Zhang Ailing wrote a short story “Color Ring” for thirty years.

Most people know that Zhang Ailing’s novel “Color Ring” still starts with Li An’s movie. Zhang Ailing said that after she moved to the United States, she had been revised repeatedly. After changing her thirty years, she should pay special attention to the novel “Lust Ring”.

She wrote in the head of “Lust Ring”:

“This little story once made me shock, so I was willing to modify it over and over for many years. During the rewriting process, I did not realize that thirty years have passed.”

A great work is like luxury goods. Many people know it, but only a few people can really get close to it.

However, many readers believe that Zhang Ailing’s writing ability when he wrote “Color Ring” has taken the downhill road, and she couldn’t see her praised writing. I couldn’t help it. What exquisiteness is there?

In fact, this is an underestimated novel. There is Hemingway’s “iceberg writing method”. Zhang Ailing’s literary skills have reached its highest place, leaving a great imagination.

In terms of form, it is very different from Zhang Ailing’s early works. Almost half of them are dialogue, like scripts.

The ups and downs of the characters, short and few, more, more idle tables.

“Color Ring” stills


It seems that the story is relatively simple: the female student Wang Jiazhi, in order to assassinate Mr. Yi, the head of the agent, pretending that after the fall of Hong Kong, Mrs. Mai, who went to Shanghai, tried to use beauty to approach him. As the two had a deep relationship, they finally waited for the opportunity, but Wang Jiazhi fell in love with Mr. Yi to escape, but he died in his hands.

It is not difficult to sprinkle millions of characters in the net style. Zhang Ailing cherishes the ink as gold. For example, there are four women on the table, but there is one never showed up, but only “another black cape” is replaced by it, like a ghost.

The dramatic novel, the reversal of the plot is between the thoughts.

Playing cards is a game, a game, an endless count, and a life of fate. Wang Jiazhi made a greedy profit, saying that he had revenge his husband, Mr. Mai, but his eyes were obscured. The coffee shop set the ambush place, and she did it very well.

I do n’t want to, a pink drill a woman ’s heart, and Wang Jiazhi, who is naive and immature, has no enemy who has a deep conspiracy, Mr. Yi. A group of people lost their lives because of the difference of her thoughts. The Yizhai brand is still continuing, and the wind and clouds have changed outside the window.


As soon as the big show, it started from the table and ended at the table. Zhang Ailing wants to say that it is one thing to play mahjong. It is another thing like to fight. It is another thing to fight well. The big winner on the table at the end of the table may not be the one who plays well.

In terms of text language, the meaning of the word “Rings” is profound and the Sichuan flavor is very strong.

The table is where women fight and fight, and it is also a narrow living space for traitor families.


“There is also a strong light on the Mahjong table during the day. When a shuffling, there is only a diamond ring.”

The official wives who came out of Chongqing, the dialogue of the desk of the drunk gold fans showed off, lively and fragrant, and exuding decaying parasites, faint bloody smell.

As for the fake curtains in the room, I wrote a while before and after, and from the perspective of Mr. Yi, it was obvious that he dared not see the light. , A sense of depression comes on the face.

Metaphorically, the guests are full of guests, and the women’s money can be available at hand, but she dares to live a bright life. In fact, it is poor.

The word “strip” that appears in the book has extremely rich connotations.

First, the “strip” of Mahjong on the table.

Mrs. Yi said to Mrs. Liao, “


I said that my name was beautiful! “

In this sentence, why did Mrs. Liao, who had Bai Mozi on her face, was nicknamed “Mapo”. Why did she say that Mrs. Yi “eat her tofu”?

Because of the “Tong Bar Wan” card of the Mahjong, the pattern of the strip is slender. Generally, a pattern is chicken shape, which is called a chicken, so the strip has the attributes of women.

And Mrs. Yi said, “My name”, on the surface, she said that her card called Hu’s strip was very good. Xuhuang said that she was her man and took advantage of her mouth.

In fact, between the aunts of Sichuan people, they often make jokes. Aunt can claim to be the husband of a sister -in -law or brother and daughter -in -law.

And Chuan dialect has “



“Bar” says that it means exaggerated oil and vinegar. In the words of vulgarity, “strip” is similar to “horse”, which means



Or love husband. The “Kazakhs” also stretched out the meaning of rape between men and women.


When I said, “She said that the old is old, and I still eat my tofu. I said that Mapo Tofu wants to be old tofu!” If you carefully taste it, Mrs. Yi still has irony in the words of Matthem. Not stupid.

Mr. Yi and Wang Jiazhi sneaked in love, and naturally did not hide the fire -eyes and golden eyes and secretly exploring the wife -so often referred to her with “black cloak” in the text. In addition, the “strip” also extended, and it means that the internal secretly exploring treacherousness can be said to be a very good metaphor.

Second, the strip is the gold bar, and the word “Jiazhi” in the Shanghai dialect is exactly the same as the ring. It is not worthwhile to send life for a ring of love.

When buying pigeon eggs, Wang Jiazhi laughed softly: “Now it’s all bars. Don’t even make money.”

The golden is expensive in the occupied area.

He bought a pink diamond for her, more like an endless ending, and never dragged water. In this ambush drama, Wang Jiazhi, a beautiful bait, never really swallowed his belly.

Only those warmth that she was too deep in the drama, the warmth of the pink diamonds was messy. She thought she could save him and even keep the relationship between the two.

Men are willing to spend money for women, not necessarily love.

Wang Jiazhi did not expect that Mr. Yi was willing to spend a lot of money for her. The assassination knows that the risk of having risks is great, and it has never been afraid of shrinking. And the Ayulus, her fatal weakness is on a love word.

“Color Ring” stills “color ring” stills

At the beginning, Mrs. Yi also clamoring pigeon eggs, but her husband laughed at how to move mahjong. It seems that Wang Jiazhi’s status in his heart is higher than Mrs. Yi.

The story of the hero to save the beauty is too vulgar. The beauty of the beauty to save the hero is too old. The reality Du Shili is common like a white lady, but Li Jia thirteen little fairy. Men are often deserted in the love field. Women have a deep love and fearlessness.

At the last table, the wives discussed “How can I get spicy people without spicy food?”

“. Mr. Yi is not such a ruthless man, and she will not love him.


The language of “Lust Ring” is like a Chongqing hot pot. Except for “strip”, not to say whether “Shu San” is a Sichuan cuisine or jewelry village. I do n’t know how Shanghai Zhang Ailing, how to get the true language in Shu in this Shu.

Zhang Ailing, who sees the world like a knife through the sword, and a section of the evil relationship with the traitor Hu Lancheng, is also willing to go low to the dust, and the sense of weakness in the love field can there be this reflection?

This small story should be based on the use of the beauty plan in Zheng Pingru in 1939 to assassinate the special agent’s head Ding Mo Village. It was not exposed at the time. But Zhang Ailing may be heard from Hu Lancheng. At that time, Hu was the guest of the 76th.

Out of the keen professional literacy of the writer, Zhang Ailing wrote it into “Color Ring”, with a historical background, a suspenseful plot of murder, and a colored seduction.


Zhang Ailing’s “Lust Ring” manuscript was weak and boneless, and he reached the heart of people’s hearts.

This article was founded in 1950 to the end of 1980, published in Zi Ji “San Ran Ji”, “

This situation was waiting for memories, but it was just at that time.

“, Li Shangyin’s poems have always been obscure. Zhang Ailing is named after the words in the sentence. Presumably the past is not as good as smoke.

“Color Ring” stills

“Color Ring” stills

“Color Ring” stills

“Color Ring” stills


“Color Ring” stills

“Color Ring” stills


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