This set of books is good except the title of the book

Dear book friend, good at night!


Let’s play a mini -game first today.

Please correspond to the author on the left with the authors on the right.


If the small picture does not give the option on the right, only read the title, can you guess who the authors of these books are? Anyway, Xiaotu didn’t guess. These books are like the online romance novels obsessed with in the middle and second period.

These nine books are the books that Xiaotu wants to share with you today, and published by Beijing Institute of Technology Press “Master of the Republic of China Classic Books · All 9 Volumes”.

Although the title of the book is not in line with the preferences of the public, the content is still very solid, and the classic works of the Republic of China masters with different styles are included.


Take Mr. Lu Xun’s “The Pipa of the Wind Ball Ball, withered in the half -city smoke sand”, the content was not said, and many classic works of Mr. Lu Xun were included.


Table of contents

Don’t miss this set of books because of the title.

Classic Book Department of the Republic of China (9 volumes)

The exquisitely decorated collection books, this is a classic book department of the Republic of China, which includes the classic works of dozens of masters of the Republic of China. Can see the lives of the elites of the Republic of China from the book, and appreciate the unique charm of the Republic of China.


Author: Shen Congwen waited


Press: Beijing Institute of Technology Press

In addition to this set of masters of the Republic of China, Xiaotu also brought a lot of good books:


Sell ​​the soul to the cat

The first novel of the cross talk actor and “cat slave” Xu Deliang. Thirteen novels in the book are all cats as the protagonist. It is divided into four parts: “cat sleep”, “cat and life”, “cat and new life”, and “end”.

Author: Xu Deliang

Publishing House: Life · Reading · Xinzhi Sanlian Bookstore

The gunfire of the Marinl Hotel

The decryption of a little -known historical archives, a entanglement of a confusing international spy case, and a shocking conspiracy and bankruptcy.

Author: Zhao Guangyuan, Liang Shuai

Publishing House: Life. Reading. Xinzhi Sanlian Bookstore

Taste of life

Sadness is often disguised as quirks, and humans who laugh at small in various forms, die with death, anxiety, fear, prejudice and loss. It sounds a sad story -no one in this courtyard seems to be happy. In a rainy summer, reality and memory are intertwined, sad and sad encounter, and the wonderful response occurs quietly …

Author: [Mo] Laa Husha

Publishing House: Straits Literature and Art Publishing House


Pigeon Pan Dong (top · down)

“Pigeon Pan Dong” is a novel of a fable body. The fable novels of the minister are divided into four parts: “Birth”, “Tip”, “The Road to Champions”, and “Son of the Holy Spirit”.

Author: Yan Fei

Press: Culture and Art Publishing House

60 stories of Basel

This book contains the works from Donald Basel from the 1960s to the 1970s, and this period is also a critical period that Basel’s creation has begun to emerge and gradually enters a good situation. During this time, any creation and attempt he made over subverting people’s understanding of novels again and again.

Author: [beauty] Donald Baselm, translated by Chen Dongzheng

Publishing House: Nanhai Publishing Company

Liu Lin Fengsheng

The masterpiece of the British fairy tale Kennis Graham tells the interesting story between the four small animals, rats, rivers, toads, and 獾.


Author: [British] Kennis Graham

Press: Beijing United Publishing Company

Grave Robbery Notes 7 (Revised Edition)


The unusual identity of the stuffy oil bottle has been received for many years … all the secrets are in the same place.

Author: Nanpai Sanshu


Press: Shanghai Cultural Press



Wang Xiaobo’s Complete Works Volume 10: Unprovable Draft

Douban 8.4 points, the last book of Wang Xiaobo’s complete works, disconnection, disabled, and unparalleled manuscripts … to see Wang Xiaobo’s witty and special pieces.

Author: Wang Xiaobo

Publishing House: Yunnan People’s Publishing House

Tear flower

The Lu Xun Literature Award won the masterpiece. Some encounters in life did not comfort and compensate, and they could only accept it. The only reason I found is that life is a tragedy in general, so there is no need to pursue the tragic details.

Author: Mei Jie


Publishing House: Jincheng Publishing House


Erjo left to the world

Douban 8.9 points, the content is divided into text, painting, photography and other parts. Including Erqiao’s works include: pen line drawing: sleepwalking notes; pen line drawing: philosophical comics; pen line drawing: girl and death; Sony 828 and so on.

Author: Welcho

Publishing House: Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House

Vicissitudes of Hua Table

More than 70 essays of Mr. Muhui were selected and published. His essay focuses on reality through a comparison of history, and contains the special charm of classical literature. This form is very special in the Chinese miscellaneous world.

Author: Muhui

Xiangshui is still there

For more than ten years, “Book House Cong” has published more than 3,000 articles, which records the footprint of Chinese intellectual circles in the intercourse of the century. Main content: 乃 万 主要 主要 主要 主要; Xiangshui Yu Bo Dong leads to the east;

Author: “Book House” editorial department

Press: Hunan Education Press

Cockto Drama Selection


The masterpieces of the drama included in this book include “Voice”, “The Groom and Bride on the Eiffel Tower”, “Russian Ear”, “Two Eagles”, “Player”, “Fleeing”, “Princess Clav” and so on. These representative dramas include Koko’s analysis of love and death, and the pursuit of freedom, fully show their extraordinary talents, keen observation and high self -confidence. The brand of thoughts and return classicism also reflects the artistic style of the French Conference in the 20th century from different aspects.

Author: [Fa] Jean Cocketo, Li Yumin translated


Publishing House: Lijiang Publishing House


History of Chinese Vulgar Literature


Mr. Zheng Zhenduo’s writings and wait, especially the research on the history of Chinese and foreign literature, diligent and diligent, with significant achievements. So far, in terms of research in popular literature, it seems that there is very little writing that has exceeded this book.

Author: Zheng Zhenduo

Press: Central Compilation Press


Waiting for a flower

How to get rid of life and be an interesting person? The writer Lin Dihuan’s transformed work recorded the infinite fun in trivial life, small hardcover hardcover, northern European light paper four -color printing.


Author: Lin Diuro


Panda Bakery

There is a bakery called “Black Bear House”, which only makes delicious bean paste stuffing bread. The kitten tiger is not convinced. He wanted to eat more different flavors of bread, so he found another bakery for panda. As a result, he saw … the bread in this bakery is really unusual, what is the mysteries?

Author: [Day] Sui Gaoshun also, see Chunfu

Publishing House: Shandong Literature and Art Publishing House

Antarctica and Arctic

This book contains works such as “Inte as Gao Ji Tong”, “Go to the Arctic”, “Ah, is a polar bear”, “Emergency Notice -Bingxue is melting”, “And a Ice Country” and other works.

Author: [Korean] Jin Shuizheng


Publishing House: Tianjin People’s Art Publishing House


Social science

Childhood secrets

This is a scientific portrayal of a great educator full of caring educators on children’s development and growth. In this book, Dr. Mengtai Sulhali vividly and vividly depicts the physiological and psychological characteristics of children, suggesting that adults have the concept of “sensitive period” to children’s psychological development and ignoring and suppressing. The development characteristics of order, walking, rhythm, observation, etc. are a vivid work that understands children’s development and growth secrets.

Author: [Italy] Maria Montessori

Press: Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences Press

Republic of Children’s Literature Education Literature Collection Notes

Child education! Several representative literature theory of children’s literature education during the Republic of China was recorded. Each article was accompanied by the authors’ notes. It described the context of children’s education thoughts at that time.


Author: Zhang Xinke

Press: Dolphin Publishing House

The mystery of murder


From ancient times to the present, the murder has been continuously staged in history, and even between loved ones has never been interrupted. Although some have been white in the world, there are still many unbelievable secrets hidden.


Author: Tang Wei

Publishing House: Jinghua Publishing House

Born to the United States, walk up,

This is an elegant and inspirational heart Sutra of a “30” woman. The content of the book is divided into six chapters, which includes the author’s understanding of beautiful gradients and dots, showing the growth model of women in the new era, and helping women who are in confusion to establish a strong self -improvement system.


Author: Xiao Fu Nu


Press: Hainan Press



College Historical Records-Those universities in modern China

The universities recorded: Beiyang University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, and Shandong University.

Author: Li Muzi

Publishing House: Jinan Press



Li Hongzhang’s “Pillow Book”! The elaborate work of Jin Yongzhai in the Qing Dynasty, people regarded it as a classic of Chinese official culture.

Author: Jin Yongzhai


New theory

Starting from nearby facts and phenomena, identifying history, reviewing gains and losses, and presenting the future, it is a unique and well -known work, which is worth reading for readers from all walks of life in the society.

Author: Feng Youlan

Press: Oriental Publishing Center

Yixiu was originally a love monk

This book is a character evaluation of the literary prose and philosophical thinking about Yixiu, and it is a classic reading book that understands Zen Buddha. The book focuses on the story of one break, and interprets from the unique perspective of sex and Zen. The viewpoints are clear and clear. Readers can perceive the essence and true meaning of Zen and Buddhism from the true and new analysis of Zen and Buddha Puchu.

Author: Wu Guanglei

The name of this book cannot describe the content of this book


“The Big Bang” screenwriter and execution producer’s work, a literary, easy -to -read, interesting, refusal of difficulty in philosophical books, and an easy -to -understand and humorous thinking adventure.


Author: [U.S.] Eric Capland

Another side of sadness

A wonderful work describing how people overcome sadness.


Author: Bonnuo

Press: Renmin University of China Press

foreign language


Listening Night Sisi-Chinese and British Comparison


Douban 8 points, “Poet Scientist” Lewis Thomas’s classic popular science work. From the worry about thermal nuclear war, it talks about live bacteria, slow -acting viruses, smart cats and bees in high temperature … “Science is to acknowledge ignorance.”

Author: [beauty] Thomas, Li Shaoming translated


Press: Hunan Science and Technology Press

Ancient books


“Xiang Cheng” is a classic of Chinese incense culture. This book includes the knowledge of various incense materials, origin, and characteristics of fragrance; collects and sort out a large number of allusions related to Chinese incense culture. It can be described as both intellectual and interesting, and it is the first choice to understand Chinese incense culture. What is more precious is that “Xiang Cheng” also blogs the length of the incense spectrum since the Song Dynasty, and has compiled many handed downframes. These incense prescriptions not only have the historical value of incense, but also incense enthusiasts can constantly discover the excavation Practice treasure house and source.

Author: Zhou Jiayi


Publishing House: Zhejiang People’s Fine Arts Publishing House



Illustrated European Art History: 14th Century


From the art history of the Kingdom of Art, the European art history in details, and the must -have homework for overseas art tour! Including more than 400 art treasures, the panorama presents 28 artistic themes, 40 art masters, and 30 art pearl cities in the 14th century. There is no need to “pretend to understand” art.


Author: Sandra Barili

Finally, Xiaotu announced the answer.

1i, 2D, 3F, 4A, 5B, 6E, 7H, 8C, 9G.




Are you guessing right? Do you know which books delayed by the title?

Welcome to communicate in the comment area.

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Press: Beijing United Publishing Company

Press: Beijing United Publishing Company

Press: Beijing United Publishing Company

Publishing House: Jincheng Publishing House

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Press: Central Compilation Press


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