2020 Black Five Amazon men’s clothing must buy list

Hello everyone, I am Hu Kankan.




The annual double eleven is over, is your ammunition sufficient? The following Black Five will arrive immediately. I prepared enough ammunition and prepared to come to Amazon to welcome Black Five.


In the past, Black Five has always been in Haitao. I have been relatively few in recent years. Most of them are choosing overseas purchase methods in Central Asia. Today, how to use overseas purchases, and what brands I usually watch are worth stocking. It’s in stock,

Several brands of ECCO, Colehann, Clarks, I wanted to write too much, and found that I had to say too much. I first wrote ECCO and Clarks and recommended it to everyone.

There are still a few days before Black Five. I now find that there are many good men’s clothing. I choose some classic styles, such as CK, BOSS, ArctionEx, etc. to share with you.

The price will change during the Black Five period, collecting this article, just click in to buy it.

Calvin Klein


Karvin Claine Men’s denim truck jacket


Calvin Klein men’s denim jacket, which is made of high -quality tannin, 100%cotton water washing fabrics can ensure softness and comfort and style. Relax tailoring to interpret the taste of retro workers. The chest is equipped with symmetrical pockets, and the placket, cuffs and pockets are fixed with buttons. The style is stylish and casual.


Calvin Klein Men’s Foors Caps Connected Hat Holding Bottlin with LOGO Sports sweater

Calvin Klein Men’s Fleece Hoodie Logo Pop Over SWEATSHIRT men’s fleece hooded sweater, 72%cotton+ 28%polyester fabric, hooded design, kangaroo pocket, neckline, hem, cuffs, the front of the sweater has brand logo logo, the front of the sweater, the brand logo logo, the front of the sweater, Comfortable and versatile.

Calvin Klein men’s classic cotton round neck T -shirt multiple pieces


Amazon’s best -selling style, many domestic e -commerce also uses this as a explosion to achieve the minimum price of drainage. Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Classics Multipack Crew Next T-Shirts Men’s Cotton Slim T-shirt 3 pieces, 100%cotton material, comfortable, soft, skin-friendly, classic round neck design, slim cutting more fit, hem banded, labeling, band-label, labeling, and labeling, and labels. Suitable for the bottom of the base, the designer of the collarlessness of the heat transfer is more comfortable.


Calvin Klein men’s slim shirt


Calvin Klein Men’s Non Iron Slim Fit Herringbone French Cuff Dress Shirt Men’s Men’s Wardd Slim Shirt 33K3583, which is made of 100%cotton, soft and comfortable, but also has certain elasticity. Hot, obviously suitable for fast -paced urban white -collar workers. The slimming is cut, and the body is opened and closed with classic buttons, so don’t worry about outdated. It is appropriate to work and daily wear.

Shirt size selection method: For example, 16 “Next means 16 inches of the neck circumference, inches*2.54 = cm, 16*2.54 = 41, which is the 41 shirt we usually say. 32 ~ 33” Sleeve is the sleeve length, after the conversion For 81 ~ 84 cm, note that the sleeve length that the United States says is to measure the length from the side of the neck to the length of the wrist, not the length of us from the shoulders.

Calvin Klein men’s tight jeans

This Calvin Klein Jeans Men’s CKJ 016 Skinny Fit Jean Klevin Klaine men’s slim jeans, 98%cotton and 2%elastic fabrics, comfortable skin -friendly and elastic, more comfortable to wear. Slim cutting. In front of the zipper, the classic 5 bag style, the style is versatile and classic, it is no longer out of date.

Calvin Klein Men’s Slim Fit Jeans

This Calvin Klein Karvin Klaine men’s slim jeans 41H3971, using 98%cotton and 2%elastic fabrics, comfortable skin -friendly and elastic, wearing more freely. Slim cutting. In front of the zipper, the classic 5 bag style, the style is versatile and classic, it is no longer out of date.

Calvin Klein men’s RELAXED elastic straight jeans


This Calvin Klein Men’s Relaxed Straight Straight Karvin Klaine men’s jeans, 98%cotton and 2%elastic fabrics, comfortable skin -friendly and elastic, more comfortable to wear. Straight tailor. In front of the zipper, the style is versatile and classic, and it will be out of date.


Calvin Klein Rip Stop Men’s Classic Pilot jacket


This Calvin Klein Men’s RIP Stop Bomber Jacket Karvin Klaine men’s pilot jacket, uses tear -anti -tear nylon fabric, logo pressure polyester fiber lining, classic pilot jacket model, zipper front, CK embroidery logo, rose knitted knitted knitted knitted knitted knitted knitted knitted knitted The cuffs and hems, the zipper on both sides, the left arm pilot pocket, fashionable and versatile, suitable for casual wear in spring and autumn. Machine washing, convenient for later care.


Calvin Klein men’s flying jacket


This Calvin Klein Men’s Flight Jacket Karvin Klein men’s pilot jacket, the item number CM907904, uses anti -tear nylon fabric, polyester fiber lining, classic pilot jacket model, left sleeve zipper pocket, tattoo knit cuffs and hems, fashionable hundreds of fashion hundreds of Take it, suitable for casual wear in spring and autumn.

Calvin Klein men’s slim fit formation pants

This Calvin Klein X-Fit Performance Slim Fit Flat Front Dress Pant men’s slim suit JMROPJJX, with 70%polyester fiber+30%artificial silk material. The fabrics of different colors are slightly different. Putting through.


Hugo boss

Hugo men’s kose casual shirt

This HUGO men’s KASON casual shirt, with 100%cotton material, slimming, shark collar, showing pure, modern and clear lines, soft feel, fitting, business wear is very suitable.

Hugo men’s keegan casual shirt

This Hugo Herren Keegan Freizeithemd Hugo Bos Men’s Men’s Slim Sleepless Shirt 50293650, using 100%cotton fabric, soft skin, comfortable and breathable, elegant plain, slim cuffs, square cuffs and spread collars, bringing the extreme more, which brings the extreme more. Functional, can be matched with a round collar sweater or tie, which is more suitable for formal occasions.

Hugo men’s sweater

This Hugo Men’s Sweater Hugo Bos Men’s turtleneck sweater 50436278, which belongs to the red label HUGO series, is woven from 100%initial cutting wool. Style, tattoo knitted turtlenecks, and it is appropriate to wear inside and inside.


Hugo men’s Lancel jugo by hugo boss men lancel slim-fit jacket in nappa leather with zipped cuffs

This Hugo By Hugo Boss Men’s Lancel Slim-Fit Jacket in Nappa Leather with Zipped Cuffs Hugo Bos Fruit Men’s Slim Slice Pymalist 50427874, which belongs to the Hugo Hugo red label series. Strong and stylish, delicate lychee texture, rich texture, stitching design, stylish personality, slimming, small stand -up collar, two side bags, 54%polyester lining, a zipper inner bag, suitable for daily leisure.

Hugo Astian/Hets184 men’s suit

This Hugo Herren Astian/HETS184 Anzug Hugo Boscope Men’s self -sliming shear shear suit, which belongs to the red label HUGO series, includes suits and trousers. Fucking design, slimming tailoring, British gentleman style, side slits and round shoulder design, bringing modern aesthetics, lining with silk tones, iconic red rolling edges, and fashionable elite men.

Boss plisy men’s long -sleeved POLO shirt

This Boss Men’s Plisy Polo Shirt Hugo Bos Men’s cotton long -sleeved POLO shirt 50272945, which belongs to the Hugo Boss Green green label series, which focuses on sports and leisure style. 100%cotton fabric, soft and skin -friendly, comfortable and breathable. The button design of the buttons, the two -color lock of the neckline, the routine cut, the classic solid color design is simple and versatile. Leisure business is suitable for each other, logo embroidery on the chest.

BOSS men’s BALANCE LS RN T -shirt


Hugo Boss Herren Balance LS RN T-Shirt Hugo Hugos Boser Monaco Monal Monacle long-sleeved T-shirt 50414730, uses 55%cotton+37%Modal+8%spandex blending fabric, splicing design, soft skin, comfortable and breathable, high elasticity, high elasticity , Good telescopic, knitted contrasting round neck, left chest anti -color brand logo print, routine tailoring, fashion avant -garde, versatile personality.


Arc’teryx Ms. Tolu top long -sleeved T -shirt


This Arc’Teryx Women’s Top ls Long-Sleeved T-Shirt Fasting Women’s Fast Sleeve T-shirt, long-sleeved round neck style, using solatius ™ elastic sweat fabric, very lightweight, with excellent personal comfort, three-dimensional cutting , Enhance the flexibility of the activity, the lock side seam design, the hem is a classic bird label logo, you can wear it outside.

ATOM LT men’s hoodie at ATOM LT

This is the new model of 2020, which is slightly different from the 19 design. The ATOM LT cotton clothing of the athletic bird’s house is a very practical one.

After setting, in the southern region, in addition to summer, you can wear three seasons of spring and autumn and winter, and the style is also good.

This Arc’eryx Men’s Atom LT HOODY Men’s Men’s Lightweight Warm Hoodle Cotton Clothing, uses lightweight and soft Tyono20 fabrics, DWR waterproof treatment, not only moisture, but also maintains thermal performance when exposed to moisture, and does not do it at no time, and it is not in the doors. Compressed to the small corner of the backpack during use. Body and cuffs use CoreLOFT ™ 60 synthetic warm material, lightweight, warm and strong. The design is simple to adjust the warm stormhood ™, which can be used for helmet support. It can improve activity and breathability and make it an excellent middle layer. There are zipper pockets on both sides and inner pockets with zipper.

ARCTERYX Amazing Bird Gamma LT men’s hoodie

ARC’Teryx Gamma LT Jacket, the male bird men’s soft shell, uses a strong four -way elastic Burly fabric, passed through DWR splashing, breathable, windproof, hygroscopic sweating, full -length zipper in the windproof lining, high zipper inserted pockets, high zipper inserted pockets, high zipper inserted pockets, high zipper inserted pockets. Elastic cuffs, weighing 515g.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose Macmillan coat

This Canada Goose Canada Macmillan Parka 3804MB men’s down jacket, Canada, 80%white duck down 20%feathers, a total weight of 1350g, inner triple structure, which can also prevent drilling. The outer surface cloth uses 85%polyester, 15%cotton -mixed texture, and is performed by Telloram. It has super -standard windproof, waterproof and durability. Velvet can play a fully warm role. The short style is more in line with Asian figures, and it is not bloated at the same time. Wind -proof windproof cap.

Canada Goose Men’s Chilliwack short jacket

Big Goose is worried about buying fake goods in China, let’s go directly to Haitao! Usually Haitao is not discounted. This version is too large. It is recommended to buy a small size.


Perhaps it is sparsely related to the local people and the climate is extremely cold. Canada always does not lack top brands in terms of outdoor and warmth. Whether it is Arctreyx’s Arcting Bird in the outdoor field, or Canada Goose in the field of urban warmth, Canada Goose can be regarded as Tianzi No. 1.

Chilliwack pilot jacket was originally designed for the aftermath of the unmanned area in northern Canada. It is durable, has good warmth, is convenient to move, and can meet the needs of these pilots. Chilliwack’s iconic style is popular and is one of the popular jackets of Canada Goose. This Canada Goose Men’s Chilliwack Bomber Jacket Men’s top down jacket uses Arctic Tech windproof and warm fabric. The classic flying jacket style is filled with 625 FILL Puffy Canadian white duck down hats. The fur on the brim is still used. The iconic Canadian wild grassland wolf skin, cuff elastic bouquet, pockets all use fleece lining.


Ms. TUMI just in case backpack

Light and convenient, can be folded. Shallow inventory! At present, the price of Amazon Sea is ¥ 528.32, the price of mink color, can be directly mailing for free, tax and fee ¥ 48.08, tax -included direct mail ¥ 576.4, new low price, the same Tmall flagship store price ¥ 990.

TUMI Tumi Voyageur series Just in Case Ms. Folding and multi -use travel backpack 110040, innovative and upgraded Voyageur series, integrates fine, soft and iconic elements, opens a new journey with a new fashion attitude and a new appearance. , Light material, diverse function, designed for women. Use nylon, zipper style, top handle, adjustable backpack belt. Large -capacity zipper bags meet all the needs of travel, leather handle and adjustable shoulder straps, highlighting texture.



Champion Men’s Champion PowerBlend men’s round neck sweater GF88H

Champion champion brand PowerBlend men’s round neck sweater GF88h, cotton blended material, while ensuring skin -friendly warmth, also makes the clothing more wear -resistant. The thread cuffs and hem are avoided by cold winds. The hooded design with drawers also has a certain windproof function. The shape is simple and generous, the style is versatile, and it is very suitable to wear it directly in spring and autumn or in winter.

Champion Kess sweater CW-K111 Ms.


Champion champion CW-K111 Ms. Cotton Cotton Hooding sweater, uses cotton-containing material, soft and comfortable, classic drawers with drawers, solid color design, youthful fashion, chest with brand logo, suitable for daily leisure wear.


Champion prime pocket, common men and women, black


This waist bag is also even more tide. Large logo design, zipper opening and closing design, which can adjust the belt.


Champion round neck sweatshirt C3-LS050 men

Champion champion C3-LS050 men’s round neck sweater, classic style, round neck design, cotton material, cuffs and hem brace tightening treatment, conspicuous logo, suitable for daily leisure wear.

Champion classic long sleeve jersey T -shirt

This Champion Men’s Classic Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt long-sleeved T-shirt, the goods number: T2978, using pure cotton, soft and skin-friendly, round neck design, chest and cuff brand logo decoration, suitable for daily leisure wear.


In summary a lot, the only thing to pay attention to Amazon’s clothing is the size. Because the size at home and abroad is different, it is likely to buy it. Jeans are okay, usually I choose 30 waist circumference, 30 trousers long. The trousers depends on the size of each size. The clothing is particularly careful and a lot big. I chose S code in CK, and ArctionEx chooses M larger, and S is fine. All S code of Champion’s US version, Japanese version of M code.


Other problems are comments on the message area. Follow me if you like it ~~


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