Drinking white coffee is healthier and white coffee most popular brand recommendation

Many people now like to drink coffee, in addition to black coffee, as well as white coffee. Most people feel that drinking white coffee is healthier. Is this true?

Drinking white coffee is healthier?

White coffee does not refer to the color of coffee is white, but refers to the use of high -quality coffee beans, which are removed by low temperature (medium mild) baking and special process processing. Sour astringent taste, minimize the bitter sour taste and caffeine content of coffee to minimize, does not add any additives to strengthen the taste, glycolic aroma does not hurt the stomach, retains the original color and aroma of coffee. Pure, hence the name of white coffee.

喝白咖啡更健康 白咖啡最受欢迎牌子推荐

White coffee is completely mixed with impurities such as wheat grains and mahogin grains. Generally, it does not contain sugar, low calories, caffeine is less than 10%. It does not contain any additives. It can be directly brewed and maintains the pure aroma of natural coffee.

喝白咖啡更健康 白咖啡最受欢迎牌子推荐

After drinking white coffee, it is not hot and does not get angry. Its caffeine content is less than 10%and does not contain any additives; the absorption rate is high and there is no adverse irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, the disadvantages of traditional coffee have been overcome, and patients such as diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, hypertension, obesity disease and other patients can drink.

White coffee is dissolved quickly, mellow and delicious, and the taste does not change after frozen or cooling; , And the East is delicate.

喝白咖啡更健康 白咖啡最受欢迎牌子推荐

White coffee source

Legend has it that white coffee is a local and domestic products in Malaysia, and has a long history of more than half a century in Malaysia. The history of tracing it must be talked about in 1958. It is said that there is a master who made coffee in a coffee shop. After 30 years of coffee, one day he tried to quote the method of saving the crickets, without adding sugar glue, vegetable oil, Or any ingredients to fried coffee, and then mix the abandoned and evaporate milk, create another style of the first -generation traditional white coffee with a strong flavor of another style.

喝白咖啡更健康 白咖啡最受欢迎牌子推荐

White coffee brand

There are many white coffee brands on the market. The following are the best reputation.

1. Yichang Old Street

Founded in 1955, the famous coffee brand, Malaysia’s most famous old street coffee, is the only place to produce orthodox white coffee. The Yichang brand is an undefeated classic in the old street. Yichang White Coffee is made of high -grade Arabica coffee beans, according to the production process of white coffee, and mixed with top British Royal Royal Disasters, three in three in one in one -piece naturally used naturally Sucrose replaces general white sugar, which is perfectly matched with white coffee with strong flavor and unique flavor. To this day, Yichang Old Street Coffee adheres to the tradition of creating a healthy food culture. While providing convenient drinks and allowing people to enjoy a cup of mellow coffee, it does not ignore the elements of health. Prosperous fatty acids allow consumers to buy and drink with confidence.

2. Lao Yibao

“Old Ipoh” White Coffee is a high -end white coffee brand of “Old Ipoh International Co., Ltd.”. Because of its mellow taste, it is loved by consumers and has been recognized by many government departments in Malaysia. “Old Ipoh White Coffee” has been selected by the Malaysian Consulate General as a designated drink. Each batch of “Old Ipoh” white coffee products has the origin certificate issued by the Malaysian government and the National People’s Republic of China.

喝白咖啡更健康 白咖啡最受欢迎牌子推荐

3. Old Street Field White Coffee

Coffee originated from Malaysia, including original white coffee, hazelnut flavor and red sugar flavor. White coffee is a specialty of old streets in Ipoh, Malaysia, with a history of nearly a century. White coffee without caramel is made from low -temperature roasted, removes the bitterness and sourness produced by high -temperature carbon roasted, minimizes the bitterness and sour taste of coffee, and retains the natural flavor and rich aroma of the original coffee.

4. Zehe Ipoh White Coffee

喝白咖啡更健康 白咖啡最受欢迎牌子推荐

It is a city in northern Malaysia. He is the place of origin of white coffee. Zeheye Bai Coffee has a unique fragrance and taste and is well -known. Fragrant grilled high -grade coffee beans, carefully brewed, carefully tuned with high -quality milk, seductive fragrance, all in it. The entrance is strong and smooth, which is satisfied.


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