No newbies will choose fish rods? Let me tell you these 5 models, cheap, durable, and strong

When the novice first enters the fishing exercise, the most want to find a fishing rod that is suitable for you. If there is no friend recommended and introduced the choice of the fishing rod, we may come back and forth with a lot of detours. Today, it is specifically specifically. Everyone recommends a few models, and the comprehensive cost -effectiveness is relatively high, and everyone can bear the 100 -dollar fishing rod within the scope.


The fishing rod is not the more expensive, the better, nor the harder the better. The degree of good or bad the fishing rod is related to the price, but it is not a positive relationship, because the fishing rod is used in the hands of the fishermen, so one The quality of the fishing rod is at the same time that the fishermen and the fishing rod run into each other. For example, you may feel that the same fishing rod may be okay, but he may be broken. He will feel heavy. Why is there such a problem? The main reason is that the fisherman’s own wrist strength, as well as the coordination of the power of the small arms on the waist of the home, is also a process of cooperating with the whole body and fishing rods.

Therefore, the less expensive fishing rod is better, but to choose one that suits you best.

1. Bear fire opens the heavenly carp

5.4 meters selling the price of about 300 beans with red and black and white as the main color. It is still a good texture and relatively low -key paint. The leisure collection version of the fishing master, the black pit glory version is more suitable. This pole is really good for cost -effectiveness and feel. The fish can be carried within 5 pounds of wild fishing. More than 5 pounds are completely unconfident. It is not recommended to buy black pit. Wearing a lost rope, unless I would rather explode the rope like me, so I felt like the feeling of death with the fish.


Kaitian carp


2. Hanking No. 1. Three generations

First of all, the 100 yuan fishing rod is more durable and the hand rod is very good. I want to have no 100 yuan at 4.5 meters. A fishing rod that many masters have used on the road of growing up, and the flagship store for 1-3 years of fishing packs and festivals.

Hanking No. 1

3. Follow EX


It is also a 100 -dollar fishing rod with novice Xiaobai. On the whole, the hand pole is light and not heavy. It can be started below 5.4 meters. What should I say if it is not recommended to start with 6.3 meters? A more popular net red fishing rod, there are many people, there are many people, there are many fakes, and the price is more chaotic. Remember to go to the official website flagship store.


4. Zhongxuan Great Shark Three Generations

The feel of the third generation is significantly improved than the second generation. Feedback with fishermen. The maximum fishing is 20+ grass carp, and the fish slipped for a long time. The price may be slightly more expensive for most novices.

Zhongxuan Big Shark

5. Handing Giant Carp Series

The price is about 200 yuan. Individuals have not measured the feel. Through different fishermen, there are different sayings of feedback on this fishing rod. On the whole, this price is still a good choice for fishermen’s feedback.

Hansing giant carp


So what should I do if the fishing rod will feel economically under pressure at this price? We will introduce you to several wild fishing rods below 100 yuan next time. Do not provide you with the best suggestions, I just want to share the good things we encountered on the fishing road with you.

Wild fishing big board


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