When ACG culture is integrated into fashion DNA

Perhaps before the millennium, ACG culture and fashion are only appreciated with each other unilaterally and inspired each other. It was not until the millennium that each other’s exchanges and cross -border cooperation really kicked off! As a lucky generation, we have witnessed the encounter between the second dimension world and the DNA of the fashion industry, the Fashion IDOL of the Digital Age, and the more mature business model under the cooperation between the two …


The past and present life of FASHION and ACG culture


The barriers in the field of ACG and the fashion field are gradually breaking the reorganization, which not only has the distance between fashion brands and new generations, but also a trend of cultural integration of various circles. Surprise …



Classic Air Jordan of Sakuragi Flower Road

Behind the multiple out -of -print sneakers of “Slam Dunk” carry the youth and basketball dreams of 80s and 1990s




Comme des Gar dons x CGI illustration

Comme des Gar dons Homme Plus 1998 spring and summer invitation to be interpreted in the form of CGI illustration to create a high -tech digital character image



“Nana” x vivienne westwood

Comicist Yazawa injects all the worship of vivienne Westwood into “Nana”



Prada X “Apple Nuclear War 2”

MIUCCIA PRADA extracted inspiration from “Apple Nuclear War”, and designed two sets of clothing for the heroine in the film sequel


Gucci x Jojo

GUCCI and Araki Fei Luyan fusion created anime image ascended to “Spur” magazine


Louis Vuitton X “Final Fantasy XIII”

Louis Vuitton in 2015 suddenly announced the “Final Fantasy XIII” heroine Lightning became the global spokesperson of Series 4



Loewe X Japanese Anime


LOEWE This series is inspired by Japanese anime, portraying childhood memories in the street style to mix new fun



Prada will make the show into a giant comic book

After wiking the installation art, Prada dressed the show into a giant comic book, so that the models were swimming between the story


Lil mownla x “v Magazine”


The virtual net red model, which has been active since his debut, has been wearing the mainstream magazine “V Magazine” in Chanel in 2018 in 2018. The response is enthusiastic


Christian Dior X “Magic Card Girl Sakura”

Inspired by the Tarot element, Christian Dior wrote a mysterious and magical sequel with “Magic Card Girl Sakura”



Louis Vuitton X League of Legends

Louis Vuitton implements the brand’s unique design style and comes from the game, and successfully entered the field of e -sports


BURBERRY development game “bource”

Burberry released the first online game “B BOUNCE”, providing game fun for customers on the official website


Hermès xugo bienvenu

Hermès double -sided scarf was created by French illustrator UGO BIENVENU. This humorous comic makes the brave and fearless and enthusiastic Hermès woman standing in the center of the stage. One side is color and French, and the other is monochrome and English, so as to show different versions


Fighting youth on the court

In countless young people’s memory, in the bloody basketball game, it is essential to be a pair of basketball shoes. In “Slam Dunk”, the first pair of basketball sneakers on Sakuragi Flower Road, Air Jordan 6, has a milestone significance. It was the boots that Jordan led the Bulls for the first time in 1991. For the first time, this pair of AJ proposes the concept of the rubber shoelaces tightly. At the same time, in order to enhance the grip, the translucent rubber sole is also adopted on the soles. The second pair of basketball shoes, Air Jordan 1, who accompanied Sakura Muhua Road all the way, is the first pair of black and red color shoes of NBA, which seems to be more appropriate to this red short hair and tough basketball boy. In addition to Sakuragi, the sneakers worn by the remaining characters are also different. Like the idol idol Rukawa Feng of the fans of Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan 12; loyal to the Converse Pro Conquest Hi, Akagi Gangxian, known as “Diamond Basketball”; Converse Conquest Mid’s “Electric Stone Fire” Miyagi is too good … At that time, the sweat on the court was always so shiny. And the phrase “Coach, I … I want to play basketball!” It is not just a hot summer that brings to the audience readers, but also the traces of youth and disregard of your love.


Girls Comics-The ancestor of the fashion trend

In memory, the “Chinese Girl” in the field of animation in the early contact of the animation is “Girifying Girls”, “Magic Card Girl Sakura” and “NANA”. The fashion pioneer in the animation industry “Beautiful Sailor” is a book from entry to proficient in teaching. From macaron strap pants to high -waisted small skirts, from one word collar, lapel to off -the -shoulder, underwear, from Choker, silk scarves to bows, pile of socks, all of them are hot elements of the current fashion week. Even nearly thirty years ago, the beautiful girls wore a high -definition series such as Dior, Chanel, Thierry Mugler, etc., breaking the dimensional wall of the fashion and two -dimensional industry at the time. And another subject matter about “magic”, I have to mention “Magic Card Girl Sakura”. Sakura, who is just a primary school student, actually has 300 sets of Chinese clothing set designed by the CLAMP group for it. The contemporary usual elements and styles of contemporary used boots such as the front and rear long skirts, the application of fancy straps, and the knee high boots, etc., have long been covered with Sakura’s wardrobe. When I saw the adidas Jeremy Scott Wings series, the first reaction was the wing elements wearing the daily wear of Sakura and the “model” style of the “model” in her Curo card. Nowadays, Dior, which is also influenced by the Kolo card, launched the Tarot series in 2018. Through the “Wheel of Destiny”, “Sun”, “Star Moon”, it has played retro, mysterious and female charm to the extreme. Earlier, Céline’s CLASP bag also learned from Sakura’s handbags to achieve dimension conversion. Sure enough, the nickname of “Hundreds of Sakura” is not a fame, and the gorgeous service has also affected to this day. If you use red roses to describe the lunar rabbit and use cherry blossoms to describe the cherry blossoms, then use black iris flowers to describe the cold appearance, but the heart is like the enthusiastic Ozaki Nana. Nakazaki in “NANA” is very different from the characters in the contemporary girl comics. They are no longer the “beautiful” girl in the youth campus, but appear with the attitude of “cool” girls. The cartoonist Yazawa Ai gives all the love of vivienne Westwood to Nakasaki Nana. Vivienne Westwood, who has PUNK’s status, has a bold and avant -garde in concept, and has successfully made the streets in a fashion field. At the same time, it is used to designing brooches, bracelets and necklaces. From clothing, shoe bags to various jewelry (even shopping bags) in the comics, you can see the Vivienne Westwood brand everywhere. As a brand fans, Nakazaki, wearing the iconic Saturn, necklaces and armor rings of Vivienne Westwood in the middle of the day. At the same time, she is full of PUNK spirit. She also makes rock a typical appearance.

Encounter spanning the dimension wall

Perhaps before the millennium, the ACG field and the fashion field were just unilateral appreciation and reference. But it was not until the millennium that each other’s exchanges and cross -border cooperation really kicked off. The fashion giants Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and other brands have long been a first step, involving this. As early as 2007, Prada designed two sets of clothing for the heroine of the “Apple Nuclear Wars: The Betrayal of the Robot” to show the balance between femininity, softness and toughness, and through the characteristics of anime virtual figures, the characteristics of anime virtual figures Let’s express the multi -facetedness of the female image. Five years later, Prada once again turned its attention to the ACG field, cooperated with the Japanese Square-Enix Game Company, and designed a new set of new sets for major characters such as Noel, Lightning, SNOW, SAZH, and Hope in the game “Final Fantasy XIII-2” The degree of excitement and influence is no less than the fashion blockbuster. In recent years, the communication between Prada and ACG has not been in the field. In the 2018 spring and summer men’s clothing show, Prada invited a number of artists to jointly work together to make the show into a giant comic space, using the form of serial comics to connect two -dimensional and three -dimensional connection. Models in anime element costumes are more like characters who shuttle from the book, full of fun. Of course, Gucci, which follows the cross -border trend. In 2011, at the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, Gucci co -created “Jojo’s Wonderful Adventure” creator Araki Fei Luyan painted the cover of “SPUR” (its cover characters wearing the GUCCI 2011 spring and summer series of blue military trench coats), and in The magazine published the “Gucci Journey on the Shore” special. Two years later, they cooperated twice to display “Xu Lun, Flying to Gucci” in the window of the global brand boutique. To. After transformed into a cartoonist, Ruki Fei Yan, who was originally a clothing design, continued to inject fashion logic into his work. In “Jojo’s Wonderful Adventure”, the human posture of “Jojo” is unique and unique but high -level; the matching and improvement of clothing also mix the fashion elements into the animation field. Presumably it is precisely these qualities similar to the fashion field make cross -border cooperation possible. With the precedent of Prada and Gucci, Louis Vuitton, who insight, also quickly joined the battlefield. In the era of “Drinking onion Song” fire, Louis Vuitton designed the chessboard performance suit designed for the virtual idol singer Hatsune Miku in 2013, which perfectly restored the details of the single product and was particularly eye -catching in the tour. However, this is just the beginning. In 2016, Louis Vuitton invited the popular role of “Final Fantasy XIII” Lightning to endorse the Series 4 series. In addition to posters full of major flagship stores, there are single -person promotional short videos. In the film, pink hair, blue -gray eyes, sharp movements and hand -held leather bags have made countless game fans feel excited. In the following years, the world’s most participants in the e -sports game “League of Legends” also reached a cooperation with Louis Vuitton. In the S9 season, the unique trophy box is customized for the champion team, and the brand’s iconic printing pattern is combined with the high -tech elements inspired by the game to highlight the superb craftsmanship. In addition, Louis Vuitton also designed the skin of Chana and Sina, which ushered in many canyons summoners. Although the official announcement suddenly, this is also a win -win plan, which not only accelerates the youthful brand of Louis Vuitton, but also promotes the interweaving and mutual knowledge of fashion coffee and otaku.

Fashion Idol in the Digital Age


The barriers in the field of ACG and the fashion field are gradually breaking the reorganization, not only the distance between the fashion and the new generation group, but also a trend in the integration of cultural integration of all walks of life. At the moment of AI, VR, 5G and other technologies, virtual idols have long become the goal of young people. In addition to the veteran Lin Mingmei and Hatsune Miku, the new Virtual Model girl Lil MiL MIQUELA and Noonoouri also attracted a large number of fans. Next, we will tell in detail that these virtual characters span the different dimensions of time and space to bring us a steady stream of surprises.

The virtual person is favored by the fashion industry


On the streets of Tokyo, a perfect proportion of a pale pink wave head Japanese girls attracted everyone’s attention. She has a good figure, clean skin, exquisite facial features, like a deer jumping in the forest, and tour in the strange Tokyo street.


This is


, Have a new Internet celebrity with 170,000 fans and cooperate with a large number of brands. She has a strange magic on her body that can integrate the softness and vitality of the girl into the street style and interpret her taste. Her name IMMA comes from Japanese words IAM, which means “now”, but in fact, she represents the future. IMMA is not a real person. She is a virtual character created by Tokyo ModelingCafe Inc.. From the unique style of hairstyle and makeup, the magic of top technology has been extended to the smallest details.

The emergence of IMMA is not new. In recent years, virtual images are very popular in the fashion industry. Shudu with a perfect proportion of black models, big -eyed doll face Noonoouri, Lil MiQula, a freckle girl with millions of fans … These may not be familiar with virtual characters still have many fans, and they cooperate frequently with big names. Red carpet, endorsement … Nothing is absent.

The boundaries between reality and virtuality have been blurred again and again. Fashion brands harvested the new generation of fans in the way of embrace the two -dimensional way. This is a youthful victory and a carnival that enters the future.



Freshly popular in the fashion circle

Perfect, black and bright skin with pearls, full and seductive lips, deep eyes, tall figures, smooth and healthy muscle lines -this is a sought -after black virtual character



Essence She has 200,000 fans on Instagram, and has cooperated with the jewelry brand Tiffany, global sports brand ELLESSE, and high -end fashion brand Balmain, and cooperated with the EE to take the red carpet on the BAFTA award.

It is very different from Shudu, which has realistic model figures and real skin textures. The “19 -year -old” virtual person created by graphic designer Joerg Zuber


It is not a fact that it is not a real person. She has a doll -like exaggerated eye, dark long, thick bangs, extremely high head -to -body ratio and smooth skin. Noonoouri is favored by fashion brands. Even during Dior’s 2019 show, I was in charge of Dior’s Instagram official account.

When shooting a large journal cover and big -name advertisement, Noonoouri often cooperates with stars and well -known bloggers to compete for gorgeousness and style. The models she cooperates are Naomi Campbell and Gigi Hadid. She also became a friend with Kim Kardashian and shot a beauty video for the beauty brand Kim Kardashian West. When participating in fashion activities, she didn’t even have to go to the scene to cause social carnival. In an interview, she revealed that she would understand all the new models. After the show, she quickly found the designer to lock her favorite. Because she did not attend the day of the event, which dress she wore became the most curious thing for fans. The next day, she will be released in the latest design of the design, becoming the focus of social media. Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri once personally selected clothes for her.


Call the wind and rain in the virtual world

The evolution of technology allows virtual characters to achieve almost everything that real models can be achieved. Trying makeup and jewelry can be completed in a short time through the efforts of the technical team. Even the skin texture can be displayed delicately, which greatly meets the needs of skin care and makeup brands.

At the same time, the generation of virtual characters has expanded more possibilities. Shudu’s creator Cameron-James Wilson is a photographer. He once said that shudu is his muse goddess. With her existence, he can try any new lighting and shooting mode at any time in the day. This is not done by a live model.

In terms of fan effects, virtual characters have completely achieved the effect of the brand’s desired. Although a small number of netizens persistently emphasized under the social media of virtual characters: “He/she is not a real person.” However, most fans show the absolute fanaticism based on the appearance of virtual characters and people.

Some fans even said: “I learned that shudu is not a real person, and I feel comforted.” The fan of this shudu is a London model. She often worried about her appearance. When synthetic, the pressure in my heart was much less. The perfection of virtual idols is easy to accept. Compared with real models, their cooperation with brands and celebrities will not make people feel jealous and unwilling, and the fans have more pure love.


Actively participate in the discussion of social issues, speak for different groups, real idols are used to create a way of setting up, and virtual characters have also played like fish. With two million fans


Lil miqula


Caring about social topics, supporting gun control, and initiating discussions such as family planning and transgender rights/equality, fans call her “a sincere social justice warrior”, which makes her look particularly real.

Noonoouri speaks for children, animals, nature, and feminism. She is a vegetarian and does not wear fur and supports sustainable development. Her designer Joerg Zuber said that when she was a child, she always felt helpless when facing many photos of animals or hungry children. Therefore, he used NOONOOURI’s influence to speak for these groups to discuss public education and social issues.

You know, many real idols cannot bring positive influence on the society. Regardless of the virtual character’s point of view, in the eyes of fans, these enthusiastic and distinctive voices are part of an active idol set. It has not only has the beauty, but also outputs the admirable pioneer thought. The virtual figures call the wind and rain in the virtual world. It can be said to be worthy of being sought after by fans and fashion brands.

Back to reality

The virtual figures are sought after by the fashion industry. It is not only as simple as the rise of the second dimension and attracting young audiences. The attempts of digital images have injected fresh blood into the long -established fashion industry. At present, as long as the new product release and fashion blockbusters have the participation of virtual characters, the discussion on social media will rise rapidly, and interviews and reports also have new entry points. All in all, virtual characters have brought real benefits to the fashion industry. In fact, the image of everyone in social media is virtual and digital form. The characteristics and views shown are carefully selected. There are no differences in virtual characters and social media in the nature. Justin Rezvani, the founder of the marketing platform of more than 500 million users, once said that it is necessary to define the influence of a subject and see how this subject harvested the attention of specific audiences within a certain time. In this dimension, the influence of virtual characters is absolutely real.

Jewelery is dazzling, beautiful in Chinese, many fans, and superb influence. In the face of all this, who will care about the real and false behind the virtual characters?

Growing Monthly ACG Culture Person in the fashion industry


Fashion practitioner-ACG cultural research questionnaire


This article is reproduced from the April issue of 2020 “YOHO!”


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