149 yuan Xiaomi smart alarm evaluation, ultra -clear display+voice control, easy to use and fun!

Nowadays, in life, the originally bland things become intelligent, it is like giving it life. With more functions, it becomes more convenient, and can even liberate both hands and truly enjoy the fun brought by technology! Today I brought you a new “Xiaomi Xiaoli Smart Alarm” on Xiaomi. It can also be seen from the name. It is a built -in Xiaoai classmate voice assistant, indicating that it is more than a alarm clock. Let’s talk about this product in detail and my experience of using one day!




The small love alarm clock packaging uses the heaven and earth box design. The packaging box is soft. After opening the packaging, there are only three things in it, which are the main body of the alarm clock, the power supply, and the instructions. USB! When I saw this alarm clock, the first feeling that it was charged, but not, you need to plug in!


Appearance and details

The alarm clock uses a black and white design, which looks very Xiaomi. The rear shell is a type of plastic like piano paint. The panel should be the same as the panel of the resin as the Xiaomi bracelet. The overall appearance is still the style of Xiaomi, simple and stylish!


The small love alarm clock has only one button, and the key is to disable the microphone under normal circumstances. When the ringing is ringing, the button can be turned off the alarm clock. The edge of the key is a circle of LED lights, which is mainly used for prompts. Pink is disabled by microphone, and orange indicates that the network is not connected!


On the back is the audio open hole and the power interface. The small air next to the power supply is used for resetting, not a microphone. If you can’t connect to it when connecting, you will be inserted with a card needle. success!

However, the microphone is the gap between the front panel of the alarm clock and the border. You can see the dense holes inside. There are 4 small holes on the upper edge of the alarm clock that are opened, and the microphone is here!

Among them, a separate small hole is the light sensor of the alarm clock, because this little love alarm clock can adjust the brightness according to the strength of the light. The main purpose is to provide a more comfortable perception at night! This design is indeed attentive. This design that improves the user experience is worthy of praise!

Alarm clock and little love


As an alarm clock, its display effect is very good, clear and delicate. Here, in fact, there is not a screen in the front panel. The number and icon positions are open. Only under strong light can be seen! In addition to the display of alarm clock, “noise” is also critical. The measured volume is absolutely sufficient, but there seems to be only one ringtone. Since the little love alarm clock has not yet been launched, the APP function is not online, and the optimization is complete. You can choose a ringtone in the mobile app!

The other is Xiaoai, which is also the essence of this alarm clock. After shouting to Xiao Ai classmate, there will be a small expression, which is still fun. In addition, Xiaoai alarm clocks are not available. Volume, control of Mijia equipment, setting alarm clock, checking the weather, and other functions can still be used, but it is not possible to play a music, but it can play radio music, which is difficult to understand. As for the sound quality, the sound quality It belongs to the level of listening, no noise, no bass!


set up

The design is relatively simple. Open the Mijia app, scan the little love alarm clock, and then just enter the WiFi password and keep the next step. Small hole reset equipment! Since the current little love alarm clock does not have more operations, after the update is updated, you can learn more about the APP!


According to the one -day use, my preliminary evaluation of this alarm clock is easy to use, useful, and fun. At present, it seems that only music can not be feasible, and other functions are available. As for setting alarm, input directly with voice input, for example: help me set a one for a tomorrow at six o’clock in tomorrow. The alarm clock, when the bell the next day, can be said directly, but I still recommend pressing it myself, otherwise it is easy to fall asleep again! As for the price of 149 yuan, I guess this little love alarm clock will become a explosion. Even if there is no alarm clock, at least there is a little love classmate. In short, individuals still like it very much!


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