Because the arc of the face is relatively narrow, the moderate hat is particularly important, and the edge of the hat is too narrow.

Outdoor activities must be used for the appropriate outdoor hat. Generally, outdoor hats of spring and summer outdoor activities must have sunscreen and ultraviolet function, and the other is fast -drying and cooling materials, so that even in a sweaty environment, it can still be dry and cool. This is a characteristic that outdoor hats must have. Different outdoor activities may also have different hats. For example, jungle caps that need to have branches and insects may be needed. For example, fishing can be a fisherman’s hat with a large hat. Generally, mountaineering is a baseball cap and a military hat. Welcome to everyone. Choosing a professional outdoor hat can make your outdoor life handy.


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