Italian meat sauce noodles, teach you to make meaning -type sauce, without additives, delicious and healthy

My husband and I rarely eat Western food, but as long as you go to the Western restaurant, you must order a pasta, as if it has become a standard.

There is a lot of pasta. My favorite is the classic meat sauce noodles and beef ball mushroom noodles. From the first 20 yuan, to the current 30 yuan. In other words, it is almost 40 yuan, which sounds more expensive!

Now there are a lot of fast -food noodles, noodle sauce and vegetables are well matched, and you can eat it when you go home to simply process it; some even need to be mixed in the microwave oven for a few minutes. A dozen yuan. Although it is very simple, the taste is similar to the pasta that the Western restaurant eats, but the noodle sauce is not rich enough and the taste is not good.

In addition to fast food noodles, you can also buy different brands of Italian noodle sauce in the supermarket. The Italian sauce also has different flavors. You only need to buy ingredients by yourself. After frying your favorite ingredients, add the noodle sauce. The taste is also good. Especially suitable for lazy people. But I prefer to make noodle sauce by myself, excluding additives, delicious and healthy, taste enough to kill Western restaurants.

I used beef and shrimp this time. The meat was full of meat, the pasta was strong, and the teeth were scent after eating.

Since my husband has eaten the Italian meat sauce noodles I made, I have never eaten it outside, so delicious. The practice of Italian meat sauce is not difficult at all. It is easier than making fried sauce noodles. Today, I will teach you to do it. Learn that you no longer have to buy noodle sauce.

Spima Noodle Noodle


Main ingredients: beef, shrimp, tomato, onion, parsley, mushrooms, garlic

Detailed production steps


1. Dicate onion and parsley respectively. Do not cut the mushrooms too thin, and have a better taste.


2. After washing the beef, make the beef filling with a meat grinding machine, and do not need to be seasoned with other condiments.

3. Specifies 2-3 cuts into small pieces. In addition to tomato, I need to put tomato sauce. I made two people. Tomato was used 2, tomato sauce was used 200 grams. It doesn’t matter if you put it a little more.


4. Fry the shrimp first, and remove the shrimp and remove the color. The bottom oil left in the pot simultaneously fragrant garlic and beef, stir -fry the beef until the discoloration and cooking wine, and then add the side dishes to stir -fry; stir -fry the side dishes until soft, then put the tomato and tomato sauce, stir -fry and stir -fry Add water in 1 minute.

5. Do not put water too much water. You can just add the ingredients. At this time, you can add salt, sugar, black pepper, and a little raw soy sauce. Put more sugar in sugar, not only to mention fresh, but also taste softer. (Remember not to put old soy sauce and oyster sauce)


6. Slowly simmer for 20-25 minutes. During the period, stir a few more times until the soup becomes thick, you can turn off the heat.


If you buy a ready -made noodle sauce, it may be completed in less than 5 minutes; but the Italian noodle sauce made by yourself must be relatively long, and it tastes more fragrant and better than the Western restaurant.

In the end, I did not stir the shrimp and the meaning of noodle sauce together. Instead, I stirred the fried shrimp directly with the past, because the preparation of the prefabricated noodle sauce could be put for 2 days. If you eat it, you can get hot noodle sauce, mix with the cooked pasta, you can eat it. If you eat a sip, you can collect it quickly. You must try it when you have time.



Because I like to eat shrimp, I put a little shrimp. In addition to beef, you can also use chicken or pork. The side dishes are selected according to personal preference.


Thank you for reading. If you like this article, share it with more friends. Follow my house for cooking and bring you a delicious dish every day. You are welcome to share more food, share different views, discuss and learn from each other! This graphic work is original, and it is strictly forbidden to carry and steal the map.


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