The brand is close to the user ZTE 3+1 strategic transformation achieved significant results

In 2014, ZTE Terminal established a “3+1” product strategy. Each product series has a special direction: the star series of smart voice functions, the main safety of the heavenly machine series, and the main gesture operation of the Blade series. In 2015, ZTE’s product positioning was more clear. After the product line layout in the first and second quarters, a number of competitive and accurate positioning products were released in the third quarter. Essence It can be said that 2015 is a year of successful transformation and aggressive transformation.

Among the new mobile phone products launched by ZTE this year, Tianji series: AXON Tianji, Axon Tianji MINI, Axon Tianji Max is undoubtedly the most dazzling three new stars.

AXON Tianji

品牌贴近用户 中兴3+1战略转型成效显著

ZTE AXON Tianji is the first product of the ZTE Tianji series this year, and it is also a flagship model with appearance and performance that ZTE lasted 18 months. ZTE AXON Tianji can be described as the essential elements of all flagship mobile phones today: 5.5 -inch 2K resolution screen, Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB RAM with 128GB ROM (exclusive version).

品牌贴近用户 中兴3+1战略转型成效显著

ZTE AXON Tianji gathers almost all essential elements of flagship

A total of 3 cameras in ZTE AXON Tianji: an 8 -megapixel front camera and rear bionic 2 -megapixel+13 -megapixel dual camera combination. The center of the rear dual camera head is 20mm. It can be used to focus first and then focus, which can make the deep calculation range of more than 3 meters and get a better shooting effect.

ZTE’s application of biotechnology is not more than taking pictures of biotechnology. Axon Tianji also supports three biological unlocking functions: fingerprint, eye pattern, and sound pattern. The comprehensive biotechnology application makes AXON Tianji an extremely safe flagship phone.

Axon Tianji MINI

ZTE AXON Tianji MINI is the second product of ZTE Tianji series this year. Essence

ZTE AXON Tianji MINI has high -profile and ordinary versions supporting pressure screens. At the same time, NBA fans have given NBA -themed customized version. The built -in selected NBA theme wallpaper is pre -installed with Tencent Sports, Tencent Video, Tencent News, NBA News, NBA Applications and services such as heroes.

ZTE AXON Tianji MINI supports pressure screen

ZTE AXON Tianji MINI is basically a reduced version of ZTE Axon Tianji from the design. Except for some details, there is not much difference in the overall style. Design, with a certain American style, accompanied by some business sense.

Axon Tianji MINI NBA Customized Edition (the picture is from ZTE’s official website)

ZTE AXON Tianji MINI is equipped with a 5.2 -inch Super AMOLED FHD full HD gorgeous screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 eight -core 64 -bit processor, 3GB storage+32GB storage and supports up to 128GB expansion.

品牌贴近用户 中兴3+1战略转型成效显著

Axon Tianji MAX

On December 18, ZTE held a press conference of the theme of the theme of “Out of your palm on your palm” in Beijing. At the meeting, the third product “Axon Sky Max” was officially launched at the meeting. Perfect end.

AXON Tianji Max-22015 ZTE is full of conspiracy.

ZTE AXON Tianji MAX is covered with 2.5D curved glass on the front. The back of the fuselage is high -strength aluminum titanium alloy, and the metal proportion is as high as 93%. Axon Tianji Max uses AXON Tianji’s high -density staircase battery design. The battery capacity reaches 4140mAh. For business people who use heavy use, they can fully meet the use of all day.

On the basis of AXON Tianji “three -line” full biometric technology, AXON Tianji MAX further enriched and enhanced the functional experience. The third -generation active press fingerprint sensor was used in FPC, which not only improved greatly in the level of speed and safety. There are also good performance in multifunctional operations.

ZTE Xiaoxian 3

In the second half of 2015, the competition in the thousand yuan machine market was not fierce. On November 24, ZTE released its own new price of Qianxian-ZTE Xiaoxian 3. Xiaoxian series has always been hand in telecommunications and priced within a thousand yuan. This price not only has a high influence in Telecom 4G mobile phones, but also provides young telecommunications users with more cost -effective choices.

品牌贴近用户 中兴3+1战略转型成效显著

ZTE Xiaoxian 3, positioning with young student groups

品牌贴近用户 中兴3+1战略转型成效显著

The ZTE Xiaoxian series has maintained a faster update iterative speed. ZTE Xiaoxian 3 uses a 5 -inch 720P display, 1.3GHz main frequency MT56735 quad -core processor, a front 8 million pixel camera, and a rear 13 million pixel camera. This time Xiaoxian 3 increased the storage from 1GB to 2GB, and also increased the battery to 2800mAh. He added fingerprint recognition function and adopted a all -metal design.

Although the configuration of ZTE Xiaoxian 3 is not high -end compared with the previous flagship -level mobile phone, this also reflects the positioning of the Xiaoxian series: young and fashionable student groups.


At the Axon Sky MINII MINI conference on October 11, ZTE’s first smart wearable AXON Watch smart watch was also released together. AXON WATCH is equipped with Tencent TENCENTOS operating system, which uses pure round dial design to support the control methods such as gesture movements and voice instructions.

In 2015, ZTE launched its own intelligent wearable device (the picture was quoted from ZTE’s official website)

At the 2015 IFA Berlin International Consumer Electronic Show, ZTE AXON WATCH was nominated for “IFA 2015 Top Ten Smart Watches” by DigitalTrends, an English website digital technology news and comments.

Axon Watch is equipped with a 1.4 -inch AMOLED display with a pixel density of up to 286ppi. The color performance is dazzling and the appearance is delicate. The screen surface is equipped with Corning Gorilla. Among them, the top version uses sapphire diamond crystal coating glass. It performs excellent performance in anti -scratch testing, stainless steel pearlging test and glass penetration test. With the development and popularization of intelligent wearable devices, ZTE AXON WATCH will also get more and more attention.

According to the current trend of 2015 and the current situation of the layout of all products, ZTE’s goal in 2016 was set to double the sales of product sales, and it is necessary to continue this momentum and strive to return to the position of the three. In 2015, ZTE, in addition to hard work in terms of products and technology, also sought new development with partners in the industry through strong and strong partners. It is believed that after the strategic transformation, ZTE will be able to submit a more satisfactory answer sheet in the new year.


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