Chinese aunt’s silk scarf, why does it look like a soil and cheap? It is important to choose money and match

The silk scarf is originally an elegant and senior synonym, which is the matching tool of Audrey Hepburn.


It can be touched with Chinese aunt, but it looks a little rustic, and the rustic, not because the silk scarf lost its original elegance, but most Chinese aunt ignores the correct use of the silk scarf, and also affects their own fashion taste. .

Chinese aunt’s flexible use of “silk scarf”

In the eyes of Chinese Mom, silk scarves are not only scarves, but rather it as a tool for traveling.

Waving a bright silk scarf, saying is good, commemorating the depressed youth, but I don’t know how to pull the whole style.

This type of “self-feeling is good” is really immersible.


There are many Chinese aunties

Use silk scarf to wind sand

In the autumn and winter season, the scarves directly put the silk scarf whole head, although it blocked the sand, but exposed the cheap taste.


Why is the original elegant silk towel, but it looks rustic and common in the Chinese aunt? The problem is no picking the silk scarf style, as well as the correct matching scarf.

How to pick a “silk scarf” correctly?

Any accessories can only be “point until”, can not be ignored to grab the wind of the clothing, and the silk scarf is no exception.

At the aged woman, choose a scarf to avoid colorful, Huihu whistle, with a simple, solid color silk scarf, the simplest, the most advanced, the key is not very rustic and cheap.


In the selection of prints, avoid the grouse, bright and bright styles, easy to give “the earth and Hao” feel, which is not coordinated with the overall clothing.

Instead, some classic printed elements, simple advanced, more capable, for example

Stripes, grille, wave point, dark flowers

Waiting, it is a choice of hundreds of a hundred.

All in all, silk scarves prefer pure color, to avoid bright styles such as big red green.

The print silk scarf can be, but it is not too much in the flower whistle, so as not to bring visual aesthetic fatigue, create a fashion and beauty of the overall shape.

Unlock the elegant matching of “silk scarf”

The elegant matching rules of the silk scarf simply remember the principle of “sminy integration”, that is, wearing a floral costume is never printed with the flower scarves, pay attention to color and elements and the overall shape.

The most common way to wear silk scarves is

Under the neck

The selected style cannot be as large as the scarf, but is exquisite and smart, embellished. Print silk scarves with solid color clothing, rich in shape and taste and have a taste.

For women with high stylish, silk scarves are far more than one way to wear,

Take the scarf directly on the shoulder


The troubles of “how to do more look”, simple and atmospheric, with the exact clothing to show the style of women, especially for executives or political requirements of the workplace.


Wire scarf as a belt

At the same time, improve the size of the waistline, also improve the style of stylish, suitable for half skirts, jeans, casual trousers, etc.

This way of wearing, the biggest advantage is that it is not necessary to have a silk scarf in the silk spray.



Tarrel the silk scarf on the wrist, tied to the bag

The small area of ​​the embellishment seems that it is inconspicuous, but it has improved the fashion completion of the overall shape, and also highlights elegant taste.



The silk scarf of Chinese aunt commemorates them who are depressed, but exposes the real age, but it looks old and cheap. Only “choose the silk scarf” and “attention to modeling” can only realize the true use of silk scarves, and improve fashion taste.


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