After wearing a “suit” after the autumn, these “wear and thunder areas” try to avoid it, even if your body is better

As a single product in women’s wardrobes all year round, not everyone is good -looking. I believe that many women also experience some embarrassment of wearing suits.

Why are others wearing beautiful and stubborn, but there is no fashion sense to wear on themselves, and even the feeling of giving people even after wearing it?


Although the current suit is more feminine, it is easy to step on the pit when choosing and matching without paying attention. Immediately again in the season of wearing a thick suit. At this time, we need to understand some of the matching precautions wearing suits in order to better present a suit shape.


Thunder areas that are easy to step on in a suit

Thunder Area 1. Don’t be too “waist”

I believe that many women have seen the suit worn by sales staff, and they have a very obvious characteristic:


The clothes are tight and close, there are extremely obvious waist design

Essence If you want a suit with a fashionable sense, don’t be too strong, it is easy to wear it into work clothes.

Most people have no way to control the fitted suit, especially the matching type. After wearing a white shirt and a button, they immediately transform into sales staff.

You can have a waist in the daily matching suit but do not excessively


It is best to open the button directly and wear the white shirt. It is also perfect, and the excessive waist of the suit will only make the suit taste.

Thunder Area 2. Don’t be too long or too wide


It is very popular now, and Oversize style is rarely hot, but for short or slightly fat people,

If the suit is too long or too wide, the proportion of the body will deform, and it is a lot shorter visually




You can wear a silhouette suit, or you can follow the fertilizer of the trend of fashion, but this can not continue under the condition of personal figure and height.

If you are a short star, try not to choose a particularly fat and large suit, you will wear a kind of clothes that stole others. Moreover, the short girls can not support it. Most of the minimum size may not be able to control perfectly. It is best to try to try this type of suit, whether it is in line with whether the shoulders and shoulders are.


Thunder Area 3. Don’t cheap suit fabrics

There are still many women who have lost the fabrics of the suit in order to pursue fashion. The fabric presents the texture and the overall broadness, which will directly affect the overall shape.


In order to make the suit look more advanced, the fabric you choose should be more high -end.


Most suites will have smooth tailoring and shoulder pads. If the fabric is soft and cannot be supported at all, the suit style worn in autumn will look very stretched, so the selected suit fabric becomes the top priority. Cheap fabrics must refuse. Do not ignore the fabrics in order to pursue the good -looking style or the fashionable fashion.


How to wear a suit after autumn?


The matching of the suit can be divided into two large modules. The softness of the suit and skirt with women is both sexy and sexy, while the combination of suit and pants completely interprets the neutral handsomeness, more capable and more capable and more capable and more capable and more capable and more capable and more capable and more capable and more capable. Lylon, the styles interpreted with these two items and suits are different, but they can be applied to various occasions.


Look1, suit+skirt

The matching between the suit and the skirt is divided into short skirts and long skirts. When they just entered the autumn, wearing a short skirt would be very playful and cute, especially the matching of the same color or suit type. Friendly, it can show a kind of hot girl style, which is particularly soft.

① White short suit+skirt

The most typical is the white line of the whole body, which can easily wear a neutral and soft, white short suit with white pleated skirt, giving a more soft and cute image, the white medium length of the white medium length, Boots, the breath of dragging again, the street feels full.

② Black silhouette suit+clothes short skirt

When the silhouette suit is matched, it feels sexy and stronger. In fact, with a tight -fitting short dress, it can have a Korean temperament style. For young ladies who like gentleness and prefer, you can Try the color matching between black and white, a small bag has a good modification effect, and the effect of stretching is very good.


③ Green suit+pleated skirt

For women who like elegant and elegant atmosphere, you must not miss the match between suit and skirts. Mid -long skirts can expose ankles. It is also very popular in autumn, especially in the workplace. Women are coordinated and balanced with the same color system.

Green can give people a sense of vitality. At the end of the summer, wearing the match between green has a clean feeling, and the visual proportions are balanced, creating the beauty of the figure.

Small tips:

In the matching of a suit with a skirt, we must consider the softness of the skirt. Therefore, try not to choose too loose in the suit. It is the most important thing to coordinate with the skirt.

LOOK2, suit+trousers

The matching between suit and pants more interprets a kind of capable and neat. Whether it is tall or short, when wearing pants, the style and the gas field will become stronger, especially the individual’s aura will become More powerful, you can adjust the degree of softness according to the version of the pants.

① Short suit+high waist pants

The short suit will be softer. This type of suit is more suitable for the style of a small woman. The black suit with apricot straight pants has a certain sense. Combined, the visual cleanliness is formed, and it is also full of fashion.

② Flag suit+suit pants

The wearing of the silhouette suit is under the permission of the height and body. Try not to choose about the two yards, just a little bigger, this black silhouette suit, a striped T -shirt inside, the lower body of the lower body, the lower body It uses khaki suit pants, which is also a straight design. It has excellent modification of the figure, clean and fashionable.

Between suit and pants, if you don’t want to be too masculine, then the choice of pants should be as loose and vertical as possible, and the leg modification effect is better. Matching method.

As a very popular item in the four seasons, the matching of the suit cannot be ignored. Once the selection is wrong, or the matching is wrong, the suit will become particularly mediocre, and it is also easy to wear the sales staff. In order to get rid of this cheap and rustic sense, you can pay more attention to some small details when matching.

Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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After wearing a “suit” after the autumn, these “wear and thunder areas” try to avoid it, even if your body is better

Small tips:


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