Hailey is so tide. The cardigan is only wearing one side to expose the shoulders. The sweater rolls up and shows the small waist. It is really stylish.




Hello everyone.


The weather is particularly good today, and the warm breeze blows over, which is very comfortable. I never went out for more than a month. Before the holiday or winter, the leave became spring. Thick clothes can’t be worn. Do girls do n’t know what to wear? So let’s see how fashionistas have been worn recently. Beautiful girl Hailibber is a fashionista like a fake bag, and her dressing is leading the trend. You can learn from high. And this girl’s street shooting has a lot of street shots, which is very eye -catching.


Haili Bieber and Supermodel Ken Dou are good friends, and they have known each other since childhood. A few days ago, the two sisters met to go shopping, and they were very tide. Although they are all black cardigan with small white back tiles and jeans. But the style is completely different. Ken Doudou wears a black cardigan with denim straight pants, with double canvas shoes on his feet, which looks thin and straight. Simple and refreshing. Hayley’s cardigan is a little longer, and her match is also very fashionable.


Hailey’s set is very tide. Her cardigan is relatively long, exposing the shoulders on one side, and a white hanging neck vest. The skin area of ​​this small vest shoulder is very large, and it is tight. Fashion is a little sexy. Half the black cardigan on one side, Xiaoluxiang’s shoulders are still very stylish.

Do you want to pull the sweater up or take off? I feel that this is pulled up, it may be low temperature, a little cold. Her small vest is still ultra -short, revealing slender waist, and she looks particularly good.


With a pair of light blue jeans, this pants are high -waisted nine -point cone pants, which are combined with black and white. It is refreshing. The pair of short boots on her feet are particularly beautiful. It is a color -fighting boot. Half of them are black and half of them. The heel is a thick heel, with a certain height, comfortable and fashionable to wear. This set is very suitable for spring to wear, shopping outings are good.

Hayley recently liked to wear external jackets and short -handed inside. This time I wore a black long coat. This dress was loose, and the walking room appeared to be relatively large. This wide and long coat is suitable for girls like Hayley, which is very aura. In the past two years, this is popular with a thick and thin match. A friend said that the coat can’t be worn recently, then you replace the inside in the inside with a short -sleeved T -shirt or a small vest, which is appropriate.

She put on a white tight -fitting short -round led bottom shirt, still showing a thin waist. The paired pants are light blue jeans. The feet are pair of black short boots. Fashion and handsomeness are very street, and warm and windproof dressing is cool. Very good set of street wear.

Hailey is fighting for beauty. Yes, it is not too much to do such things at the age of 22 or three. When you are young, you have to do something extraordinary. She wore a rice -gray high -necked sweater. Then roll the sweater from the outside to become a short waist sweater. If it changes, and pull it down to keep warm, this operation is quite smart.


She was equipped with a pair of blue gray denim cone pants and a pair of black canvas shoes on her feet. There is a large black bag in his hand, fashionable and handsome. This set is very suitable for spring. The yellow sweater behind was her husband Justin Bieber.


Leather is the hottest item of this spring. Hayley wore a black leather jacket. The button of this leather coat was yellow and the style was very casual. It is sharp and atmospheric. Spring in leather clothes is very suitable, warm and windproof effects are good, and they can also be handsome.

She puts a black bottoming sweater, puts a pair of jeans, and stuffed the sweater into the pants, which is high and neat. Wearing a pair of black piles on the feet, the mid -boots of the pile of piles are fashionable and street feel, and they are particularly cool.


Hailey’s girl’s clothes are really good, casual and handsome, and she is also beautiful. This time she raised her hair, and she was not messy, very delicate. Wearing a white mid -long sweater cardigan, still exposing the shoulders on one side, it looks very fashionable.

With a beige tube top, wearing a sweater skirt with the same texture as knitted cardigan. This skirt is a narrow skirt of the hips, which shows a figure. The sweater cardigan with a sweater is very beautiful, a gentle and elegant tone, which looks very ladylike.

She wore a pair of gray mid -boots on her feet, which was consistent with the color of the clothes. The small square bag on her back was also this color. There is only one color on the whole body, which is particularly fresh and high -level. This set is suitable for gathering or shopping.


Okay, about Hayley Bieber talked here today. Do you like her dressing?

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